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Assorted Electric Tin Punched Warmers
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Burgundy w/Flowers
Burgundy w/Apple
Burgundy w/Rooster
Country Blue w/Heart
Item # 459992

Tin Punched Warmers

Think safety. Fragrance your home, office or dorm with wax potpourri without an open flame. Has an on/off switch and 40 watt "Torpedo shaped" light bulb. Approximate size 8" high x 4" diameter.  Your choice of Heart w/flowers, Rooster, Apple all in burgundy or Heart in Country Blue. These are really pretty when lit, and also acts as a great night light too. These can be replaced with a lower sized watt bulb if you wish. They will come with 40 watt, so you will have to buy the lower size if you wish to do so.

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Item # 812675

Red Punched Star Short Oval Wax Warmer

4 1/2" W ide, 3" deep, 4" tall. Electric wax potpourri warmer includes a light bulb to melt your wax potpourri. Has little feet under warmer so it isn't sitting directly on surface, so is safe. Photo does not show in red, but it is what I have in stock. These make for great night lights as well, at the same time of melting wax which will throw scent out into room.

25 Watt Pot Warmers
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Item # 00023

Electric Pot Warmers

Includes on-off switch and 25 watt light bulb. (A 40 watt bulb can also be used in these if you wish to purchase). We sell these on our accessory Link for Candles. We also have Ivory replacement bowls for these warmers, so long as we can continue to keep in stock.Aproximately 5 1/2" high and 5" wide at the widest part of warmer. You may choose your choice of color in stock,  from drop down menu when you go to purchase with PayPal shopping cart link below.

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Burgundy w/Heart