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We ship Priority only.  However, if a product is too large for any of the priorty boxes, we will have no choice but to ship order by UPS. The reason we go with Priority is due to many of our products being heavy, especially candles, it is cheaper in the long run shipping by Priority.  If two boxes are needed to ship your order, it would still be cheaper than it would sending UPS. We will always ship the cheapest way possible to save you money. If a customer request otherwise, then of course we will ship UPS for them. 

$10.00 off shipping, when $100 or more has been spent on merchandise.
Out of the Country Customers
Please email me ahead of time with your order, so I can send an estimate of what your shipping will be please. The shopping cart in PayPal is purposely set up not to charge shipping when ordering from outside the U.S. due to cost being so different than the U.S. When emailing me, be sure to include your address along with items you wish to order. Once I receive that, I'll send you an estimate direct from PayPal which will also have shipping cost on. At that time, if you could email and let me know to send an invoice or if you changed your mind due to shipping would be very much appreciated.
Insurance on Orders
When sending priority, it will automatically be insured for $50.00. If your order cost more than $50, it will be up to the customer to pay the difference if wanting package to be fully insured. You will  have to let me know at time of order. Once packages leave my hands I will no longer be responsible for them. I package everything well, yet there have been times USPS Guy/Woman may handle too rough and ends up in breakage. I will report your issue if this happens, or you may take it to your local P.O. as they will know if insured and for how much.