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It all started off as a hobby for me when I became disabled. I needed to find myself a hobby, to keep me busy and something I would enjoy. So, I got busy and ordered a few scents, wax, and other supplies I needed to start pouring tarts. As time went by, I became more involved. I loved pouring wax so much it became a passion of mine. I started to purchase more supplies, then started making gift baskets for my family and friends. Well....with my husband being retired and myself being disabled I was spending way too much money on supplies to keep my so favorite hobby going. Bob and I were both shocked at the end of the year with learning just how much money I spent on scents and supplies. That’s when Bob told me I could keep on with my hobby but would have to turn it into a business for it to pay for itself. He said, this way I could at least make back what I was putting into it. Thank God, as I really believe he wanted me just where I am today. 
I have not only had such wonderful customers but have become very close friends with many of them. I feel so blessed! It’s been such a pleasure being able to correspond with customers by email or talking on the phone. There are a couple of customers I’d spend hours talking to over the phone. We’d start off with talking about the different scents, and our likes and dislikes. After a while we’d started talking about everything and anything. In fact, Bob & I were able to meet up with a couple customers while traveling back East to pick up some supplies I ordered in Ohio, also would stop at every company there was within a few minutes off route. Our first stop to visit one of our customers was in Iowa, and the other was in Ohio. My supplies wouldn’t be very far from where we visited candle friends. When seeing them it was as if we knew each other for years. As time went on, my son and I met up with another customer and some of her family who are very special to me. They came to visit us from Canada. We had such a great time showing them around San Francisco every day. They are now what I call my adopted family, as we became very close. I had the honor of creating the candles for both of her daughters’ weddings, and for her son’s bride. I felt so blessed that they chose me. Later we were able to visit them in Canada and meet all the family. So many wonderful memories and blessings I have due to my candle business.
Our goal is, and always will be not only to give the best products, but also the best Customer Service. I am easy to work with, and I enjoy a challenge, so if you ever have a special request, please drop me an email or call. If I can do it, I will. Don't be hesitant on asking questions as that's what I'm here for. Pouring wax and getting to try so many scents has not only been a therapy, but it has also been great meeting so many people. I have always worked with people as love getting to know and helping others. It is what keeps me going and helps me get out of bed each morning. 
It is also my way of doing what I believe the Lord wants me to do by placing Prayer request up for those who are ill or just have personal problems. Makes me happy knowing my customers can always come to me.

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