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100% Soy Wax

Soybean wax is produced from a natural product, soybeans
Burns extra clean
Less soot to no soot, with proper wick maintenance
Renewable resources, grown right here in the U.S.
Completely biodegradable
Burns up to 25% longer
Soybean wax helps the American farm economy

Frosting of Soy Wax

Frostinig is when the soy wax forms tiny white frosted looking crystals on the top of the wax and/or on the sides of the jar. The same look is on chocolate bars when they've been in the cold.

Please don't be alarmed by this, as it is very natural for soy wax to do this, and should not be treated as a flaw.  If your soy candle does not frost, then it is possible that you do have a soy candle that may contain paraffin. Although, must say I haven't always seen it on every candle I've kept around for a while, or shipped.

Candle Safety Burning Instructions

All of our candles do come with a caution label, but I am posting this for those of you whom might read it here and not on bottom of their candles upon receiving them.  I can't stress to you enough how important it is to know how to care for candles you are burning.

Keep candles out of reach when you have pets and children 
Never leave a burning candle unattended
Failure to follow the General Candle Rules could result in fire or injury

General Rules For Burning Candles

Before burning candles remove and discard packaging. This includes any ribbons, bows, or hang tags.
Keep burning candles within your sight at all times.
Never leave a candle unattended.
Keep burning candles away from flammable materials and out of reach from children and pets.
Keep wicks trimmed to a 1/4 inch at all times.
Trim wicks carefully as natural wicks tend to be more delicate.  At times you may notice your wick bends to one side, this is normal and in most circumstances will straighten up.
Only burn candles in or on heat and fire resistant surfaces. I personally if not a jar always keep my votives holders within a hurricane. Not necessary, but I myself am very cautious.
Keep wick centered at all times.
Place your candle in an area free from drafts.
To eliminate smokiing after extinguishing, use a wick dipper or snuffer..if not available use a device to bend the wick over in the wax, and out agaiin. This will put the candle out without all the smoking.

Jar Candles

Glass containers are fragile. Handle them with care.  Never use jars that are cracked, chipped or one that has deep scratches within glass
Discontinue when 1/2" of wax remains on bottom, as the glass may shatter.
Burn each candle so it reaches all the way across the jar. Especially when you light it for the first time.  You will find this will give you a great burning candle if you follow these rules. usually about one hour per inch diameter of candle you are burning.  EXAMPLE:  If you are lighting a four inch in diameter candle, then it should remain lit for four hours before it will reach the entire diameter to give you the cleanest burn.  The candle has what is considered a memory, so once this is done the performance will be so much better.

Have you received a broken jar candle through the mail? (Possibly from "Cheryl's Candles", or any other candle company you might place your order with) WAIT, STOP! Don't toss that candle! Use it up, by digging the wax out and placing it in another jar, or zip lock bag. Then as you need it, just take some and put into your tart dish, or warmer dish. There is no waste, the only thing you didn't have was the lit candle, but still have the great throw from the candle, and it wasn't a total loss. NOTE:  This is providing the glass is not shattered, where you might cut yourself trying to save wax.

Soy candles will burn even and without "tunneling (making sink holes)".... IF you burn them right. The first time the candle is lit, it is always best if you burn the diameter of container/jar. 

When burning the candle for the first time, burn at least 3 hours (One hour for each inch of wax across) to allow the melt pool to form.  The wax has a memory and this will set it to burn all the way across.  If you don't, you may get a "well" in the candle.  Personally  I love burning our Paraffin candles and have never had a problem with soot (knock on wood). I also, highly recommend them.

These bears have enough scent in them, that they should easily last between 3 to 6 months.  To freshen them up, take a blow dryer, and run it over the bear for about 60 seconds.  Should also, take care of any dust it might have accumulated. Please keep in mind though never to take them off of holder and set on surface of wood, or could stain it from the FO.

Please cut wick down to 1/4" before lighting for the first time.  My votive's are made with soy, and  it is always recommended that you always use a proper votive holder to put them in.  My votive's have a fantastic burn to them.

Cut wick down to about ¼ " before lighting.  Let it stay lit for just a few short minutes.  If flame is too high, please distinguish, clip wick just a tad bit more and re-light..  In the beginning you might get some drip off from the sides, and if that happens, when candle cools, take cupcake off plate, set aside, and put plate in freezer to rid of excess wax (Approximately 1/2 hour to hour).  After about two and sometimes three times, it will not do that no more.  My large muffins have a very long burn time.  PLEASE.......ALWAYS BURN on plate or holder at all times.

This is a great tip for our tart users.  After burning and scent is gone.  Wait till wax cools, place entire  Tart/Potpourri burner in freezer, and wait for I'd say at least an hour, then the wax will come out in one clump, no digging, no fussing.  No spillage.  Then just toss used wax in the garbage.  Occasionally, it is recommend that you wash out though, or at least wipe it out with wet cloth, to prevent wax from sticking upon freezing.

You can do this with most of your jar candles, and votive holders as well.  Just leave in freezer for one or two hours, and should come right out.  Makes cleaning the jar or container, so much easier, and no wax to run all over the place.  Just toss it away straight out of the freezer.  

All soy containers, which I make you shouldn't have any left over and should burn clean, but by chance you do, don't waste, set on your warmers until the scent is all gone.  Make use of that scent!

When ever you have a scented candle, and it is down to the bottom where you can't burn it no longer.  Don't just toss it away.  Break it up and put the remains in to your tart burner, until all the wax is used up.  It would be no different than using a regular tart, and no waste to the scent that is left in that candle (Pillar, Jar, or whatever the case may be).

All container candles are made from straight soy.  My 8 oz. mason jar candle, will have approximately 40 hours of burn time.  I'd say that is a long burn time for that size candle, wouldn't you? Always keep in mind especially on some fragrances, that the longer the cure time, the more throw you will get from a soy candle. Always give at least 1-2 weeks to be on the safe side. You will receive a nice clean burn all the way down to the bottom of container. Not like some candles that burn and quit 1/2 way down. Also, my candles will throw all the way as we scent all of our wax and not just a small portion as some companies may, and that's why it quits throwing;.

Not all pillars will do this, but a few select might.  Not just the ones I pour, but I've seen this happen to others as well.  If by chance you get one that when you light it after cutting wick down to 1/4", starts smoking or has to high a flame, please distinguish flame, cut wick back a bit more and light again.  You may have to do this a couple of times, but then the flame will go as it should.  Never let your candle smoke or flame reach too high, as this is not normal.  Remember always cut back wick more.
Oops!!! Loud Pop With Tunnel

I hope it never happens to you, but in case it ever does, as we all make mistakes. If you ever light your soy container for the first time and it scares with you with a loud pop, then suddenly has a large sink hole. Please don't be alarmed.  It only means there is an air bubble, and I do have a fix.  I learned this happens when my son came to me one day and said, "Mom, what the heck you trying to do?" "Scare the he-- out of me?"  LOL

You can either dig out the very top of candle, and doesn't have to be a whole lot, just enough to have the unburned part of wick showing again 1/4".  Or you can use your blow dryer or heat gun if you have one tilt the candle into a tart dish or whatever is available to you. Tilt candle as you melt wax and let the excess drip into dish. When you have the wick where you want it, then sit candle on a level surface. At this time take your blow dryer/heat gun and level the candle until smooth. This may take several times. You want to fill sink hole, but in doing so may bring uneven surface over other parts. Once the surface of candle is smooth, leave sit for at least a day. When you light it again, should be no problems as this is how the air bubble releases itself from wax. The excess wax left over use it in your tart burner, or electric burner. No waste.......

(No matter what others may say, I love burning Pillars. Very happy with the results ours give.)

 Not all pillars will do this, but a few select might.  Not just the ones I pour, but I've seen this happen to the most expensive ones on the market, as I used to purchase.  If by chance you get one that after lighting, starts smoking or has too high a flame, please distinguish flame, cut wick back a bit more and light again, be careful not to cut too low though.  You may have to do this a couple of times, but then the flame will go as it should.  Never let your candle smoke or flame reach too high, as this is not normal.  Remember always cut back wick more. My  2-3-4 inch in diameter pillars I can honestly tell you burn fantastic. I burn them all the time with no problems what so ever.

Easy Way To Search Our Links

Did you know that on any link if looking for a particular item and want to save time, just go to top of your browser. Click on Edit, and down to "Find on this page".  Next type in what you are looking for, and then enter. It will highlight all that pertain to that item. For instance on this link, if you type in "Electric Warmers", will highlight it and save you from going through all links to locate. Hope this helps those of you that may not know this.


If you ever have an accident and spill wax on top of vanity in your bathroom, tile, laminating floor, etc. Easier to clean up than you thought. Just take a paper towel, get your blow dryer out or preferably a hot gun if you have one. As you are melting the wax just wipe up with paper towel. LA DA.......the wax is gone. Even works if wax spills down cupboards. 

When spilling wax on carpet, it works basically the same way with exception instead of paper towel, get a damp (not wet) rag. As you are melting with one hand wipe with the other. Depending on color of wax, the coloring may not always come out, but the wax will come up or most of it, depending on the situation at hand.

Estimated Burn Time Hours

2 oz. (10-15)........4 oz. (20-30)........8 oz. (40-50)........
10 oz. (50-60)........16 oz. (75-90)........20 oz.(100+)

Our Pillars can be made with your choice of Paraffin, or 100% All natural Soy Wax.
Unless requested we will make Paraffin pillars. So if you wish to have one of the soy wax please be sure to put in notes section when you are checking out with our shopping cart. There are a few select that must be made with Paraffin only. I will say though, that I burn Paraffin Pillars myself all the time, and love the way they burn. It's a rareity to have any soot and I've left my Pillars go for hours and hours. I have self trimming wicks in most which make them burn with a nice glow which is steady and not too high. Give them a try today, I don't think you will have any regrets. I have noticed, that the stronger scents are better with these.
If you have any questions, or some tips you'd like to share, please email me.  With your permission I would like  to post them on this page.  Of course, the tip will be in recognition of you.  This could help many others that have never had this problem, or hasn't a clue as to what they could have been helping them.
Thanks, a bunch!

Refresh Your Browser

This goes for not just our site, but all sites you may visit often. Sometimes, it won't show the updates if you don't on occasion either refresh your browser, or empty your chache. So please keep this in mind when searching and browsing the internet.  Myself, I always have to refresh our site when viewing after I update and publish or will not show me what was updated.