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FB Specials may not be combined with Subscribers Specials. May order from both, but must be separate when doing so.

You must be a subscriber to order from this link. If you are not a subscriber prices will not be honored, and you will be asked to pay the difference before your order is filled. You must already be on our subscribers list before ordering.  If you would like to join our candle family You'll see the newspaper icon with directions at top portion of our home link page on right side:  When ordering please mention specials or you will be charged regular price. 
Code is no longer needed, but MUST mention SPECIALS!  Thanks!

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If you would like to know what your shipping cost will be ahead of time, please notify me with what you are ordering, as sometimes it may be cheaper when I send you the invoice from PayPal. With so many items on site it is very difficult to say the least with what actual shipping is, so I put in the closet price possible in PayPal for shopping cart. I am unable to put the Flat Rate Padded envelope, or the "A" Regional Priority Box within our PayPal, and if your items fit in one or the other would be cheaper on your shipping cost.
ATTEN: Please remember your packages are insured up to $50 with Priority. However if your item is more you must let me know if you want all insured, as it would be extra for you. Also, keep in mind as all packages are boxed to the safest possible. Once it leaves my hands, I cannot be responsible for contents of orders, and insurance does not cover the shipping cost. Shipping must be paid by customer.

Contact E-Mail:  [email protected]
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Top Selling Scents
(In no particular order)

1. Macintosh Apple

2. Grammy's Strawberry Jam

3. Herbal Lavender & Lemon Grass

4. Forget-Me-Not

5. Amirige Type

6.  Deje Vu

7.  Lemon Bundt Cake

8.  Funnel Cake

 9. Apple Gingersnap

10. Cactus & Sea Salt

March  Specials
Buy one at regular cost 
Receive the 2nd for 1/2 price!
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Item # SAL-SP

Examples of Loafs Shown
Over One Pound Each, each are decorated different depending on scent ordered!

Our loafs for slicing tarts our poured in an aluminum bread pan, and  will be shrink wrapped. You choose the flavor, and leave the rest up to me. I'll add all the goodies which will fit with flavor ordered.  

If you'd like decorated with specific colors and embeds, please email me, and I'll do my best.  Please know embeds will be of it's scent. Will be additional $1.50 to have embeds poured in a different scent.

$15.95 Each
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Item # SQTW-SP

24 oz. Square Twirl

This is a very solid 24oz. square with a twirl design on the outside. Has three wicks. You have a choice of 1,2, or 3 Scents all layered with different colors.  If you wish to have just one scent, and still layered with colors, not a problem. I will decorate according to fragrance ordered. If you have any special request, please do not hesitatte to email and let me know once ordered. Never a problem, if I can do it, I WILL!!!
 Candle is shrink wrapped to keep scent in, and labeled on the outside. Believe me when I say, fragrance stays very well within the shrink wrap. It's been known for sure to last over a year.  I could fit two of these in a regular Priority Flat Rate, or possibly four in a large Priority Flat Rate to save you money on shipping.

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Buy one at loaf  for regular price 
Receive the 2nd for 1/2 price!
(Do Not use on Body)


*Spritz scented base on washcloth and put in dryer.
*Spritz on pet beds to freshen.
*Spritz on air conditioner filters to scent your home.
*Makes great air fresheners for motor vehicles.
*Spritz a bit on sheets after stripping the bed and putting it back together again. Just be careful not to get to close with Spritz, if oil based fragrance is added, so won't stain sheets.
* Great to use as a scent refresher on sachets.

   8 oz. Bottle
Linen/Air Freshener
On Sale for $7.95 this month