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Item # 33

This tart burner is 4 1/2 X 4.  It has a Rooster showing over a yellowish tone background.  The top is in the color of green and the very bottom of burner also.

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Item # 40

These are so cute with the hearts.  Great for anytime of the year.  They come in your choice of pink or blue.  Please state when you are paying through PayPal or on order form which color you'd like.

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Tart, Potpourri & Oil Burners

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Apple Teapot Burner

Great for burning you waxed tarts.  Has vent holes on lid for the fragrance to come through, or take the lid off and let it out full blast! 
Boxed and ready to ship out
Please know ahead of time, that the teapot is not made to cover the slot where it sits on.

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Item # BGB

Ceramic Burner w/lid

The tart burners above have lids to place over tart area, when you aren't burning them. Theses are ceramic and come in colors as shown. Green & Blue with just a slight difference in both with the cut-outs around heart in center.

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Item # 203

Cream color Burner are a beautiful accent to any home.  
Approximately 5" x 4 3/4".

Item # 42-1

This is a unique Tart Burner.  It is oval shaped unlike most that are round.  I have only pearl in color.

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Item # 748763


4.4" H X 3.7" W

Item # DELFT

Ceramic Gloss Tart Burner. Gorgeous!


Ceramic Tart Burner with leaf design for all year. 
Choice of Sage, Burgundy (Shown), Blue, & Ivory