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January 2, 2011
Valerie Richards
Alberta, CA

Christmas Cabin is a must for the holiday season. It's my whole family's favourite, We burn it non-stop from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, for it really is Christmas. I use an electric tart warmer in my kitchen and the smell penetrates my whole house. I have a three level split home, with a basement and the smell reaches every 'nook and cranny' of my home. Strongly suggest this scent for the Christmas holidays.  January 2, 2011

[email protected]

I am Baaaaaaaaack! I love Alyssum and have to buy MORE! Cheryl makes super scented candles & tarts! I need to look at all the scents she has recently added and try more because she always surpasses my expectations!

January 21, 2011
[email protected] (Gina)

Just got a wonderful box of strong scented candles & tarts. Cheryl keeps me coming back for more! I have been ordering from her several years and am always pleased with everything she has sent me! Alyssum is a mainstay for me. I just received 12 oz mason jar candles in this scent! I also ordered Corn Husk which smells better than imagined. With the name I was hesitant but it has an intricate fragrance combo that is fruity/floral and earthy..just all around crowd pleaser! Christmas Bliss is one I should have ordered before the holidays. Smells just like a Christmas tree! Vanilla Twig is a new scent that was suggested to me (Thanks Sherry!) It is a masculine exotic vanilla with earthy notes. My husband especially likes this one! Currently I am burning Lavender Apple & Oak. I have had this in tarts. It truly is as it says. I smell the lavender first than subtle notes of apple & oak. It is a mellow pleasing scent most will want to keep on their list to reorder. Last but least is my go to citrus scent. Never lets me down when I need an uplifting scent. Satsuma baby! LOVE it! I wish I had gotten it in a larger size candle than I did..Oh well there is next time:-) Thanks again Cheryl for your wonderful products and super customer service! Gina

January 22, 2011
Cheryl's Candles

No, thank you Gina, for staying with us all these years! Bob & I very much appreciate it. Like so many others that shop with us, you have been a true blessing. Was happy to read you liked the Corn Husk, Vanilla Twig, and Satsuma Baby. Of course, I've always known you have a thing for "Alyssum". So do I.....LOL

January 21, 2011

Got my Cheryl box today from the weekend special on scalloped tarts. Wanted to try some new ones before I finalize my order for the monthly special. The scents I got were Maple, Pink Cardamon, Persimmon Fruit, Peach Blossom and Citrus Grove, Bergamot and Tarragon Leaves, Oak Barrel Cider, Caramel creme Brulee, Vanilla Bomb and Corn Husk which i already know I like. I went on a melting spree and this is what I found. The Oak Barrel Cider, Bergamot and Terragon Leaves, Caramel Creme Brulee are all super and throw like crazy. The Pink Cardamon and the persimmon Fruit were a little lighter but the scents were quite nice. I am going to wait a few days and see if they get a little stronger, but i still like.

January 22, 2011

Just wanted to update my melting from my last order. Peach Grove and Citrus Blossom is's like a peach fizzy pop (no lemon lime just fizz) and it is beautiful, a great thrower, and long lasting. Definitely on my list. Vanilla Bomb really is the BOMB!! The brown sugar note adds a slight vanilla caramel to the mix and again, this is strong, long lasting and a great thrower...a beautiful, sweet vanilla.

February 26, 2011

Gina R 
[email protected]

Just ordered 16 8z seamless tins. I wanted to try a lot of her scents and so far they are burning & throwing great in large room. I tend to be impatient so I burn them a day then cap for another time so i can try lots of scents. I like that the tins seem safer to use than glass. I only had one tin that had a large flame the initial hour due to a lot of scent oil but it calmed down with in an hour. None of the others experienced this and had nice tight beautiful flames in this double wick candle. I will reveiw what I have tried thus far>
WATERLILLY> sweet pea with rose Good strong throw. Great floral candle. Cheryl recommended I try it and I definitely will reorder this one!

BERGAMOT&TERRAGON LEAVES> a very complex scent . Upon lighting it I pick up the scent of terragon leaves then the bergmot is very present before mellowing somewhat bringing out the grapefruit & citrus, not a sweet citrus more exotic spa like candle with crisp notes. Hard to describe but well worth a try especially if you love complex spa scents.

PEACH GROVE&CITRUS BLOSSOM> is another complex spa like scent. The citrus is present with green notes like the leaf of a citrus plant. The peach is a top note. A crisp sliced peach. I love this one too. Almost would describe as "twangy" if that is a word lol

AGAVE TEQUILANA CACAO>> Possibly my new favorite next to my beloved Alyssum! I love this scent because each whiff is a surprise it seems as so many notes come from this scent. It has a nice strong throw. It does start out sweet with spicy fruity notes with an underlying salty smell like a lime margarita yet there are definite notes of vanilla & musk. Very complex yet very pleasing & soothing scent. A year round favorite.

All arrived in a medium flat rate box. Great way to try a lot of scents. Unlike tarts which go and go I am able to burn as long as I like and save for another day. Again, Cheryl makes the strongest throwing candles & tarts. You definitlely get your money's worth!

March 10, 2011

Stephanie aka Pear_Fairy

Pink Cardamom: NOw I was super excited to try this since cardamom is my favorite spice to use during Christmas and brings me back to my Great Grandmother's kitchen! I call all breads and cookies with cardamom in it "Grandma Bread" or "Grandma Cookies"; with that being said I wish this tart had a bit more cardamom scent to it. It smells amazing and the throw is STRONG which I love but it is very close to a buttercream or birthday cake scent with just a pinch of cardamom. Next time I order I may see if Cheryl can double up on the cardamom ;) overall love this scent though! If you enjoy bakery scents you will enjoy this.

June 15, 2011

Walter Kokidko
Valparaiso, IN 46385

Goodbye Yankee Candles, Hello Cheryl's Candles. I am so grateful to have found Cheryl's Candles. Not only does there appear to be unlimited scents available, but they hold their scents for an unbelievable long time.  

June 20, 2011

i just saw Cheryl's 48 hr sale and I decided to review past scents as I place my order.  

Abercrombie & Fitch Type - masculine good cologne scent.

Amazing Grace - had a plastic scent while burning.

Amber Glow - tried it but not for me. This is also the only one that would not remain lit.

Badedas - loved it, upscale relaxing scent.

Boston Creme Pie - came free with order, good scent just wish it was stronger.

Bayberry - good bayberry scent.

Berry Creme Brulee - Gina recommended this one and it is fantastic. Even hubby would melt it.

Bergamot - I'm a huge bergamot fan and I loved this one.

Candleshop - exactly as you would imagine, a wonderful scent.

Caramel nut cluster - I love this scent but it was not a huge thrower.

Cinnamon red hot - another good scent but I was surprised at how light it was.

Country bake shoppe - good bakery scent.

Effervescent Fizzy Pop - amazingly enough to me I was able to smell the effervescence, really good.

Heatwave - LOVED IT! The description can't tell you how great this scent is. It is fruity with something thrown in that I can't put my finger on. I keep sniffing the air when it's lit. Highly recommend this scent.

Heavenly type - to my nose, didn't smell like Heavenly at all.

Hi Voltage - an unusual really strong scent that is not for me.  

Lemon tart - Loved IT! another hit. I would literally hold it to my nose and inhale the sweet lemony scent over and over, not sharp at all. Great thrower also.

Lilac Jasmine - extremely strong to me. I could only burn it for a short while then turn the melter off.

Manuka & Lavender Body wrap - too sharp for me, did not care for this one.

My Mama's Blueberry Cobbler - Seriously, I am not able to describe the awesomeness of this scent. I absolutely loved the creamy, berry scent of this one. Really good thrower also.

Nostalgia - another hit. The description doesn't capture the spicy sweet yet smooth scent of this one. Good thrower.

Plum Crazee - gave it as a gift to a colleague, really good cold scent.

Secret Garden - did not like this at all, also had a plastic scent.

Sweet Orange Pomegranate - LOVED IT! This scent is so awesome I couldn't stop burning it until it was all gone. A powerful thrower. 

Vanilla Buttercreme Crunch - OH MAN! This one is fabulous. I will order this one each time I stock up. It is the best vanilla scent I have ever smelled. A good thrower.

Welcome Home - To me this is the BEST SCENT EVER! I love having my home filled with the delicious spicy sweet scent. It is also a really powerful thrower. I highly recommend Welcome Home.  

I can't wait for my new candles! I'm trying a whole bunch of new ones for me. Blessings, Maria.

July 20, 2011

Cheryl - These are test results I rec'd back after sending

Split (Sherry)

Huckelberry.....this is awesome. It was the strongest of all the tarts and lasted almost 24 hours. Good one!!!

Wild Pear and Peony... I loved this one and I could smell each scent quite well and the blend was fabulous. A nice spring
and summer scent. This one went a good 12 -14 hours. A keeper

Twilight in the Woods....I thought this was a pretty good dupe of the scent. It is not overly strong, but that is theway that scent is. It does permeate the room though and for me another keeper.

Bloomin Apple....When I first put this on the scent was really nice, unfortunately it was an extremely hot day so I had 
the AC on and the ceiling fans so I had to chase the not totally sure, but my initial impression liking it. It is rather light though.

Vanilla Passion....this is the only one that did not work for me. Since it is more of a regular vanilla scent, my nose just 
doesn't pick those up any more. I really could not smell it at all. Vanilla Bliss, Vanilla Blossom, etc work for me, but not a more straight smelling vanilla.

April 7, 2011

Reviews by Split (Sherry)

Indian Healin....
This scent was very strong and had a good throw. The first impression was a strong citrus with slightly pungent herbal undertones...much like you would think of then thinking of a medicine man. Though strong, it was also comforting and during the first 12 hours stayed pretty much the same. Then the citrusy notes disappeared and a very moderate earthy note appeared, perhaps to indicate the healing. I enjoyed this one very much.

Mysterious Berries 
Was wonderful, strong and had a big throw. Strawberry and Raspberry seemed to be the main notes, but there was definitely a carrier not underneath. Very nice.

Blossom Berry....
I smelled a slight berry floral in the beginning, but then it was just too light and I had to be right over it to smell any scent. It may just be my nose.

I am not sure what this is suppose to be but I got mainly a melon or combo of melons but no other fruit notes were apparent to me. I would classify this as a moderate scent, but it did last at least 8 hours and was still giving off a pleasant melon scent. I would not say it was a scent that was different than any number of melon scents.

Caramel Creme Brulee..  
I got a very pleasant instant scent throw that was quite nice and definitely caramel brulee, but then it stopped as suddenly as it more scent for this nose after an hour.
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