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Top Selling Scents
(In no particular order)

1. Crème De La Crème Zucchini (CC)

2. Yule Log

3. Crackling Firewood

4. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

5. Mystical Woods

6.  Blue Skies

7.  Evergreen

8.  Cinnamon Buns

 9.  Fireplace Embers

10. Lemon Biscotti


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March  Specials
If you would like to know what your shipping cost will be ahead of time, please notify me with what you are ordering, as sometimes it may be cheaper when I send you the invoice from PayPal. With so many items on site it is very difficult to say the least with what actual shipping is, so I put in the closet price possible in PayPal for shopping cart. I am unable to put the Flat Rate Padded envelope, or the "A" Regional Priority Box which are cheaper providing your  order will fit into one of them and live only within two states from CA.

Contact E-Mail:  [email protected]

 Tarts on sale this month!
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Item # Believing-S

"Faithful Prayers"

A awesome bar of soap, more so than it's photo. You may click to enlarge and view the words on bottom which say 
"We Pray Believing"
This bar of soap looks like a hand-carved sculpture made of stone. This would send a beautiful message to your friends and Family. 
Size is 3 1/3" X 2 1/2" X 1 1/10"
Soap weighs 6 ounces

Item # EIB - SA


Celebrate spring and Easter with our whimsical Eggs inn a Basket soap bar. Your choice of Bath a chick delivering a special egg in a basket cart, or two bunnies guarding the basket of Easter Eggs.
3.5 oz. in weight, Bar Depth: 1.25", Bar length 3.25", Bar width: 2.5" (Sorry, as have already shrink wrapped) Picture might have turned out much better if I hadn't.

Your Choice
$4.25 Each
Item # 28-S

Jelly Beans

Plastic jar filled with your favorite jelly bean tarts.  Your choice of scent.  You can have mixed colors (our choice), or all one color (your choice).  This jar holds approximately 70-72 jelly beans.  I call these my large flat sided Jelly Beans. The beans measure 1" x 3/4", and all total you get approximately 14 oz. per container.

click to enlarge
click to enlarge
(Cello bag of 24)

Elegant Candy Pieces

These candies look so real, so be careful that your guest or small children don't put one in their mouths thinking it's the real thing. Believe me it can happen, as myself and family have tried it just for pranks to other family members, and they fell for it.

Item # BB-SA

Bon Bon's

Comes in a cello pack of 15 which total weight is 4 oz. Your choice of scent/color


Candles on sale this month!
click to enlarge
Item # 1014 - S


Makes a gorgeous candle in any room.  I will match ribbon and bow to color of candle,  This has two wicks for a great throw and clean burn.

click to enlarge

16 oz. Jar with Silver lined lid.  Will have hang tag not shown, and you may have a charm also, just ask when ordering. This jar is gorgeous. It has two wicks, for a nice clean throw. Comes with a hang tag label.



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Item # 364444 - SA

Spring Votive Holder

This votive/tealight holder is so cute.  It is made of cast ceramic, and measures 7 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 2 1/4 "
Nice way to brighten up any home.  Even has little tools in the pail.  I will even start you off by pouring scent of your choice in the votive holder with my all natural soy wax.  Afterwards, you just wash with soap and water, and votive holder is ready for use. Very Solid, and heavy. Cuter than Photo shows!

$5.00 This Month

Special holder on sale this month!
1/2 Price
Buy two and receive three bars!

ATTENTION: Please do not add third bar to cart or you will be charged. Just remember to  let me know the base, color and scent you wish to have in it.
Buy one at regular cost

Receive the 2nd for 1/2 Price!
Buy one at regular cost

Receive the 2nd for 1/2 Price!