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Macadamia Nut Cake........RATING - 

Rich, nutty and super buttery cake with super fragrant spices.

Macintosh & Peach (Y Type)........RATING - STRONG

Blend of Red Apple, Citron, Lemon, Peach 

Macintosh Apple........RATING - STRONG*

This has got to be one of the best Apple Macintosh scents out there! So fresh and juicy ripe. Crisp and just picked from the tree. An awesome and strong fragrance

Madagascar Spice........RATING - STRONG

Mixture of rich vanilla flavoring and spice

Malibu (CC)........RATING - 

This scent will have you dreaming about being in Malibu with this great fruity and refreshing fragrance to cool you off.

Mandarin Sandalwood........RATING - 

Juices of Sweet Mandarin mingle with warming Sandalwood to create this terrific combination of citrus & woods.

Mandarin Tiki........RATING - 

A luxury spa fragrance oil. Imagine yourself lying in a hammock on the beach, while drinking a fresh Mai Tai. A fresh and energizing aroma that stirs the senses and brightens the spirit with its crisp citrus essence; Mandarin Tiki fragrance is an upscale, complex aroma of mandarin rind, red currants, strawberries, and blueberries; with middle notes of watercress and palm leaves; balanced with musky bottom notes.  

Mandarin Twist........RATING - 

A tangy mandarin orange and fruit blend with a Cabernet wine essence and undertones of designer perfume. This is NOT a tutti-frutti type scent. This fragrance is a very sensual, sophisticated scent. It is very unusual and alluring.

Magnolia........RATING - STRONG

A fragrant blend of exotic white flowers.

Mahogany Spice........RATING - STRONG

The rich, exotic fragrance of African mahogany wood, warmed by a unique blend of Tunisian spices takes your mind to faraway places. A very masculine scent!

Mai Thai........RATING - 

Orange Pineapple & Rum

Malted Milk........RATING - 

Rich chocolate malt! Creamy vanilla, hints of chocolate, loaded with malted milk!

Manchurian Dragon........RATING - 

A multitude of scents to WOW your senses! Imagine a wonderful blend of citrusy orange, with teeny tiny hints of peach, and then add pineapple, mulberry, strawberry, satsuma and apples and if that still isn't enough, add in traces of rose and violet, toss in rich, sweet plums for extra goodness on a luscious base of vanilla, oakmoss, raspberry and sweet musk. This is a MUST TRY! Super fabulous! 

Mango Papaya........RATING - STRONG*

Tangy, sweet, juicy and just awesome! 

Mangoberry........RATING - STRONG

A super strong, super fabulous blend of manto, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, sweet pears, strawberries, lemon, lime and tangerine on a sweet vanilla base. You will love this super strong, sweet and luscious full of fruit fragrance.

Mango Colada........RATING - STRONG

A soft blend of juicy mango with undertones of coconut.

Mango Lime........RATING - STRONG

A fresh blend of fruits featuring Mango and Lime. A great fruit smell without being overpowering Mango Lime - A fresh blend of fruits featuring Mango and Lime. A great fruit smell without being overpowering

Mango Melon Mint........RATING - STRONG

Mint meets mango melon and a tea note for a splashing good fragrance

Mango Peach Salsa........RATING - 

Creamy peach, orange, fruity banana apple with middle notes of jasmine, clove, rose & violet. Bottom notes of sweet malt & creamy vanilla

Mango Sorbet Type........RATING - STRONG*

Blend of Mango, Raspberry, Lemon. Compared to: Tutti Dolce. This scent is very strong and has a phenomenal throw.

Manuka & Lavender Body Wrap........RATING - STRONG*

This intoxicating fragrance is soft yet sweetly compelling and is the body spa fragrance everyone dreams of. 

Maple........RATING - STRONG

Wow! Can smell the maple fragrance as if someone was icing maple bars or something. Awesome!

Maple Butter........RATING - STRONG

Sticky drops of Vermont maple and deep, powdery honey blended with buttery vanilla. Smooth and delicious.

Maple Butter Cheesecake........RATING - 

Just like its name

Maple Honey Bread........RATING - 

An opening whiff of gooey maple and granulated sugar leads to delectable bites of golden honey nectar and churned butter. Fresh baked bread and a hint of caraway seed complete this delicious treat!

Maple Pancakes........RATING - STRONG

A steaming hot stack of pancakes, covered with pure Maple Syrup.

Maple Pecan........RATING - STRONG

Sweet maple syrup and pecans baked to perfection. I think this is going to be another one of my favorites in the Bakery Scent category. Just the smelling it in the bottle makes me hungry for some Pancakes with my favorite syrup which is Maple Pecan. LOL

Maple Pecan Streusel ........RATING - STRONG

This is a sweet and delicious smelling scent. Will definitely leave you hungry when you smell it. Yummy...........Has notes of Maple, Pecan and Cake Accord

Margarita........RATING - 

The name says it all! Smells just like the popular mixed drink! Smelling it, makes you want to drink some, or make a real one, as this scent is right on!

Margarita Tina........RATING - MODERATE

If you like Margarita's, you will love this! There is something about the scent of a Margarita! This super strong, sweet but tangy "tini" will have you longing for that beach vacation! A vibrant mix of lime, hints of lemon, sweet & sour mix, and a bit of green put the finishing touches in this fragrance.

Margaritaville........RATING - 

Smells just like the famous mixed drink - a festive blend of tart lemon and sweet green lime with mellow tequila notes.

Marigold Blossom........RATING - STRONG

This scent is a very nice but Pungent Floral. The Marigold scent is a natural insect deterrent, a great scent for outdoors or in.

Marigold Mint........RATING - 

Marigold Mint combines the fresh garden smell of little dainty marigold with a truly gentle mint. It mellows it into an almost perfume consistency and it is just marvelous.

Marmalade Moon........RATING - STRONG

Tangerines, Clementine's, and oranges make a fantastic marmalade fragrance

Marshmallow........RATING - MILD

This is a right on scent, but it is mild, as Marshmallow never did have too much of a fragrance to it.

Marshmallow Bomb........RATING - STRONG*

If you are looking for a super strong Marshmallow cream - THIS IS the one! Big fluffy marshmallows blended with luscious creamy cake batter. Ooey, gooey, sweet, yummy, lip smacking, decadent, with a big, fat, delicious scent throw!  

Marshmallow Fireside (BBW)........RATING - 

Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla

Matcha Green Tea........RATING - 

California Lemon, Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Green Tea Leaves, Violet Petals, Jasmine, Siberian Fir, Soft Musk

Maybells........RATING - STRONG

This is a strong scent which has a blend of floral's among other things into it.

Millennium........RATING - STRONG

This is a very masculine scent, and is a duplication of the men's cologne. My personal opinion is that "I love it"! Nice and strong and smells great. This is just my opinion though.

Mike’s Tart........RATING - STRONG

Mulberry with a splash of Black Cherry

Mint Chocolate........RATING - 

Chocolate dinner mints with minty green centers

Meadow Mist........RATING - STRONG 

Tender notes of lily and fresh ozone give an airy note to this refreshing spring scent. Green leaves and gentle musk complete this clean, crisp fragrance.

Mediterranean Garden Spa........RATING - STRONG

Crisp bergamot and clean fresh air blends with green foliages of euphorbias, Russian olive, rosemary and Artemisia with gentle hints of wild violets, salvia, lavendula augustifolia, and pink verbena. All of this on a rich, earthy base of green oaks, acacia, palms and aloe. Truly a "high end" spa fragrance.

Melon Fig and Apricot........RATING - STRONG*

I had a customer that does not like Fig scents, but I had her try this, and she absolutely loved it, so do I. Smells Phenomenal! It really is a must try. Very strong throw too! Heavenly honeydew. Fantastic Fig. Appealing Apricot. Three simply wonderful fruits make up this one perfectly balanced scent. The fig and apricot give grounding and depth to the sweet honeydew

Melon Jasmine........RATING - 

A very complex fragrance beginning with just the right combination of ripe cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, and fresh cucumber; rounded out with aromatic French jasmine, and cyclamen. 

Melon Mist........RATING - STRONG*

The refreshing combination of wild watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh sliced honeydew melons

Melon Tango........RATING - STRONG

Melons and citrus on musk base

Melon, peaches & Berries........RATING - STRONG

The perfect blend of fruit, all fresh and juicy.

Melonade........RATING - 

Two Summertime favorites make a huge splash in our Melonade! Juicy watermelon collides the refresh lemonade for a new twist on pink!

Memories........RATING - 

Misty water color memories....." A spicy sweet tangerine – orange citrus type with top notes of tangerine – orange, pineapple, pear and cassis, middle notes of gardenia, jasmine, heliotrope, violet, lily and plum, with a musky woody white musky base note.

Mental Clarity Type (Pure Essential Oil Blend)........RATING - 

Bergamot, Basil, Lemon and Grapefruit Essential Oils

Menthol........RATING - STRONG*

The coolest scent that will clean your nose...

Merlin's Forest........RATING - STRONG*

Enchanting forest greens and breathtaking pine needles greet the senses as woodland rose, baby violet and geranium unfold into a bed of moss, sweet warm woods and patchouli.

Merlot (Y Type)........RATING - STRONG

Merry Mint........RATING - STRONG

Bergamot, Orange, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Green, Pepper,Jasmine , White Floral, Orange Blossom, Woody, Oriental, Labdanum, Cistus, Musk 

Merry Mistletoe........RATING - STRONG

A blend of citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries create this perfect holiday scent! This fragrance is infused with Fir, Peppermint, and Cedar Leaf essential oils.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream........RATING - 

Rich buttery whipped cream tops this yummy accord of vanilla bean. Hints of toasted nut and grated cinnamon tease the senses as a base of melted marshmallow carries the fragrance to a sweet finish.

Midnight Cove (Y-Type)........RATING - STRONG

It's back due to high demand!!! A moonlight breeze splashed with the refreshing tingle of sea spray

Midnight For Men (BBW Type)...…...RATING - 

Bergamot spice & blue sage meet the warm masculinity of leather woods to create the ultimate collision of seduction and sophistication

Midnight in Milan........RATING - 

Citrus peel and sweet orange create sparkle for the sensual bouquet of jasmine and peony in this luxurious blend. Golden amber and sweet vanilla bean balance with sandalwood and musk to create a sensual background for the floralcy.

Midsummer Night........RATING - 

This is a nice clean and strong smelling scent. I personally love it, but we all have our own taste. If you like strong and refreshing scents, also, if you can withstand perfume scents, you must try it.

Midnight Whispers........RATING - 

A clean, aquatic floral type having a slight, citrus sparkle coming off the top, leading to an almost tranquil floral bouquet of lily, lilac, rose, cyclamen, geranium and muguet, and finishing with a woody, musky sandalwood base-note. Lovely romantic scent

Million Dollar Shortbread........RATING - STRONG*

Yummy! YUM! And more Yum! A million dollar dessert! Sweet sugary cookie bottom meets layers of a light topping of rich milk, chocolate! Nothing but sweet bakery delight!

Million Intense Type (M)........RATING - 

This rich concoction suggest opulence and poise, but comes across as approachable and fresh. Following a Crisp opening of raspberry an Amalfi lemon, the scent deepens into a mesmerizing floral mix, with Jasmine, and African orange flower defining its heart. Warm honey notes linger on long after the first application, emphasizing the sweet quality of this fragrance with its golden undertones. A versatile and feminine scent.

Millenium Type........RATING - STRONG*

Dupe to the men's cologne

Mi Mi’s Kitchen........RATING - STRONG*

This reminds me of what it was like in my mom’s kitchen during the holidays. Mom was always busy baking goodies for the upcoming holiday for friends and family. This is a warm, sweet blend with notes of freshly picked apples, cinnamon sticks, a touch of gingerbread, ending on notes of pineapples and peaches.

Mimosa........RATING - STRONG

A strong heavy, spicy Mimosa scent that will intoxicate you with its fragrance all year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Rejuvenating, uplifting, energizing, sensual, stimulating. Sunday brunch – Orange & Champagne

Mimosa Breeze........RATING - STRONG

This is definitely sophistication in a bottle. A very complex, exotic, and soft, feminine- floral scent with hints of warm jasmine, rosewood, musk, and cedar wood.

Mind Blowing Rose (CC)........RATING - 

This Rose scent is as the name say's. A great spa scent. A very complex and unique fragrance.

Mineral Springs........RATING - 

Spa inspired of ozone notes blended with fresh ginger, notes of jasmine, leafy greens, musk, sandalwood finishing with a splash of zesty lemon.

Mint Chocolate........RATING - STRONG

Chocolate dinner mints with minty green centers

Mint Leaf and Chamomile........RATING - STRONG

Mint leaves and chamomile flower blended into this soothing, clean fragrance

Mint Tea........RATING - 

Fragrant minty jasmine tea

Mistletoe........RATING - STRONG*

A clean, fresh evergreen fragrance with a berry and spice notes

Mistletoe Kisses........RATING - STRONG

This is a wonderful Holiday scent. One sniff, and you'll be searching for the Mistletoe!!! Wonderful blend of fresh cut evergreen blended with hints of Eucalyptus and Holiday berries.

Mocha Cappuccino........RATING - STRONG*

Blend of Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee

Mocha Mint........RATING - 

This sensory delight is a perfect balance of creamed peppermint and crisp cookie wafers. Rich cocoa and hints of coffee bean blend with cookie dough for the yummy fragrance signature. A lingering undertone of vanilla sugar sweetens the dessert treat to perfection.

Mochachino........RATING - 

Delicious mocha blended with cherries

Modern Black........RATING - STRONG*

Black currant as strong and bold as it gets! This is a powerful, fabulous smelling scent!

Mojito........RATING - STRONG*

Strong top notes of juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum.

Mojito Mint........RATING - STRONG

Cool, fresh, and invigorating, our Mint Mojito Fragrance oil is a true version of the classic mojito cocktail. This scent fuses notes of freshly muddled mint with tropical undertones of pineapple and sugarcane.

Molten Lava Cake........RATING - 

This classic chocolate lover’s treat has gourmand appeal. Butter cream blends with molten chocolate while hints of pecan add texture to the delicious confection. Vanilla bean adds sweet perfection.

Molasses Cookie........RATING - 

Molasses cookies are always a special treat.....especially when they're homemade. You can't just reach for one of them - invariably you'll end up eating 2 or 3 and not feeling a bit guilty because they're just that good! This fragrance oil captures all that goodness with notes of freshly grated ginger, warm butter, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, crushed cloves, savory walnuts, rich maple, thick molasses, creamy vanilla, and a hint of sea salt.

Molten Spark........RATING - 

A surprisingly pleasant blast that is complex, unique and fun! This fragrance oil has blended notes of cool ozone, citrus nuances, salty air, fiery cinnamon, molten clove, crimson poppy, grey smoke, vetiver woods, and red cedar. The uncommon notes in this scent blend together perfectly! Candle testing soy wax had excellent cold and hot throw.

Monkey Bread........RATING - STRONG*

Luscious buttery notes and a rich brown sugar accord combine to create an irresistible caramel accent for this bakery treat. Cinnamon warms the aromatic heart of baked cake as lingering base notes of creamed vanilla complete the gourmand sensations

Monkey Farts........RATING - STRONG*

A juicy fruit medley of peach, strawberry, pineapple, coconut and orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk.

Moon Lake Musk........RATING - 

A deep yet balanced musk that both women and men will love. Notes of fern and orris add to the musk flower and woody base notes. 

Moonlight Path........RATING - STRONG

Fragrance begins with top notes of delicate pink rose, Asian jasmine. Enhanced with soft violets. Lingering base notes of sweet musk enhanced by unique woodsy notes.

Moonlight Pomegranate........RATING - STRONG

A mysterious blend of exotic, spicy pomegranate, wild bergamot, dewberry, iris, jasmine; followed by spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, with base notes of precious woods and cedar.  

Morning Beignet........RATING - 

Oh wow - this is an amazing scent. One of our testers said that she could eat the candle and yes, we would agree with this! As you walk by the French bakery, the swirling scent of fresh baked lemon butter donuts sugared with nutmeg and cinnamon fills the air. Following this mouth watering scent inside the shop you discover (to your delight!) creamy vanilla, smooth bourbon and malt, and fresh baked biscuits. Everything comes together in one glorious round ball of fried donut perfection. Divine and a scent all the foodie lovers will die over. So so so so good!

Morning Glory........RATING - STRONG

This is a strong green, sweet, spicy floral scent that will remind you of a warm summer day.

Morning Mist........RATING - STRONG

Fresh aquatic notes with a blend of assorted floral's.

Moscato........RATING - 

The Moscato grape (Muscat Blanc) is one of Italy's most eager wine ambassadors. Moscato tends to be a popular white wine among new wine lovers and enjoys a significant following with seasoned wine enthusiasts who enjoy a lighter-styled wine with brunch, dessert or on its own as a capable aperitif. This unique wine is often labeled simply as "Moscato" or if it's bred and born in Italy's Northwest region of Piedmont, it's seen sporting its full name of Moscato d'Asti (named after the grape, Moscato, and the Italian town of Asti). Moscato fragrance oil is fruity and delicious! Fragrant red grapefruit and pomegranate are laid atop a bed of green apple and fruit blossoms with a delicate finish of smoky musk and the barest hints of rose and geranium. Perfection in a candle or soothing lotion and an absolute joy to smell. Sweet without being overly so, a bit fresh, a bit earthy. Will appeal to both men and women.

Moroccan Water Mint........RATING - 

Exotic mint joins a fresh combination of juicy pineapple and strawberry to create a soothing tonic to purify and balance the senses 

Mother Earth (CC)........RATING - 

Here is a blend that you won't be able to resist. It has everything from Patchouli to woodsy smells, and topped with citrus.

Mother’s Love........RATING - 

A warm blend of bergamot, lemon, clove, lavender, rose, and ylang on a sweet powdery amber background

Mountain Lodge........RATING - STRONG

A fresh Cedar and Evergreen blend that captures all that the mountain woods have to offer.

Mountain Mist........RATING - STRONG

A refreshing and uplifting blend of clean mountain air touched by a new morning mist.

Mulberry Spice........RATING - STRONG

A wonderful, highly fragrant mixture! The top notes are a zesty tart orange peel and lemon, middle notes of warm wild mulberries, with base notes of freshly ground cinnamon bark and nutmeg combined with an array of different spices!

Mulled Cider........RATING - STRONG*

A spiced apple cider type with top notes of apple, mulled fruits followed by a spicy clove, floral fruity-rose, middle note and a sweet musky vanilla, ginger-root base.

Mulled Cider and Chestnuts........RATING - 

Warm and comforting, our Mulled Cider and Chestnuts Fragrance Oil puts a twist on the classic fall and winter scents of spiced cider and roasted.

Musk........RATING - 

Synthetic version of the pheromone of the endangered musk deer. This best animal fragrance has great substantiality

Musk & Mint........RATING - 

Watery Apple, Crystal Springs, Muddled Spearmint, white mint, sheer jasmine, lotus pearl, musk 

Ratings of Fragrances will be posted when those whom have tried will be so kind as to leave review or inform me of their opinion!
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