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My Mama’s blueberry Cobbler........RATING - STRONG*

Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries. This oil is very strong!

My Secret Recipe........RATING - STRONG

This is a fabulous SPICY blend! Very strong! Has a secret ingredient that makes it stand out from the rest!

Myrrh Scent........RATING - STRONG

A mythical spicy blend with a woody top note and earthy aromas

Mystic Melon........RATING - STRONG*

Creative blend of just the right amount of juicy sweetened cantaloupe with nuances of tart kiwi; rounded out with floral notes of lilac and honeysuckle

Mystical Woods...…….RATING

Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with royal honey and golden amber. Enchanting notes of deep patchouli and sparkling bergamot lie in the heart of these precious woods.

Mystique (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Intriguing, alluring and so very relaxing Spa scent. Has been tested in parasoy wax to be strong with fabulous throw. 

Mysterious Berries (CC)........RATING - 

This fragrance is Paradise, as you smell the fresh ripe Strawberries & Raspberries. It becomes a bit mysterious as in the background you can smell another note coming through. This is what one of my testers had to say about this scent. "Mysterious Berries was wonderful, strong and had a big throw. Strawberry and Raspberry seemed to be the main notes, but there was definitely a carrier not underneath. Very nice."

Nag Champa........RATING - STRONG

Natural masculine earth tone fragrance

Nana’s Old Fashioned Apple butter........RATING - STRONG*

This is a fantastic oil. Here in Jackson, we have an annual Apple Festival - They actually make apple butter on the esplanade - this is the real deal! Super strong! Very spicy apple with a warm buttery background!

Napa Valley Harvest ........RATING - 

This fragrance is reminiscent of the culture heritage surrounding the Napa Valley, and the effervescence of rich, aged wine. This fragrance is a complex blend of aged wine, lilac, vanilla, violets and lilies with a light musky base note.

Narcisse Chloe Perfume Type ........RATING - STRONG

A sharp, oriental, floral scent. This fine fragrance possesses a blend of orange blossom, plumeria, narcissus and is accented with marigold, vanilla and musk 

Natural Beauty........RATING - 

A pleasant fresh and natural aromatique with a lemon aldehydic top note; a lavender heart and a sweet vanilla amber musk foundation

Natural Pine........RATING - STRONG

If you love the smell of pine, then you came to the right spot. This is a right on target with being all natural pine smelling. Very strong also.

Nature Walk........RATING - STRONG

Imagine taking a walk through the park. The greenery and floral scents put off such a nice fresh fragrance.

Naughty Or Nice........RATING - 

Spicy and Sweet Christmas fragrances of spices and candy.

Near The Fireplace........RATING - 

Description unavailable

Nectarine Mint BBW Type........RATING - STRONG

Creamy peach & nectarine with hint of fresh grapefruit with middle notes of strawberry, melon and fresh lemon with touch of violets. Base notes of creamy sweet floral musk.

Neroli........RATING - STRONG

A very true Mediterranean Orange Blossom. A true match to the very expensive Essential Oil, with a powerful throw. This fragrance fills the air with the aroma of exotic fresh flowers

New England Mist........RATING - STRONG

Description coming soon, please email if you have questions about this scent

Niagara Falls........RATING - STRONG*

Imagine yourself standing at Niagara Falls, the mist from the falls sprays mist upon your face as you stand. Clean fresh air with the mist from "Falls" is what makes this scent so superb. Would be a great spa fragrance, as it is so clean and refreshing.

Night Blooming Jasmine........RATING - 

Beautiful flora bouquet of the sweet blooms of the jasmine flower. Top notes of jasmine, rose & ylang.

Northern Lights........RATING - 

This pleasurable scent is a designer favorite highlighting floral notes of white lilies, fresh ozone with a bright base of tonka musk.

Nostalgia........RATING - 

This super strong oil is highly fragrant with mixtures of cranberries, mulberries and bayberries with a tiny hint of apples. Added to the mix is a surprising array of spices with nuances of nutmeg and clove with top notes of orange zests

November Rain (BBW).......RATING - STRONG

Great duplication! Airy, watery, warm Amberreat duplication! Airy, watery, warm Amber

Nutcracker........RATING - 

Get into the holiday spirit with Natures Garden's Nutcracker fragrance! This fragrance is extremely complex and unique beginning with top notes of butter, almond, mandarin orange, lemon, herbaceous lime, and pineapple with nutty notes, maple, clove, cinnamon, spicy berry notes, sage, lavender, jasmine, and ozone notes, with a dry down of creamy vanilla coconut, amber woods, cedar leaf, cedar wood, sandalwood, and exotic musk’s. You'll feel like you're at the Ballet watching the famous Nutcracker. 

Nutcracker Suite........RATING - 

A blend of Sugar Cookies and Cinnamon

Nutmeg........RATING - STRONG

A wonderful spicy and woodsy, yet slightly herbal fragrance.

Nutty Taffy Apple........RATING - 

Sweet, crunchy and fruity all in one! A crisp red apple dipped in gooey caramel taffy sprinkled with nuts!

Ratings of Fragrances will be posted when those whom have tried will be so kind as to leave review or inform me of their opinion!
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