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Hana No Kaori........RATING - STRONG

(Fragrance of Flowers) is an ultra feminine fragrance resplendent with oriental lilies, osmanthus, pink freesia, fresh cut blush roses, blue delphinium, baby's breath and lacy ferns on a bottom of delicate musk and ozone fresh air. 

Hansel & Gretel’s House........RATING - STRONG*

Hansel and Gretel's house covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins.

Happy........RATING - 

A clinique fragrance. Strong floral scent with a great scent throw

Happy Holidays........RATING - 

A warm festive scent mixed with patchouli, faint notes of citrus and clove; cool mint mingles throughout. Tiny traces of lavender and jasmine with notes of a warm pine give this oil a deep woodsy earthy tone. Unique and super strong!

Happy Trails........RATING - STRONG

Smooth floral tropical like no other with hints of Pineapple.

Harvest Moon........RATING - STRONG

Spicy blend of eggnog, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Harvest Spice & Apple........RATING - STRONG*

The best fall spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger with an hint of apple in the background. Awesome

Harvest Type........RATING - STRONG*

Spicy blend of potpourri scents and autumn leaves

Havana........RATING - STRONG

Sexy.....This oil is a full of exotic scents! You will fall in love with this earthy woodsy spicy fruity floral type. Top notes of orange, peach and cinnamon, middle notes of clove, lily, rose and jasmine, with a woodsy cedarwood, ambery musky and strong patchouli base.Havana - Sexy.....This oil is a full of exotic scents! You will fall in love with this earthy woodsy spicy fruity floral type. Top notes of orange, peach and cinnamon, middle notes of clove, lily, rose and jasmine, with a woodsy cedarwood, ambery musky and strong patchouli base.

Havoc Perfume Type........RATING - 

Description unavailable

Hawaiian Breeze........RATING - STRONG

A greatest hits of the island's floral's, our Hawaiian Breeze combines Orchid, Tuberose, and Awapuhi with a hint of vanilla, sandalwood, and a light musk. Say Aloha to your new favorite fragrance!

Hawaiian Dream (CC)........RATING - STRONG

This scent ought to really be called Sherry's Dream, as it was her that decided to take my special blend of Pineapple Dream, along with Mango Sorbet to make this delicious and long throwing scent. Great summer scent!!!

Hawaiian Ginger........RATING - STRONG

You will love this refreshing tropical array containing top notes of tangy pineapple, freshly-sliced summer melons, and crisp apple slices. Middle notes include iris, rose, jasmine, and cyclamen. Base notes of vanilla and musk make this fragrance a perfect blend

Hawaiian Hideout........RATING - 

A lush array of tropical fruits, Mango, Papaya, Strawberry, Raspberry, Honeydew and Kiwi blended together to give you that laid back, "I'm on vacation" feeling.

Hawaiian Paradise........RATING - STRONG

This is a Tropical blend of Pineapple & Coconut

Hawaiian Paradise # 2........RATING - STRONG

A smooth tropical blend of coconut, mango, papaya and citrus. 

Hawaiian Plumeria........RATING - STRONG*

A complex white floral blend of exotically sweet island flowers including pikaki, frangipani, plumeria, jasmine and ylang-ylang.  

Hawaiian Rain........RATING - 

"You left your lei out in the rain! A wonderful blend of frangipani, white ginger and plumeria softened by a kiss of fresh water."

Hawaiian Rainbow Cake........RATING -

This delicious yellow cake has an explosion of tropical fruits mixed in with a yummy Buttercream frosting

Hawaiian Thunder (CC)........RATING -

Imagine yourself in Hawaii, and a storm happens. You can smell the Ocean breeze, and the Pineapple off the trees come to life.

Hawaiian Zinger (CC)........RATING - STRONG*

Only the finest of tropical fruit blended with cake, coconut and Raspberry.


A very wood scent with a hint of floral. A very good scent when you want the scent of outdoors that is clean, with no heavy floral perfume. A great scent for anytime, a more manly type. Aromatherapy benefits: Purifying, sense-enhancing, cleansing, calming, anchoring.

Hazelnut Coffee........RATING - MODERATE

A warm, robust coffee scent infused with nutty hazelnut, cinnamon, toasted caramel and sweet vanilla milk. The wonderful smell of a coffee shop in your own home. 

Hazelnut Truffles........RATING - 

A chocolate lover's dream come true. Satiny truffles combine chocolate with the rich buttery flavor of hazelnuts for an out of this world chocolate experience!

Heart’s Desire Type (W).....RATING - 

A delicate blend of roses, lilies, night blooming florals that dry down to a light powdery musk

Heather........RATING - STRONG

A fragrant natural Heather scent. Very Nice.

Heatwave........RATING - STRONG

Quench the heat with this super strong - super refreshing fragrance oil! Mexican Lime, green apple, hints of lemon, kiwi, cucumber and honeydew with a whisper of vanilla and meringue

Heaven........RATING - STRONG

Sweet Musky Floral. Truly an aroma from Heaven

Heavenly Type (VS - Type)........RATING - STRONG

A complex blend of floral and woody notes. Ozone and green notes mingle into the heart of the fragrance, which includes lavender and muguet. The undertones consist of sweet woody notes of sandalwood and touches of powder and musk

Heliotrope........RATING - STRONG*

Its aroma is deepest in the evenings and if you can place it near a porch or window you'll enjoy its fragrance all summer.

Hello Beautiful (BBW)........RATING - 

This shimmering white floral bouquet is a showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber.

Hello Sugar (BBW Type)........RATING - STRONG*

Sugar, Lemon and Shortbread makes for one yummy flavor........

Herbal Aromatics Type........RATING - STRONG*

What an awesome throw this fragrance has. It has a blend of Cedarwood chips, Frankincense, Lavender Flowers, Mandrake Root, Mugwort, Myrrh Gum, Patchouli, Rose Buds and Sandalwood.

Herbal Delight (CC)........RATING - 

I found this to be a very strong scent, and lasted hours with great throw. Beware though, if you cannot take floral, as you definitely smell the floral in this one. As for you floral lovers, then this is definitely for you if you love “Strong”.

Herbal Essences (Clairol Type)........RATING - STRONG*

This is a duplication of Clairol’s Herbal Essence fragrance. Sweet, floral, fruity (think apples, melons, musk)......a clean, harmonious combination of joyful fruits, mellow herbs and sensual musk. 

Herbal Lavender & Lemongrass........RATING - STRONG

Fresh Lavender with just the right amount of herbs, and a dash of Lemongrass makes this scent irresistible.

Herbal Moss........RATING - 

Like a walk through the woods, this is a blend of pine, moss, and the outdoors.

Herbal Raspberry........RATING - 

A unique, rapturous fusion like no other!?Wild red raspberries fused with clary sage, lemongrass, lily, and clean white musk. Purely herbal and fruity. This one is a must try - a sultry, mood warming blend with a fresh and clean background! 

Hershey's Chocolate........RATING - 

Hershey's at it's best!

Hibiscus........RATING - STRONG

Rose, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle blend w/hints of citrus

Hibiscus Guava Fresca (BBW)........RATING - 

A spray of fresh watery tones cools the tropical fruit top note in this fruity floral blend. An exotic blooming floral accord at the heart of the fragrance is accented with green foliage and underscored with a sweet base of creamed musk and sweet vanilla. Finishing touches of amber and sandalwood create sensual appeal.

Hidden Lake........RATING - 

The smell of fresh falling rain with a hint of pine and spruce.

Hidden Orchard........RATING - 

Orchard blossoms, applewood and pronounced fruity, crisp apple notes play over a soft base of oakmoss and patchouli. Floral rosy-jasmine middle-notes, and a gingery, white musk add a mysterious allure.

High Maintenance........RATING - 

Super strong! Fabulocity in a bottle! A fab blend of red fruits...raspberry, strawberry & cranberry is enhanced by apples & licorice, with light floral tones of gardenia, jasmine & heliotrope. A background of exotic woods & white musk creates lingering warmth

High Voltage........RATING - 

A unique and STRONG fresh, clean ozone with an effervescent quality, Lavender mixed with rose, jasmine and a hint of green, infused lemongrass and hints of white pepper. This scent is super-charged!

Hillbilly Fixins........RATING - 

A down home hillbilly blend of sugars, spices, apples, rich sweet red berries, nutmeg, a pinch of clove and the tiniest drop of citrus. A cross of food and ozone. Mysterious hillbilly blend straight from Appalachia!

Hillbilly Homebrew........RATING - 

The aroma of mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wildberries

Hillbilly Mistletoe...…..RATING - 

A really nice take of a mistletoe/evergreen type fragrance. Has a hint of fruit that adds that little something extra. Fruity, green and piney top notes slightly spicy, berry type of sweet middle notes cotton candy, mossy, musky & sweet raspberry type of bottom notes

Hippie Chick........RATING - 

This is what every hip chick should have on hand! Notes of fresh lavender buds infused with patchouli, sandalwood, ylang, amber, violet, cedar wood, and powdery tonka.

Hippy Christmas........RATING

An earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a down of fresh vanilla and peppermint leaf

Ho Ho Ho........RATING - 

Sweet chocolate drizzle with confectioner's sugar, marshmallow cream, cookie dough, vanilla and milk chocolate chips.

Holiday Bayberry........RATING - 

​No description available, but is a strong and very true to name fragrance.

Holiday Bouquet........RATING - STRONG*

If you love the scent of Pine, then this one is for you. Mixed with a bit of floral, but the Pine comes out more. Very strong!

Holiday Cheer........RATING - 

A fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.

Holiday Cookie........RATING - STRONG

A Mouth watering blend of a buttery sugar cookie and cake. Perfect for the Holidays or all year round.

Holiday Crunch........RATING - STRONG

A super sweet and spicy blend of candy crunch and cinnamon. This is a fun blend for the holiday and will be a best seller long after the holidays! For those of you who don't care for the super strong cinnamon oils, this is the one for you! You get a super sweet and crunchy cinnamon blend that has an excellent scent throw!!! 

Holiday Eggnog........RATING - 

A traditional eggnog with nutmeg, a hint of lemon, various spices and sugar crystals mixed in a warm rich vanilla make up this fabulous blend. Super strong!

Holiday Frost........RATING - 

Unique fresh bouquet begins with a cooling outdoor accord, green, lemon, bergamot, apple, pear & mandarin orange. The heart blends jasmine, bois de rose, cedar wood & Siberian fir needles. The base is heliotrope, amber, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver.

Holiday Garland........RATING - 

Christmas Garland Fragrance Oil Pleasant, fresh, woody evergreen aroma will have you remembering the holidays at Grandma's house all year long.

Holiday Gingham........RATING - 

White grapefruit, marshmallow, holiday quince, red currant, pomegranate, pomme fruit, wild berry, vanilla swirl, and sheer musk.

Holiday Wassail........RATING - 

A festive holiday punch made by simmering apple cider, orange juice, pineapple juice, and lemon slices with cloves, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg, then warmed with a hint of brandy! An old fashioned favorite served hot on a cold day! 

Holly Jolly Christmas........RATING - 

This has more of a fruity scent to me when smelling it from the bottle. Definitely lets me think “Holly Jolly Christmas” Excellent scent……….

Hollyberry........RATING - STRONG

Cinnamon and clove sweetened with vanilla and orange peels

Homemade Cookies MW Type........RATING - 

The smell of a fresh baked cookies sprinkled with sugar and spice. This is a Moon works fragrance which so many love and so supplier brought it back due to all request received.

Home For The Holidays........RATING - 

A great blend of pine, cinnamon, cedar wood, cloves, orange, cherry and tangerine. 

Homespun Treasures........RATING - 

Crisp, festive and perfect for all year! Yummy sweet berries kissed with marshmallow and vanilla and mixed with down home treasures sure to fill your house with warmth and cheer! Red currant, sheer musk, Pomegranate, Pomme fruits, White Grapefruit, Holiday Quince, sweet wild berries, marshmallow and swirls of vanilla complete this fabulous oil! 

Home Sweet Home........RATING - STRONG*

Cinnamon and clove with rosemary and ylang

Homemade Cheesecake........RATING - STRONG

There is nothing better than homemade cheesecake! This fragrance has base notes of graham crackers and sweet cream butter, middle notes of vanilla, sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese; with a hint of almond as a top note. 

Homespun Hugs........RATING - 

There is a down home goodness to this scent which makes you feel all warm and cozy! Sweet top notes of orange add a slight tangy twist to this super yummy, spicy confection. Bakery notes are carefully blended with ginger, cinnamon and a hint of black pepper for a classic gingerbread accord at the fragrance heart. Rich maple syrup and creamy vanilla sweeten the treat with luscious undertones. 

Homespun Sugar........RATING

If you like sweet, this is the FO for you! Notes of sugar, coconut, plum, rose, hyacinth, vanilla and sandalwood. 

Honey - ........RATING - STRONG

Sweet, yet slightly bitter.

Honey Biscotti (CC)........RATING

Honey Cinnamon........RATING - STRONG

Warm honey with just a pinch of cinnamon

Honey Gingerbread........RATING - STRONG*

An appealing mix of ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg blends with citrus and buttery cake like notes. Sweet vanilla and smooth golden honey balances the finish. Both sweet & spicey at the same time.

Honeydew Melon........RATING - STRONG

Ripe, and juicy Honeydew Melon.

Honeydew Smoothie (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Juicy, ripe melons, fresh from the morning pick, blended with sweet milk and sugar crystals is sure to cool you to perfection as you enjoy this refreshing, delectable scent that permeates the air and takes you away to a place of comfort, calm and peace.

Honeymoon Romance........RATING - 

A truly romantic, passionate fragrance oil. This unique aroma begins with top notes of fresh ferns and water lilies. Middle notes of fresh rose petals, clove, french jasmine, and lilac, with a background of sandalwood

Honeysuckle........RATING - STRONG

This fragrance is bold and true - we can't tell the difference between it and the honeysuckle in the back yard! This is a heavenly floral with sweet nectar and a hint of blossom!

Honeysuckle Peach........RATING - 

Honeysuckle scent with a few juicy peaches thrown in to give it a little extra zing to it.

Hot & Bothered........RATING - STRONG

A bold and sexy blend of exotic musk's that is sure to stimulate the libido!

Hot Apple Dumpling........RATING - 

Smells fresh right from the oven, just like mom used to make. Yummy......

Hot Apple Pie........RATING - 

This one is very popular to all. Smells just like it just came out of the oven. You can just smell that mixture of cinnamon with apples mixed with fresh Pie Crust.

Hot Baked Apple (CC) ........RATING - STRONG*

A Best Seller! This is the most wonderful Hot baked apple pie fragrance formulated by Cheryl. ! The aroma of fresh cut granny smith apples, smothered in butter, cream, and cinnamon, with a background of fresh baked crust.

Hot Buttered Rum........RATING - STRONG

A wonderful, rich, very strong and fragrant warm drink flavored with rum, a very heavy french vanilla and a touch of butterscotch! SUPER Strong! 

Hot Cocoa........RATING - STRONG*

Creamy chocolate (Strong, and just like the real thing....) This is some of the best Hot Chocolate around, you have to smell it to believe it, but it is right on. You will want to drink this, but please don't..........

Hot Couture........RATING - 

A very unique, vibrant and fun loving fragrance. She is in tune with fashion and trends. She embodies the spontaneous spirit of Givenchy couture – original, provocative and full of charisma.

Hot Fudge Brownie........RATING - 

Sinfully rich milk chocolate brownie topped with fresh whipped cream and warmed to perfection. A touch of heaven!  

Hot Fudge Sundae........RATING - 

Greatest Hot Fudge Sundae around. Smells so scrumptious, that you'd think it was the real thing. Buy one of our Hot Fudge Sundaes and you'd think it looked like the real thing too!

Hot Maple Toddy........RATING - 

A wonderful rich and sweet maple "toddy" with sweet vanilla and rum at the base

Huckleberry........RATING - 

A blend of sweet juicy Raspberry and Blueberry with Hints of Apple, Pear 

Hugs & Kisses (CC)........RATING - 

Fruity with just a bit of sweetness added for that special someone in your life.

Hugo Boss Type........RATING - 

Smells just like the popular men's designer fragranceSmells just like the popular men's designer fragrance

Hungarian Lilac........RATING - STRONG

Pretty much like the regular lilac, but seems to have a hint of a sweeter floral added.

Hurricane........RATING - 

A fabulous, super strong blend of passion fruit, orange juice, a splash of fresh lime, hints of sugar, with notes of cherry mingling throughout! This makes a lively cocktail! This is very strong and rich!

Hyacinth........RATING - 

A beautiful array of fresh blooming Hyacinth Flowers.

Hydrangea........RATING - STRONG

Hydrangea flowers are among the most fragrant. Fresh yet sweet, it is aromatic and uplifting

Hydrangea Heaven........RATING - STRONG

Hydrangea flowers are among the most fragrant flowers. Fresh, yet sweet, hydrangea is aromatic and uplifting! 

Ratings of Fragrances will be posted when those whom have tried will be so kind as to leave review or inform me of their opinion!
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