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Perfect Pumpkin Pillar

This Pumpkin Pillar is just gorgeous with perfect detail. It measures three inches tall with stem, and is three inches in diameter. Weighs approximately 13 ounces. Your choice of scent

Item # 135-PILLAR

Rose w/Heart Pillar

Gorgeous, picture does not do it justice. The finished candle measures 3 ½ tall and 3 inches wide and weighs approximately 10 ounces. It would make a great gift, or wedding candle. This is made with 100% paraffin wax, and of course our wicks are lead free and very safe. Your choice of color and scent. I recommend that you keep it a lighter color, as they show up the nicest. Please let us know upon ordering. The picture doesn't do it justice. This is just for the candle, not for the holder or fixings'. You must buy those separate.

Item # 1011

Country Christmas Votive Holders, filled with your choice of scent. You have a choice of Gingerbread man, Snowman, or Santa Claus. These hold about 5 ounces.

$5.25 Each
Item # 525

Frosty The Snowman

8 oz. Frosted jar with flat glass lid. It has a hand painted snowman on front and lots of snow below. Your choice of scent and color. The candle will be poured fresh with all natural soy wax, and scented as highly as possible. 

8 oz. $8.99              14 oz. !3.95
Item # 284

Christmas Heart Crock

 8 oz. Christmas Heart Bowls. One being a snowman, the other being Santa with Reindeer.  Your choice of scent/color. Just click on which one you would like. 

Item # 1006

16 oz. Christmas Apothecary Jars with your choice of scent and color. We have two types of Gingerbread Men Jars, and also a Poinseitta Jar which isn't shown in photo. Which ever is still available at time of ordering is what you will receive in the Gingerbread Jar.

Item # THRT


This is a triple heart pillar, which measures 4" Deep X 8 3/4" Wide X 3 1/2" High. Has three wicks (One centered in each heart).Pillar weighs just off of three pounds. When checking out with shopping cart, please make note of which scent/color you would like. Or you may email me if you wish. Heart will come shrink wrapped. 

8 oz. Valentine Pails

8 oz. Valentine's Pail with your choice of scent.
These will come shrink wrapped to keep flavor locked in until you are ready to burn. Remember when checking out to put in notes section which scent in each. Or you may email.

Item # 299-A-B-C-D

$6.25 Each
Item # HEART

18 oz. Glass Heart

Our Glass Heart can be poured with 1...2...or 3 flavors of your choice. Each layer will also be colored with your color of choice. Just make a note within notes section when checking out with shopping cart. You may also email your order. 
It's always your choice at "Cheryl's Candles". 

Item # 179 - PILLAR

Bundt Cake

Measures 4-7/8" x 1-7/8" . This particular Bundt Cake is Made with the flavor of Lemon Bundt Cake, drizzled with icing. It has jelly beans on top center of cake and also surrounding the bottom. Jelly beans will be in the same flavor of cake. Your choice of scent.  I will match the color to fit, but please specify if you'd like a particular color. These candles are sealed in shrink wrap to lock flavor in.  Bundt cake comes as seen on plate to display and light candle on. 
Note: Plate may differ!

Item # 1011-FALL

8 oz. Fall Leaf Candle

Perfect "Fall Season" Candle. Depending on scent ordered, I will top this candle off with some goodies to give it even more alluring.. As all of our opened candles, this will be shrink wrapped and scent will keep strong indefinitely.

Item # STAR

Star Pillar

Our Star pillar is grubby style. Not smooth, but a rough texture. Dimensions are as follows: 
3 1/2" in Diameter from point to point and 4" Tall
Your choice of scent from our scent list, and color of choice. If no color is mentioined I will color it to scent ordered.

Item # 212-EASTER

8 oz. Easter Pail Candle

Choice of three colors. Tins with Chick, Egg, or Rabbit. This candle will of course be my all natural soy and will burn for approximately 60 hours. These are shrink wrapped to keep scent locked in until ready for use. Your choice of scent and tin.

Item # 1008

Red Candle Jar with Snowflakes

Has a green metal  screw on lid. 30 ounces of pure holiday Joy, three wicks to give you an extra clean burn. 


One Pound Easter Loaf
(If you'd like me to pipe the entire loaf with jelly beans on top, please request)

Choice of Slice-able or with three wicks. Choose your color/scent. Just place in notes section when checking out with PayPal shopping cart. This is a one pound slice-able loaf, but actually is always over one pound with the decorations and piping.

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Snowflake Pillar

3" x 3" with snowflake on top. Your choice of scent/color. Please make note when checking out with PayPal Shopping cart.

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Basket Weave Pillar

4" T x 3" W. Your choice of scent/color. Please make note when checking out with PayPal Shopping cart.

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Item # 8-ETIN

8 oz Spring Pail w/handle

Your choice of Tin color and scent
Will be decorated according to scent and tied off with matching homespun material on the handle
Please keep on candle holder at all times.

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Item # 16-4
16 oz. Patriotic Star
Your choice of scent and you may request it to be layered in colors of choice.


12 ounce Angel or Santa Tin

Comes with a double wick. Your choice of color/scent. No color if not specified at time of order. 


8 oz. Gingerbread Pail

Choice of pail/color of wax/scent.

Item # 1009

10 oz. Mug of Hot Cocoa

Regular Mug of Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream on top. The mug will be of the same size but may be in different Christmas Mug than shown above. My hot chocolate or Cocoa is like the real thing! You'll want to drink it, but please don't........


8 oz. Pumpkin Tin

Your choice of color/scent. Please make a note when checking out with PayPal shopping cart, or drop me an email.

Create a Christmas Centerpiece, or Candle for Holidays!Example of when ordering from our 
Container link, how they can be decorated! Just drop us an email or put in notes section when checking out. Please remember all of our embeds are flavor of particular embed. Click on photo to enlarge for better view.