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March 6, 2010
Screen Name: Split

A few more scent reviews...
BERRY BLOSSOM:  At first I thought this would be a moderate scent, but as time passed, it grew in strength. I like this and would order. I am getting an explosion of fruit that is then tempered with warm green notes just enough to make it a little more floral. Totally filled the LR and also the kitchen and I left it on overnight as well and there was still a little life left. It went about 21 hours. Tony gave the thumbs up on this one as well.

LILAC BREEZE:  I have wavered back and forth on this one, but I do like it and am curious how it would do in the living room with 2 burners going. This is definitely a moderate scent with a moderate throw using 1 tart here in the comp room. I decided this was a very natural like scent. I can pick up the ozone like notes of the air and the warm green notes of the foliage, and the notes of lilac as they wave in the breeze. Very nice clean, fresh scent and I would probably order this one. I left it on overnight and this morning the notes were still in the air. I also like the fact that this is not overly strong and truly like a scented breeze.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR:  I am melting this one right now. The cold sniff was so strong, but the melt, for me is light to moderate. This one is not my cup of tea, as I really cannot decide a dominant note. I pick up a little fruit somewhere when I stand close, but not much. Not sure if it is patchouli, lavender, etc. that is also in there, but the scents seem to be canceling each other out. For me is it nondescript. I will let it go for a while to see if it changes with time as this is sometimes the case. I would choose the Raspberry Patchouli or the Fruity Patchouli over this one.

Please realize these are just my impressions. I wanted to let you know if I personally liked it but also be objective as to how it performed. Strength is sometimes difficult to state specifically as my allergies affect my sniffer from day to day.

March 11, 2010

Blueberry Melon

Amazing! The only word to describe the scent, Blueberry Melon, is amazing! Two of my favorite fruit scents in one and they are so delicious together. Will be back for more.

Screen Name: Maggiemae

March 11, 2010

Apple Cinnamon Streusel

WOW! Loving the Apple Cinnamon Streusel tarts! Got a three pack of tarts and melted them in three different rooms. The house was filled with the most wonderful bakery scent with so many others notes. Definite reorder!

Screen Name: Maggiemae

May 20, 2010
Screen Name: Jaime

I ordered several of the 2 oz. pop out tarts and a package of the fruity Blissful Fusion bag. As I go through them I will leave feedback. Alyssum is a strong nice smelling floral scent. I will definitely order this scent again. Island Spa is also a great one. I thought Yankee candle had a good Island Spa scent, but this one tops it off. It is not the same scent of Yankee but Cheryl's sure does beat it. The Blissful Fusion is also very good. 9 times out of 10 all of the scents together are an awesome combination. There have only been a couple of times where I can't smell the wax, but these are the leftover pieces of wax she has when she makes her tarts. I will order Blissful Fusion over and over again as well. I can burn all of the above at least 4 times if not more! I have been on the search for perfect melts for about 5 years now and I have stopped my search. Cheryl your melts are perfect!

June 2, 2010
Screen Name: Jaime

I have now burned 3 of the sample tarts. These are not as strong or last as long as the 2 oz. pop out tarts. If you use them in a small room they are ok. The scents were Carnation, Kiwi, and Pinapple of Hawaii. I also burned more of the 2 oz pop out tarts. Fresh Winds is a good smell, but not as strong as I would have liked it. Elegant Orchid is a very strong scent and it lasted 6 burns and loved it because of that. I just personally do not like the scent itself. The last one is Verbena Lemon Grass. I loved this one all around. A very strong scent and it lasted a long time.  

June 12, 2010
Screen Name: goodgirls

I just received 2 boxes from Cheryl. ALL wonderful. Alyssum is my absolute favorite floral. A MUST TRY! I ordered a candle tealights and linen spray in that scent. The tealights are something else...out of this world with the scent throw from such a small amount of wax. Also produces a beautiful flame that lquifies the wax perfectly while throwing the scent. I also just tried a tart Lavender apples & oak which is a new one for me but very good too. With the linen spray, you get a generous amount that will last along time! Give it a try and you will want to buy more!
Contact me anytime for a review on scents as I have tried ALOT of them over the years and the many times I have been spoiled by buying Cheryl's candles, tarts and body items.

Gina Rowan
Greensboro, NC
[email protected]

August 4, 2010

Sweet Noel

In my last order I decided to try the Sweet Noel as I had never heard of that one....I really like this one. I would say it is moderate in strength, but it definitely permeates the room and for this scent, I think the strength is perfect. I really enjoyed it.

Screen Name: split

August 4, 2010

Sea Kelp Scent

No waiting around to see what this one is like....I could not believe the huge throw that this one has and strength is perfect. Such a fresh ozone, ocean, soft greenery scent..this little sucker is strong. i like it.

Screen Name: split

August 4, 2010

Cherry Lemonade Scent

Well I think this one is a winner too. Even with the AC, etc. it came through pretty good.  

Screen Name: split

August 14, 2010
Screen Name: grandma1447

I have spicy winter scentsations going in the kitchen and freezing oranges in my bedroom. I'm upstairs in the computer room and I can smell the one in the kitchen, yum. When I went downstairs I could smell the one in my room. I know you said the freezing oranges smelled strong mint, it does but, it also smells sweet, I'll be ordering both of those again for sure. I also melted those cute little pumpkins, the pumpkin vanilla cream, even though they were so cute I didn't want to melt them, what can I say, another wonderful smell that lasted even after the tealight burned out. I could still smell it in the morning when I woke up, another one I'll get again. My daughter was using the spicy winter scentsations last night and she commented on how much she liked it. When I go out on the porch I can even smell them outside.

September 13, 2010
Screen Name: grandma1447

Hey, thumbs up on harvest moon scent and seminole winds. The harvest moon is really fallish. Seminole winds was not what I expected, the scent of it changed the longer it was going. I use electric burners for your tarts, the scent lasts longer than in a tealight burner.

September 13, 2010
Screen Name: grandma1447

Bay Laurel, different from my usual but really nice. One of the others was Alaskan wilderness, pretty darn strong and good scent throw. That scent is right up my alley, love it.

September 18, 2010
Screen Name: grandma1447

I was melting Pumpkin Cornbread last night, yum, and I left it on all night and almost all of today in my electric burner. When I finally turned it off the scent was still scenting. I changed to Vanilla Anise later this afternoon and that scented my whole house, even upstairs. I had to go out so I turned it off and when I came home I cold still smell it. Silver Bells, what can I say but Christmas, that will put you in the mood even when you're not. 

September 22, 2010
Screen Name: grandma1447

Okay, so I'm a tart nut. I tried the autumn toddy, add to my favorites list. Wasn't it you who said to let the tarts sit for a couple weeks before melting, I forgot the word you used, but, I'll use age, so to speak. I still had a winter wish that I was saving to use closer to Christmas but, was in the mood today. That's one of my favorites too, this one was a lot stronger than the first one I melted. Of course I melted the first one the day I received it, couldn't wait to try it. That waiting process is a good thing. I started melting that one this morning about 10 and it's still going strong. The autumn toddy was a little mild but lasted a long time. At this point I have so many favorites, The candy apple one smells yummy cold, I'm gonna wait til closer to halloween to melt that one.

October 2, 2010

Mother Earth

I tried mother earth, I didn't read the scent description, so, the scent was a surprise. I'm thinking mother earth, maybe some kind of dirt or ground but, it wasn't. I could smell orange and something else. It was sooo good, not overpowering and travelled from my room to the computer room upstairs. I don't use tealight burners for these so, I would say the scent lasted around 14 hours. Then I tried essence of Jesus. This was my second one that I tried. The first one was in a tealight burner and I didn't care for it much but then I tried in the electric burner and I loved it. It was a soft calming scent like you would expect Jesus to be. Also had a good scent throw, went all through my house. I'll be back again with more.  

Screen Name: grandma1447

October 3, 2010

Caramel Apple Pie

Caramel Apple Pie: Scent throw was strong but was disappointed in scent. All I could smell was apple. Couldn't detect caramel at all.

Screen Name: candleluver

October 12, 2010
Screen Name: Diane L.

Apple butter, at first smelled like pine, don't know why, as it melted more I could smell the butter then the apple then the butter, etc. Pretty good throw as could smell it wafting out into my kitchen. Nice scent.  Log cabin didn't travel far out of my bedroom, not a bad thing. It smells like the air on a cool night in the fall when people are starting to burn wood. Sometimes I go out on my porch to smell it, now can smell in my room. One of my many favorites. Bayberry, very strong and very good.  Poinsettia, very mild, but when I was melting that one, I really wasn't paying attention to see if I could smell anything or not, too busy. I'll try again to see what happens.  Orange gingerbread torte, very strong, could smell that one upstairs, smelled so good I hated to change it. Melted it 3 days in a row and it still smelled good. Candy apple, true candy apple scent, yummy. I still have it cold in my burner and when I walk by I can smell it even when I have another scent melting. Excellent. Silver bells, perfect scent, not a strong pine, soft and nice. I guess I could say it was quiet. Coffee Italy, more mild than what I thought it would be could only get a whiff once in awhile. Even though, still had a good coffee scent. Christmas bliss, screams Christmas, If you find yourself not in the Christmas spirit melt one of those and you will be. My daughter and I both love this one. Pumpkin crunch cake, very good, could smell the pumpkin but has a strong buttery scent to it, I'm not sure if it's supposed to but it did. Fell asleep smelling it and woke up smelling it. It's a keeper.  Sugar cookie with clove, I believe I already had my say about this one but worth a second review, absolutely loved it. I actually liked it better than just plain sugar cookie, the clove gave it that extra yum. That's it for now, be back as I melt . Oh, one last thing, The body sprays are great. Witches brew was light but nice and the pumpkin souffle was just right. All you need is one squirt and you're good for the whole day. Could still smell it on my shirt when I was putting it in the washer. Didn't irritate my skin either. I tried some from another company that I wasn't happy with as far as that goes and one of the scents had a turpentine smell to it, had to throw out. Also, couldn't spray on skin, only on clothes, made my skin turn red and burn and itch. Not a good thing. So, for the quality and the price, perfect. 2 thumbs up for you Cheryl.

October 26, 2010
Valerie Richards
Alberta, CA

If you are a lover of water scents, you really have to try some of Cheryl's water scents, as they have a really strong throw. Of the ones I have tried, I really have no favourite, as they are all superb.

October 30, 2010

I put on Mi Mi's Kitchen (just 1 cube from the clam shell) and this is a delightful apple and spice with sweet wood undertones.The strength is mighty powerful and the throw is also very good...A reorder in
the future. Maple..again just a cube in the good you guys. Creme De Le Creme: now this is a scent I have loved for years, you just don't see it as much any more and I was so happy Cheryl now has it...Beautiful, Strong, Comforting..everything rolled into one. Huge throw and a strong scent. A beautiful member of the vanilla must try if you haven't. Have more to try, but just had to say something about these 3.September 29, 2010

"Vanilla Twigs"

Hey my tart buddies. Hope you all try this scent. It is a beautiful combo of Vanilla Oak and Twigs and Berries...Just beautiful...long lasting and a huge throw. The sweetness of Vanilla and berries and the earthiness of the woods. A very upscale scent........


December 28, 2010

Corn Husk

Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are ready for a great new year. OKay...
PLEASE< PLEASE Cheryl, get that Corn Husk oil in. If any of you like amber at all, you will love this scent. It is fantastic. Join me in begging Cheryl to get it...Thanks all

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