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FB Specials may not be combined with Subscribers Specials. May order from both, but must be separate when doing so.

You must be a subscriber to order from this link. If you are not a subscriber prices will not be honored, and you will be asked to pay the difference before your order is filled. You must already be on our subscribers list before ordering.  If you would like to join our candle family You'll see the newspaper icon with directions at top portion of our home link page on right side:  When ordering please mention specials or you will be charged regular price. 
Code is no longer needed, but MUST mention SPECIALS!  Thanks!

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If you would like to know what your shipping cost will be ahead of time, please notify me with what you are ordering, as sometimes it may be cheaper when I send you the invoice from PayPal. With so many items on site it is very difficult to say the least with what actual shipping is, so I put in the closet price possible in PayPal for shopping cart. I am unable to put the Flat Rate Padded envelope, or the "A" Regional Priority Box within our PayPal, and if your items fit in one or the other would be cheaper on your shipping cost.
ATTEN: Please remember your packages are insured up to $50 with Priority. However if your item is more you must let me know if you want all insured, as it would be extra for you. Also, keep in mind as all packages are boxed to the safest possible. Once it leaves my hands, I cannot be responsible for contents of orders, and insurance does not cover the shipping cost. Shipping must be paid by customer.

Contact E-Mail:  [email protected]
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Personal suggestions by Cheryl

1. Chocolate Drizzle

2. Alyssum

3. Floral Verbena

4. Tayberry & Teakwood

5. Orange Bliss

6.  Fruit Loops

7.  Eternal Love

8.  Wild Watermelon

 9. Bite Me

10. Sweet Potato Pie

July  Specials
Buy one at regular cost 
Receive the 2nd for 1/2 price!

One Pound Mixed Fruit

You will receive a mixed bag of fruit which will include a combination of what's in season at the time, or what we may have in stock. Whole fresh Strawberries, peaches, Orange & Lemon Slices, Cantaloupe & Honeydew melon balls, watermelon chunks, sliced banana's, cherries, raspberries, apple slices, Blueberries and Pineapple.

One Pound Bag of Mixed Fruit


Half Pound Bag of Mixed Fruit

Click To Enlarge

(Shown in photos are "Fruity Loops" & "Cinnamon Bread Pudding")

Includes Stainless Steel Scoop Spoon
(One Spoon per customer)

Just scoop out as much as you want and put into your burners or warmers. Believe me, these are not scented lightly, so if you wish to have them as that, please warn me ahead of time! 
 If I happen to run out of glasses shown, not to worry as I have a  huge selection in clear glass which is same size and will substitute. Many are fancier then glasses shown.

You choose scent/scents wanted, and I'll decorate accordingly
Several sizes to choose from. All will be in clear glass but in an assortment of styles.

  15 oz. - $13.99

 19 oz. - $17.50
Click To Enlarge
Item # Clamshell-SA

Break A Way Clamshell

These are made with 100% Soy. Just break apart how much you want for your warmer, close lid and the rest stays fresh until used again. When purchasing packs, you may order a different scent per clamshell in pack.

Pack of Three $12.99
Buy one pack of Clamshells at regular cost 
Receive the 2nd for 1/2 price!