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Item # 4-CHUNKS

(These are not decorated except with sprinkles or glitter by request)
(4 oz. Each and now your choice of large or small chunks as shown in photo's above)

Custom blends in which you create. You choice of one, two or three scents. Choose a color/colors you'd like when checking out in notes section. If not I will color to what I want. Each chunk weighs 4 oz. and poured with your choice of 100% all natural Soy Wax, or Parasoy Wax. I personally prefer parasoy wax as wait time to melt is less, and also you may get a stronger throw with some paraffin wax within melt.

Individual (Custom Blend w/three scents) 4 oz. - $4.50

Cello Pack of three Chunks (1 custom blend) 12 oz. - $10.99

Cello Pack of Six Chunks (2 custom blends) 24 oz. - $21.00

Cello Pack of nine Chunks (3 custom blends) 36 oz.- $25.99
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Item # CHUNKS2


Scent will be a blend, as specified with your choice of one, two or three scents of choice. Each chunk weighs 2 oz.

Cello Pack of Four Chunks (One Blend - 8 oz.) - $7.99

Cello Pack of Six Chunks (One or Two Blends - 12 oz.) - $11.49

Cello Pack of eight Chunks (One, Two or Three Blends - 16 oz.)- $15.29

Your choice of Parasoy or 100% all natural Soy Wax
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6.5 ounce chunk melts with large or small chunks

Small Loaf Chunk Melts 
Now with your choice of large or small chunks
Your choice of three or four scents per Chunk
(6.5 Ounces)

These are individual Chunks which each will be shrink wrapped, labeled on back with pour date. Afterwards, I place each in a cello bag with tie so once you start slicing you can place in bag with tie and scent will stay in. 

NOTE: It is always recommended for wax which you plan on not using for a long time to be placed in a sealed container. Preferred a jar with screw on lid so wax keeps indefinitely. It's already been proven that wax will keep in shrink wrap for over a year without being in container or jar, but I prefer to have sealed myself.

Your choice of Parasoy Blend or 100% all natural Soy Wax. Each melt will have two or three different colored chunks, and then the over pour which is sometimes colored as well but very light coloring.