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Walk in the Woods........RATING - 

Fresh herbaceous notes and soothing lavender are blended with warm cedar and fresh cypress in this woodland fantasy. Patchouli enriches the botanical tones as it leads to the base of cashmere woods.

Warm Embrace (Victoria Secret Duplication........RATING -  

A comforting aroma that seduces the senses with its combination of fruits, flowers, spices and warmth.

Warm Orange Gingerbread........RATING - STRONG*

The fresh smell of gingerbread with just a touch or orange.

Warm Welcome Type........RATING - 

This is a great warm inviting fragrance. Sweet, Spicy Cinnamon, and Cherry with hints of Orange Peels.

Warm Vanilla Gingerbread........RATING - 

Rich, yummy bakery goodness! Rich, warm and oh so comfy and familiar! You will feel as snug as a bug in a rug with this cozy smell scenting your home! Perfect for the holidays and all year! Indulge yourself with the aroma of this heavy, warm, freshly baked gingerbread! Take off the winter chill with the warm and wonderfully spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon swirled with grated orange peel, ginger and rich golden vanilla. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar........RATING - 

African vanilla beans sweetened with sandalwood and coconut on a base of white flowers

Warmed Cream........RATING - STRONG

This is a really awesome and unique scent. It is right on when it comes to warmed cream, as it smells just like it.

Water Lily........RATING - STRONG

Rosy Sweet Pea blend

Watercress & Aloe........RATING - 

Watercress & Aloe fragrance will put a spring in your step! Unique blend beginning with subtle top notes of lemon rind and fresh palm leaves, followed by fresh watercress and aloe notes, and finishing with jasmine & eucalyptus. Great Spa Type Aroma!  

Waterfall........RATING - STRONG*

Smells like a warm summer day. As you camp out and wake up near a waterfall. Very clean and refreshing! This is a scent I'll definitely be melting around my home.

Watermelon........RATING - STRONG*

Just like the real thing. Sweet and Juicy!

Watermelon Cake........RATING - 

Savor the sweetest slice of watermelon you'll ever eat! Our own unique combination of Fresh sliced Watermelon and rich decadent cake. A must try.

Watermelon Dream - (W/Vanilla and Peach)........RATING - 

A different blend of watermelons, sweet french vanilla and ripe peaches. A fruity blend you will love year round!

Watermelon Lemonade (CC)........RATING -  

Lemonade with notes of Watermelon & a little something extra which is "Cheryl's Secret"

Watermelon Margarita........RATING -

A sweet juicy watermelon/pink lemonade Italian ice type with top-notes of juicy green casaba and fresh lemon, with a sugary sweet honeydew melon back-ground

Watermelon Sour........RATING - STRONG

SMACK!!! This fragrance will make your lips pucker and smack! This is a sweet, sour watermelon candy at its best! Once you get a whiff of this you will be craving a jolly candy!

Watermelon Taffy........RATING -

Natures Garden's Watermelon Taffy fragrance begins with top notes of watermelon, lime, lemon and bergamot; followed by middle notes of marigold, sweet juicy melon; with base notes of white musk and vanilla

Wedding Cake........RATING - STRONG

Delicate white cake with sweet buttercream icing, topped with sugar rosettes!

Wedding Cake........RATING - STRONG

Our new wedding cake fragrance begins with a top note of almond, followed by notes of white cake, confiture de lait, and Madagascar vanilla. Let the honeymoon begin!

Welcome Home........RATING - STRONG*

This is an awesome oil! Super strong, hot cinnamon, apples, vanilla and sugar crystals blended together to make you think of Home. Guaranteed to blow you away!

Whipped Cream........RATING - STRONG

Move over Cool Whip! This luscious, creamy whipped cream is pure heaven! 

Whispers of Love........RATING - STRONG 

Sweet, exotic, precious wood scent blended with ozone and rosewood, then gently infused with musky sandalwood, teakwood and vanilla. 

White Blossoms........RATING -

A delicately perfumed creamy white flower with an inviting feminine aroma.

White Cake........RATING - STRONG

This blend will surely have your mouth watering for a slice of freshly baked white cake

White Citrus (BBW)........RATING -

Composed for fans of fresh, citrusy fragrances who enjoy nuances of lemon zest, grapefruit sparks, intoxicating ginger and sensual water lily.

White Diamonds Type........RATING - 

​A sharp blend of lilies, roses and oakmoss with an amber base.

White Dove Perf........RATING - STRONG

Soft feminine perfume with a citrus background

White Ginger........RATING - 

White Ginger & Amber Type........RATING - 

White Ginger and Amber is a warm, sensual fragrance. Spicy ginger meets with amber and vanilla. A soft floral touch to magnificent base notes.

White Lily & Diamond........RATING - 

Women's perfume fragrance that is really fragrant.

White Mulberry Cedar.........RATING - 

A nice blend of fir and balsam and delicate spicy undertones of white mulberry, nutmeg, ginger, and cedar.

White Musk........RATING - STRONG

Simply THE perfect 'musk' scent! Trust us, this is unlike any other 'white musk' on the market! Indulge your senses - you will fall in love with the simplicity of this beautiful fragrance

White Palm Slatkin Type........RATING - 

An exotic blend of white peach, crisp green palm leaves, fresh citrus and nectarine blossom with a touch of vanilla.

White Pear & Peony........RATING -

Gentle sweeps of peony are the first to bloom in this delightful fragrance. Apples and peaches lie beneath juices from the freshly picked Bartlett pear to create an aromatic sensation.

350 White Perry Ellis Type (W)........RATING - 

A sensational blend of green mandarin, bamboo leaf, which is blended into a beautiful blend of white peppercorns, cardamom. The heart develops into orchid, orange florals and finishing off with amber, musk and vanilla.

White Pumpkin Lilac........RATING - 

This rich, sweet scent is anchored with notes of amber, cedar wood and sheer musk. Hints of lilac petals and autumn lily flowers are followed by a blissful combination of pumpkin seeds, spicy coriander, fragrant cinnamon sugar and luscious cashmere vanilla. A very grown-up and proper fragrance.

White Spring Lilac........RATING -  

White Spring Lilac Floral fragrance


OHHHHHHH WOW!!!!! You will love this delightfully sweet, herbal blend. This will take you straight into a state of euphoric bliss. This is a true comfort scent. This is one of those fragrances you could build everything else around. Notes of white tea, apricot kernels, nutmeg and ginger combine into an unexpected and delightful blend. Would make an awesome blender; think about Jasmine & White Tea, Freesia and White Tea, dare to be different.
This has the nicest dry down into softly sensual white tea notes. (No "peach", just apricot!) A very complex, multilayered scent.

White Tea & Ginger........RATING - STRONG

Bergamot, white tea, mandarin and ginger

White Willow-N-Tea........RATING - STRONG

A beautiful white floral with lovely distinct undertones of tea. Very romantic scent!

Wildberry Mousse........RATING - STRONG

What happens when you combine the creamy taste of mousse with the refreshing tart notes of freshly picked wild berries? An irresistible fragrance

Wild Berry Smoothie Type.........RATING - 

Sweet fresh cream and berries smells great

Wild Cherry........RATING - STRONG*

A new Yankee Candle scent whose name derives from the enticing aroma of wild black cherries. Sweet and powerful, the scent of a bushel of freshly picked cherries.

Wild Country Musk........RATING -

Scent description coming soon

Wild Maine Blueberry........RATING - 

An ambrosial blend of Wild Maine Blueberries, black currant, loganberry and a hint of citrus zest. 

Wild Raspberry........RATING - 

These raspberries are sun-ripened and sweet!

Wild Rose & Oak........RATING - STRONG

This is truly a complex fragrance blend of Fresh cut wild Roses, with hints of woodsy oak leaves and moss

Wild Currant Sandalwood........RATING -

An amazingly well balanced fragrance accord with top notes of Clementine, Grapefruit and Black Berries; middle notes of Wild Fig, Black Currant and Passion Fruit; all surrounded with base notes of Precious Woods, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Metallic Musk...

Wild Watermelon........RATING - STRONG

Nothing reminds of you of summer quite like sweet juicy watermelon! This is incredible!

Wildberry........RATING - STRONG

An incredible blend of berries just bursting with juicy aroma

Wildberry Flapjacks........RATING - STRONG*

The wonderful aroma of butter, red berry syrup smothered on buttermilk pancakes.

Wildberry Zinger Tea........RATING - STRONG

A perfect blend bursting with natural flavor, black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries, and even cherries! Herbs like Hibiscus, Rosehips, and Chicory give this tea it's zing! (Strong) 

Wildflower........RATING -  

Engaging freshly picked Wildflowers, Pansies, Freesia, Sunflowers and Lilacs.

Willow Breeze (Y-Type)........RATING - 

The lush, sweet aroma of green willow and lemon blossom spices with Spanish moss and sandalwood. 

Willow Breeze (Y-Type)........RATING - 

The lush, sweet aroma of green willow and lemon blossom spices with Spanish moss and sandalwood. 

Winter Festival MW Type........RATING - 

Evergreen resins amid an infusion of sparkling tart fruit and subtle woodsy clove, add to the hearty middle notes of pine and fir needle. An extremely smooth yet lively conifer fragrance with tart nuances of citrus and sparkling fruit, spiked with a base of musk and green moss.

Winter Garden........RATING - 

Refreshing and clean! Winter Garden fragrance will remind you of the fresh clean smell of winter air while walking down a snow-covered path. This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh lime and menthol; middle notes of Douglas fir and lavender; with full-body base notes of eucalyptus and pine. 

Winter Hideaway........RATING - STRONG

This is a musky scent that I also really like the name Hunters Cabin for. A musk with a feel of winter and woods. 

Winter Spice........RATING - STRONG

Winter Spice fragrance oil brings the festive feeling into your home.

Winter Wish........RATING - STRONG

A blend of chocolate and vanilla with hints of eggnog

Winter Wonderland........RATING - STRONG

The deep rosey top note of this fragrance blends nicely with spicy clove middle and is complimented by a sweet musk and warm woody base. Wonderfully peaceful fragrance.

Winter Woods........RATING - 

Fresh breezes, orchid and ylang dance on top of sandalwood, pine needles, patchouli and freshly fallen leaves. Reminiscent of a walk in the woods on a snowy December day.

Wintergreen........RATING - STRONG

A strong, refreshing wintergreen mint!

Wintergreen (Pure Essential Oil)........RATING - 

Wintergreen is a small evergreen herb which grows up to 15cm (6 in) high with slender stems, leathery serrated leaves, drooping white flowers followed by fleshy scarlet berries. A strong, refreshing wintergreen mint!

Wisteria........RATING - STRONG

A light floral blend with subtle hints of jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender and rose, along with a touch of clove. Lavender. 

Wisteria Blossom........RATING -  

If you've ever tried Wisteria,, then no doubt you will love this fragrance too.

Wipe Out........RATING - 

Hang 10 dude! A super clean, ocean type with a hint of mint. You will love this clean scent. Smells like the surf after a rain. Not salty - very oceanic and cool. Super Strong!  

Witches Brew........RATING - 

A secret blend that is mystical

Wood Burning Scent........RATING - MODERATE

Great! Smells in between the charcoal of a grill, with BBQ into it. Very true scent in deed!

Wood Nymph........RATING -  

This fragrance begins with the essence of exotic woods, then captures the scent of crushed leaves underfoot with a touch of camphor and ends on the subtle note of wild mints

Wood Violet & Sugar Maple........RATING - STRONG

This beautiful fragrance consists of a lilting violet perfected with a brush of woody sweetness making this a one-of-a-kind.

Wonderberry........RATING - 

A fruity fusion of strawberry, raspberry and wild red currant with hints of juicy pineapple, plum blossoms and pink jasmine.

Woodland Berries........RATING - 

This red berry blend opens with hints of juicy citrus for fragrance bloom. The tangy combination of red currant, strawberry and cranberry is balanced with a fresh green accord and finished with vanilla musk for sweetness

Woodland Breeze........RATING -  

The crisp, clean, earthy scent of autumn with top notes of bergamot, hay, and dried flowers, a woody cedar-moss middle note, and a sweet, musky clover base note. 

Woodland Orange Spice........RATING - STRONG 

Scent Description coming soon!

Woodlands........RATING - 

A great man's scent. Woody floral-herbaceous with patchouli and sandalwood bottom notes.

Woods & Spices........RATING -

A blend of spices with an undertone of woods

Woodsmoke Type...…..RATING - 

A unique blend of teakwood, mahagony and light smoke

Woody Pine........RATING 

Scent Description coming soon!

Ratings of Fragrances will be posted when those whom have tried will be so kind as to leave review or inform me of their opinion!
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