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Item # SCOOP

Scoop Candle
Note: Candle is heaped, so when you first light please put on holder for run over at the start. No waste, as just place in one of your burners or warmers once it has cooled off!

 This photo shows our "Fruity Loops" Candle.  Containers could differ, but will always be clear glass and of same size you are ordering. Candles will come in an assortment of containers, bowls or Stemware. Your choice of 1-2 Scents on candles 18 oz. or more. Please be sure and place in notes section when checking out, or you may email them to me. All candles will be shrink wrapped, which has be proven to keep your scent locked in . With
the exception of some toppings poured with parasoy all candles poured with 100% Soy Wax.

26 oz.        24 oz. (Shown)     22 oz.      18 oz.       16 oz.         14 oz.       12 oz.

   $24.99         $22.99        $21.25           $17.99             $15.99         $13.99            $11.99
                Use tarts in your tart warmer for those places you can't burn a candle! Perfect for your office or business. No need to worry about a flame, or forgetting to put out candle. I have some that make great night lights, besides making your home smell great with the assortment of fragrances I have in stock.
You may email me your order or use the Paypal shopping cart which is very secure to order. 
It is your choice!

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Item # ICE

"Ice Cream Scoops"

Your choice of one flavor per cello bag. During the hotter months these will be shrink by two each before being put into cello bag with twist tie. It protects wax from melting and also will seal in your scent for an unlimited amount of time.  Please make note of scent/scents wanted when checking out with Paypal shopping cart, or you may email me the scents wanted if you prefer to do so.
Package of three weighs just over three ounces.
The more you purchase, the more you save

Pack of 3 - $3.10
Pack of 6 - $5.90
Pack of 12 - $10.80

(Shown in photos are "Fruity Loops" & "Cinnamon Bread Pudding")

(Includes Stainless Steel Scoop Spoon)

Just scoop out as much as you want and put into your burners or warmers. Believe me, these are not scented lightly, so if you wish to have them as that, please warn me ahead of time! 
 If I happen to run out of glass shown, not to worry as I have a  huge selection in clear glass which is same size and will substitute. Most are even fancier then glass shown.

You choose scent/scents wanted, and I'll decorate accordingly
Several sizes to choose from. All will be in clear glass but in an assortment of styles.

 9 oz. - $8.99
10 oz. - $9.75
  13 oz. - $12.25
  15 oz. - $13.99
 19 oz. - $17.50

Mini  Ice Cream Scoops
(3.3 ounces)

Cello pack of nine mini ice cream scoops in your choice of flavor.  We now have many ice cream flavors, or if you prefer to choose another scent, please do. 


Banana Split 
Slice it or scoop it, and place in Burners/Warmers

This is to top all other Banana splits. Includes, 2 whole banana slices on bottom, covered with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Each scoop consist of a different topping. Strawberry , Chocolate topping and last Pineapple topping.  Then I top that off with whipped cream and  a cherry.  All together I have six flavors wrapped up into one.  
Weighs just over one pound. Includes a stainless steel scoop spoon. One per order only! 

Find Your Tarts here
Item # 12OZSCO

Scoop It Out!
(Now lined with Foil & Parchment paper to keep oil from leaking)

A 12 oz. Scoop in a plastic container and can ship two of these in a bubble padded priority flat rate envelope to save you shipping cost. Just let me know and I can either send you an invoice with correct shipping from PayPal. Choose any scent from our list and I will decorate accordingly. Photo shows one poured with "Amish Harvest", which I might add is a very strong scent with wonderful lasting throw.  You will also receive a scoop spoon made of metal for scooping into your burners/warmers.

Scoop Candles - Top of page
Scoops for Tart Warmers/Burners - Middle of page
Banana Split/Popsicle - Bottom of page
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Item # POP

Popsicle Tarts, are regular size. Just like the Popsicles that you'd  buy at the store. When ready to burn, just take it off the popsicle stick. A little or a lot, whatever you want to throw the scent throughout the room
$3.25 Each

4 oz. Scoop Jar

4 oz. Jar with black hard plastic twist lid. Filled with your choice of scent/color for scooping out into your tart warmer/burner. Purchase three of these jars and receive a stainless steel scoop spoon for free.

Item # LOVE

12-14 oz. Valentine/Mother's Day Scoop or Candle

May be ordered as a scoop which will include a Stainless Steel scoop spoon. Candle has three wicks for a clean throw. Glass bowl is beautifully designed, and can be reused.  It is surrounded with embedded hearts. Bottom picture shows shrink wrapped and ready to ship. Your choice of scent/color and will include rose bud/buds. Depending on scent to what else candle/scoop will be topped off with. Includes one of our stainless steel scoop spoons. Only one per order.

With wicks - $12.99
With Scoop Spoon/No wicks - $13.99
Burn it or Scoop it!
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Item # CPOP

Cake Pops

Our Cake Pops are one ounce, may be dipped in color of choice and immediately dipped in sprinkles to complete. Your choice of scent per three ordered, which doesn't have to be sweet. Can be a spa scent, fruit scent. Whatever your heart desires. These are placed in a cello bag, and tied off with ribbon, as shown in photo. Label and pour date will be either on back or bottom of cello bag These come in a three pack.