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Fairy Dust Type........RATING - STRONG

Fresh lemon peel creates a sparkling accent for the sunny fruit accord that opens this fragrance. A rich fruity floral signature balances night blooming jasmine with fresh cassis, while hints of ozone create a shimmering effect. Complex musk tones intertwine with rare woods and a hint of vanilla at the base of the scent.

Fairy Dust and Twinkle Toes........RATING - STRONG

A citrus melody of predominately grapefruit with supporting notes of juicy orange, tangy lemon and zesty lime.

Fairy Garden MW Type........RATING - 

Duplication of the Moonworks fragrance. A medley of ruptured sweetness of berry bliss! Juicy apple bits and fully fragrant orange blossoms combined with tart cranberries, mulberries and blackberries. Joining in the fruity explosion is a juicy strawberry puree dancing on a base of sweet vanilla spun sugar.

Fall Leaves........RATING - 

Fresh bergamot accents this rich woody blend. Smoked cedar is warmed with cinnamon and balanced with sandalwood and fir for a dramatic effect. Hints of patchouli and rustic leather add earthy appeal, as balsamic notes and powdered moss complete the forest sensation. A hint of amber sweetens the blend. 

Falling In Love Philosophy Type........RATING - 

All I can say is this fragrance is "Right On!". Personally speaking, out of the bottle smells absolutely devine to me.

Fancy Floral ........RATING - STRONG

Potpourri of strong flower scents

Fantabulous Brule (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Orange, Caramel and a couple of my secret notes makes this scent very creamy, fruity, and pure fantabulous!!! Strong scent! During test, scent stayed strong for seven hours. Great for Summer or Winter months.

Farmhouse Apple........RATING - 

The old-fashioned country goodness of tasty orchard apples sprinkled with spicy warmth.

Febreeze Type........RATING - STRONG

Blend of Ozone and Fresh Air. Compared to: Proctor & Gamble

Felicity........RATING - 

True Bliss!! This fragrance has a fresh, relaxing effect. Soft notes of musk, hints of floral, ending on a bed of greenery.

Festival of Lights (Y-Type)........RATING - 

The base is strong, sweet cinnamon mixed with candied fruits and a touch of spice. Sweet and spicy! Very strong!

Fig........RATING - STRONG

Sweet, Fruity, Clean & Fresh Scent.

Fig & Rhubarb........RATING - 

Notes of strawberry, melon, and berry from fresh figs are balanced with tart rhubarb to create this unusually sophisticated spring and summer scent.

Fig Biscotti........RATING - 

The enticing aroma of a classic Italian treat, without having to turn on the stove

Fig Forest........RATING - 

Fresh Figs with a hint of floral and a musky background.

Fig Lychee........RATING - STRONG

Fresh fruity aroma of fig with the unique addition of a popular Chinese fruit, lychee. Lychee fruit is noted for being sweet, yet slightly spicy. Lychee is used in wine making in China, and provides this fragrance with a well-balanced, extra kick! Sure to please!

Fig Tree........RATING - STRONG

It's a little earthy, a little clean, a little sweet - very sophisticated - you need to try it! Unlike any other Fig Tree.

Fir Needle Forest........RATING - 

Sweet green fresh cut Douglas Fir

Fireside Embers - 

The warm, cozy smell of a wood stove burning on a cold day.

First Snow........RATING - 

Crisp, clean and cool, just like a blanket of newly fallen snow. Also known as Caribbean Cool. 

Fizzy Mango Tini (CC) ........RATING - STRONG

Ah, refreshing and tropical as you sit under your cabana on the beach. You can loll away the day with a tasty mango punch laced with lemons, and limes and plenty of fizz to put a smile on your face. It’s summer all year long.

Fizzy Pop........RATING - STRONG

What a fun scent! Similar to lemon-lime soda

Flannel Sheets........RATING - STRONG

A fresh linen/clean cotton type that will leave you smiling. This scent has the beautiful aroma of fresh clothes just pulled from a sun drenched drying line.

Flap Jacks........RATING - 

INCREDIBLE. You can smell the pancake (which is very yummy cake smelling) and the butter, and the maple syrup.

Flirt........RATING - 

Sweet Candied Fruit. A super sweet, candy coated fruit blend - apples, strawberries, cherries, lime, lemon, orange....a wonderful sugary sweet treat.

Floral Christmas........RATING -

Poinsettias, Paperwhites, and Amaryllis on a background of sweet balsam and fir needles. I’d venture a guess that you've never smelled anything quite like this, anywhere else!

Floral Cream (CC)........RATING - 

A blend of Lily of The Valley, Lilac and Vanilla

Floral Fantasy........RATING - STRONG

This would be anyone's fantasy. A floral that isn't over powering, yet you can smell the delicate fragrance of flowers all around you.

Floral Fruity........RATING - STRONG

Imagine a garden of flowers with all the fruit trees and bushes right near. Very nice, and strong scented too!

Floral Musk Fragrance Oil...…..RATING - 

A luxurious, gentle, floral musk fragrance. Blend of spices, lavender and citrus, with rich musky bottom notes. Compare Natures Garden's Floral Musk fragrance oil to Jovan's Musk for women fragrance. 

Floral Tease........RATING - STRONG

Floral, Citrus, Cucumber and Melon creates a very unique floral fragrance, and yes, it is definitely a tease with the mix of fruit within. You rally do get the best of both worlds with one scent.

Floral Verbena (CC)........RATING - STRONG

This is a complex scent with an assortment of floral, blended with Verbena. I personally love it, let me know what you think of it.

Flowerbomb Type (W) Victor & Rolf (Type)........RATING - 

A fresh and sweetly innocent blend of light floral's, teas, bergamot trending down to light musk's and patchouli. 

Flower Garden........RATING -

This is a wonderful Spring time Floral scent. Out of the bottle, I can tell you this much “It definitely smells like a Flower Garden”. If it’s anything like I’m smelling from bottle is going to be one strong fragrance for you floral lovers out there.

Flower Shop........RATING -

The scent of just walking into a flower shop. Beautiful!

Flowers in the midst........RATING - STRONG

Spring flowers with peaches and fruits

Fluffy Pink Candy........RATING - STRONG

A fascinating blend of juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears blended together with sugared candy lemon drops meshed with crushed Madagascar vanilla.

Forbidden Fantasy........RATING - STRONG

I do not have the description for this yet, but will tell you it is very strong, fresh and clean. Strong Throw/

Forest Pine........RATING - 

Fresh Green. A blending of White Pine, Blue Spruce, and Norwich Pine, with a touch of Cedarwood.

Forget Me Not........RATING - STRONG

Absolutely one of the best floral fragrances on the market, this fragrance is a TRUE floral. Smells like a fresh flower garden after a spring rain. Rich, soft floral tones that create a fresh clean fragrance

Forever Midnight.......RATING - 

This duplication is just like the original......GREAT!!!

Forever Red (BBW Type)........RATING - 

A passionate blend of pomegranate & red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum 

Fountain of Youth........RATING - 

A luxury spa fragrance. A true caring blend of sparkling freshness. Fountain of Youth begins with fresh air notes and a hint of Japanese Grapefruit, middle notes of Spring Melons, Rose, Lotus Blossoms and Lily of the Valley follow this spectacular fragrance sits on base notes of Bamboo and White Musk.

Frangelico Streusel........RATING - STRONG

What a treat! Frangelico streusel scent begins with warm, buttery top notes of rich cream and caramel. Middle note of frangelico liquor, and a hint of fresh Arabian coffee for its base note. You will love this!

Frangipani........RATING - 

A clean soap scent with a touch of Baby Powder.

Frankincense........RATING - 

An oriental, woodsy fragrance with an arrangement which captures the true essense of real frankincense. Its aldehydic, sweet, herbaceous top notes are reminiscent of fresh incense, and are well-balanced with floral notes of lilac and real olibanum. 

Frankincense & Myrrh........RATING - STRONG

Blend of spice, balsam, sandalwood and patchouli

Frankfurth Market........RATING - STRONG

This captures the mouth-watering gourmand notes of this spectacular fragrance. It contains a mixture of sweet, fruity notes with hints of precious resins, exotic floral; it ends on a base note of coffee bean.

Freaky Tiki........RATING - 

Eye opening fragrance of fruits of the islands 

Freezing Orange (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Now this is definitely a freezing type scent.......the freeze is just bursting from the orange. Be ready for a real sinus opener on this, as it is strong.

French Market........RATING - 

Flower stall with roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose and iris blossom. 

French Pear........RATING - STRONG

An anjou pear type with a sweet green apple, peach-citrus top note, a caramelized fruity middle note and a soft earthy musky base note

French Vanilla........RATING - 

A thick, rich, creamy, sweet vanilla.

French Vanilla Crunch........RATING - STRONG 

Delicious is the best way that I an describe this scent! Creamy, crunch vanilla! It is a delight to burn candles, so very vanilla with hints of yummy crunchy goodness!

Fresh Fruit........RATING - 

Mixture of fruits that will make your mouth water, wanting to take a bite.

Fresh & Clean........RATING - STRONG

A very clean and relaxing scent.

Fresh & Clean Cucumber........RATING - 

Juicy & Fresh. Clean & Crisp. Fresh Cucumber and honeydew melon are a perfect pairing for this intoxicatingly clean & pretty fragrance.

Fresh Brewed Coffee........RATING - STRONG

This coffee fragrance has wonderful effervescent coffee top notes, and incredible scent throw

Fresh Cut Roses........RATING - STRONG

Freshly cut bouquet of Roses just off the bush. Great Throw!

Fresh Floral........RATING - STRONG

Fresh and clean floral tone with soft subtle bottom notes of Powder, Musk, includes Jasmine, Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, Lilac and Peony.

Fresh Floral Honeydew........RATING - STRONG

Not just your typical floral & honeydew! A fresh and pretty fragrance, which has a fruity mix of pineapple, sweet watermelon, strawberries and apples with a light background of jasmine, violets and pansies.

Fresh Linen........RATING

Blend of Lily and Jasmine. 

Fresh Meadow........RATING - STRONG

A clean, uplifting scent of wildflowers blooming in a spring meadow.

Fresh 'n Clean........RATING - 

A clean, fresh bubble bath type scent. 

Fresh Outdoors........RATING - STRONG

Top Notes of Lemon, Aldehydes, Melon. Middle notes are Green Leaf, Hemlock, Fir Needle, Cornmint. Base Notes. Pine, Blue Spruce, Evergreen

Fresh Peach........RATING - 

Smells like a fresh picked Peach

Fresh Squeezed Orange........RATING - STRONG

Juicy, ripe oranges without a fuel note....just pure, heavenly citrus!

Fresh Winds........RATING - STRONG

A very refreshing scent. You can just feel the breeze as the winds stir up. Very clean, and strong scent!

Freshwater Cucumber (BBW Type)........RATING - 

Green melon, wild flowers & jasmine with middle notes of lily & violet. Bottom notes cashmere & musk.

Fried Ice Cream........RATING - 

Vanilla with a nutty touch, along with cinnamon and caramel, like the Mexican dessert treat?

Frost........RATING - 

Gives you the feeling of frosty water. Notes included: Ozone, Lemongrass, Green, Marie, Lavandin, Rose, Jasmie, Patchoui, Amber, Musk

Frosted Berries........RATING

Description coming soon

Frosted Cupcake........RATING - 

Combination of vanilla bean, sugar, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting combine to create a sweet fragrant treat as mouth-watering as the real thing!

Frosted Lavender........RATING - STRONG

Lavender with eucalyptus and mint

Frosted Orange Danish........RATING - MODERATE

Oh so yummy!!! Top notes of hot baked danish pastry with fresh orange peel and finishes with an oozy vanilla frosting.

Frosted Pine........RATING - STRONG

Sweet orange and hints of fruit add a lively accent to this holiday creation. Fresh western cedar blends with the heart of fir balsam as earthy accents of patchouli and crisp green highlights surround the botanical blend. Soft amber is sweetened with vanilla and blended with wild berry at the base of the scent.

Frosted Pumpkin........RATING - STRONG

A duplication of a very famous scent. This fragrance begins with fresh top notes of citrusy lemon, leading to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of nutmeg and ginger; sitting on base notes of maple sugar and vanilla frosting.

Frosted Snowdrops........RATING - STRONG

This unisex fragrance embraces a romantic musk & sandalwood background, while providing the aroma of delicate winter flowers

Frosty Windowpane........RATING - 

Frosty Windowpane fragrance oil is a frosty, crispy, cool moistened ozone enhanced with notes of citron, black currant, subtle green floral, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, vanilla, and blue spruce. This aroma is a celebration of fall and winter.

Frosty Cocoa........RATING - STRONG

Capture the essence of a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly morning! Chocolate is blended with creamy milk and topped off with marshmallows. 

Fruit Explosion........RATING - STRONG

If you like the smell of fruit, you will love this scent......Has everything imaginable in it. A fruity explosion of Sweet Strawberry, juicy Kiwi, ripe peaches and Vanilla. Top notes of Honey Dew Melon, Strawberry, Kiwi, Floral Apple, Grape, Pineapple, Banana and Raspberry. Jasmine, lilac, plumeria and peach for the mid notes.

Fruit Fusion (CC)........RATING - STRONG

When we created this fragrance, we were sure to throw in every type of fruit we had.

Fruit Loop Cupcake (CC) ........RATING - STRONG 

I’ve chosen one of our most delicious flavored cupcakes and mixed it with just a bit of fruit loops. Wanted it to have some fruit, but not an excessive amount, so could smell that bakery fresh out of the oven oh so yummy flavor. Testing in Paraffin wax was strong with just the right amount of fruit added.  

Fruity Loops (Comparable to Fruit LoopsType)........RATING - STRONG

Same Fragrance as our Fruity Loops, just with a different name

Fruity Pebbles........RATING - 

Fruity rice cereal bits coated in sugar make up this wonderfully addictive fragrance. Strong fragrance and smells just like the real thing.

Fruit Salad........RATING - STRONG

A blend of apple, berries, melon and pineapple. This has a great scent throw, and if you love fruit, you will love this one...

Fruit Slices ........RATING - STRONG

The top is a fruity citrus with strawberries, grapefruit and orange tangerine. The heart blends plums, black currant and green apple. The dry is a fresh white violet, raspberry vanilla with soft sandalwood. A mouthwatering array of candied citrus fruits of grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime coated w/ sweet sugar crystals.

Fruit Smoothie........RATING - STRONG

A fruitastik blend of creamy vanilla ice cream bursting with sweet bananas, fresh strawberries and a touch of juicy peach!

Fruit-Topia........RATING - STRONG

A perfect blend of assorted fruits turns this is one refreshing summer scent you won't be able to resist...............

Fruit Floral........RATING - STRONG

An alluring bouquet of mandarin orange, dew fruit, sweet pineapple and red apple. Mid notes include luscious plum-rose, peony and while lily, with bottom notes of sandalwood and exotic musk.

Fruity Lavender (CC)........RATING - 

A perfect blend of Strawberries, Lemon and Lavender

Fruity Patchouli ........RATING - STRONG

Berries and other sweet fruits blended for patchouli perfection!

Fruity Sangria........RATING - STRONG

Red wine, chopped fruit, orange juice, blended with other spirit


Rich, tempting dark chocolate fudge with is the finest chocolate and walnuts blended in

Funnel Cake........RATING - STRONG

A sweet, warm funnel cake with top notes of buttery cream, milky caramelized sugar, and powdery sweet confectioner’s sugar topping a sweet bread pastry

Fusion Sea........RATING - STRONG

A clean blend of fruits and sea notes that will take you away to paradise

Fuzzy Naval........RATING - 

Smooth peach and juicy orange make this combo irresistible!

Ratings of Fragrances will be posted when those whom have tried will be so kind as to leave review or inform me of their opinion!
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