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Assorted Links for Tarts/Melts
Item # 307

Sugar Cookies

Cute mini sugar cookies to either use as tarts, or you can use them as embeds to put around your pillars. You will receive a cello pack of 12. These of course come in the scent of sugar cookie, unless otherwise specified in when ordering.

Item # BARS


Pack of two Bars scented with your favorite flavor. You can have maple or chocolate coloring for icing. Make them any flavor of your choice. After all, they will still look the same. No one will ever know the difference.  To use, just take a knife and slice off how much you'd like and place in your tart dish. These equal out to be about 2-3 ounces each bar. They will be shrink wrapped without leaving an odor. Trust Me! 

$6.00 Per Pack
Item # FRCO4

Three 3 oz Frosted Cookies

Photo shows eight, but you will receive only three frosted cookies, which come in cello bag. Use whole in larger bowls, or break into pieces for smaller burners/warmers. As always your choice of scent.

Item # FRCO3

4 1/2 Oz. Frosted Cookies

Choice of two or four cookies. Use whole in larger bowls. Break up into smaller tart/warmer bowls. 

 When ordering let me know both the scent and color of icing you want.

Pack of Two - $6.75
Pack of Four - 10.95
Item # 105


This is one half dozen of my famous snickerdoodle cookies. They smell and look like the real thing. They are the size of  cookies that you would bake at home, only without the calories. 2" X 2". Break them up into your tart warmers. Smells so yummy.......If you prefer sugar cookies let me know when ordering, as I have those also. Showing is only 5 of cookies, but you will receive cello bag of six.


One Dozen Donuts

These are the newest of our donuts, which are half the size of our regular mini donuts. Weighs out to be 8 oz. for this pack of twelve. Our other mini donuts on site weigh out at the same for a six pack. 
Your choice of scent and if you have a color of choice.

Item # 1181

Mini Donuts

One half dozen of my famous donut tarts. They measure in dimension 
1 1/2". Choose your choice of flavor, and I'll try my best to make it look like the real thing! 

Item # 4OZDO

Large 4 oz. Frosted Donuts

Donuts are sold by your choice of one or a six pack. They weigh four ounces each, and measure 3" X 1 1/4"
We have five donut scents on our list, but doesn't have to be a donut scent to make the perfect looking donut. Choice is yours!

 $3.95 Each
Item # TO243

Mini Turnovers

 A pack of six Yummy smelling "Mini Turnovers" filled with your choice of filling,  pastry crust (your choice), and drizzled with icing.

Item # HDON

Heart Shaped Donuts
(7.4 ounces per pack)

One half dozen heart shaped donuts. These come in a cello bag with twist tie. Your choice of scent/color. If no color is specified, I will color according to scent/scents ordered


Mini Muffin Melts

Muffin weighs between 2 oz - 2 1/2 oz. each. All of them made with 100% all natural soy wax. These come in a set of six with being shrink wrapped, then placed in Cello bag with label on outside. Choose one flavor for muffins, and one for icing. I will decorate and ice according to scents ordered. 
Please note when checking out with PayPal, if you'd like specific colors/decor.  
(Muffin Tin Not Included)

Item # CYCDO

Cyclone Donut
(2 oz. Each)

Choose your flavor of choice. Please include color. If color is not noted at time of order, I will color according to scent ordered. Three pack is for one scent only. Donuts will be shrink wrapped and placed in cello bag with tie.
Measures 2.76" X 2.76" X 1.38"

$1.99 Each

   $5.47 (Pack of Three)
Item # DA-4


 Danish can be filled with your choice of filling. You may use bakery crust or the same scent as filling for crust. Please remember there are scents which may change outcome of coloring when it comes to the crust. 4 oz. and
Measures 3 3/4" X 2" Wide

$4.00 Each


Pack of two fruit fritters These come with your choice of pastry scent, and fruit scent. These each weigh over 3 ounces. Makes a nice sized tart, or you can slice it to make two tarts from one. Shrink wrap to keep flavor in.

$6.00 Per pack of two
Item # TCAKE


These are my fancy Tea Cakes, you get your choice of one flavor, and two colors. Please let me know the colors of icing and cake upon ordering. Also, the flavor you would like. 
You will receive all four shapes. Each cake measures approximately ½” high, without the decoration.

Rectangle – 1 ¼” Long
Triangle – 1 ¾” long
Heart – 1 ½” long
Oval – 1 ¾” long



Yummy Lemon & Fudge Brownie Squares, with plenty of icing on top. Each Square is approximately 1" x 1 1/2" They will come in a Cello pack of four. You may order these in any scent you have a desire for. Please note scent/scents when placing your order please. One scent per pack.

Item # MSC


You will receive a pack of two cakes, which will be shrink wrapped to keep in the flavor until you are ready to use them. These are made with 100% all natural soy. Your choice of scent/color (One per pack of two ordered). Just let me know upon ordering.

Item # TAR14

Mini Mini Apple Pie Tarts

 Your choice of Fragrance/Color, These come drizzled with icing. 

1/2 Dozen Mini Apple Pies


One Dozen (Choice of Two Scents)


"Three Mini Bread Loaves"

Each loaf is two ounces, and measures approximate. 
2 1/2" X 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" Tall. 

I shrink wrap loaves all together now, with label on bottom, and will tie off with homespun. Remember when checking out to put scent  wanted within notes section of Paypal. 
Note: Pan showed is not included but can be purchased from our Tray/holder link.

Item # MIFU

Mini Funnel Cakes

Our Mini Funnel Cake comes in a pack of four. Your choice of flavor, and drizzled with icing. Topped off with Fruit or Whipped Cream dollop, which ever will look best for flavor you choose. These measure 2" in Diameter x 3/4" Thick. 

Item # 107

Mini Cinni Buns

These are my mini cinnamon bun tarts fresh out of the oven, and drizzled with icing. You will receive 30 in a cello bag. They smell so yummy....You will just love them. 


Mini Layer Cake Tarts
(Pack of Six)

 These are so realistic, and you may order in any scent you wish, which I will color to flavor ordered. Please make note when checking out with shopping cart which scent you want. Also, if you have a color preference. Icing will be of same, but with no color.

Item # 29

Large Pie Slices

These are sold in your choice of 2, 4 or 6 of same flavor. Please let us know when paying in PayPal, which scent you would like. Just break up as needed into tart bowl for melting. 
These are 2 1/2" x 1"

Two - $4.25
Four - $7.95
Six - $10.50
Item # BR3

Two Ounce Mini Bread Slices

You will get three slices of our textured like real bread slices, in scent of your choice. We recommend cinnamon toast which is dark in photo, or some of our fresh baked bread straight from the oven smell. Decision is totally yours though, if you have another choice. Break up into your tart bowl as needed. These are shrink wrapped and placed in cello bag with tie.
Bread  slices are 1 1/2" X 2"

$4.25 Per Pack of Three
Item # PIETA

Large Pie With Heart Tarts

Choose your flavor of choice.

1/2 Dozen (One Scent)

One Dozen (Choice of Two Scents)