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Item # 150

 4 oz. Squat Oxagon Jar.  Just remove the lid, place on warmer and enjoy the scent throughout your home/office.  Will last longer than your regular tarts. Choose your scent/scents These jars will each give off approximately 3-5 Days of scent. Varies on usage.

Item # 154

4 oz. mason jar wickless candles to place on your warmer.  These are great for a child's room, bathroom or office.  Your choice of scent.  These 4 oz jars will throw off approximately 3-5 days of Fragrance throughout your home. Varies on usage.

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4 Ounce Ivory Crock

 Not only do you receive a great fragrance of choice to place on your warmer, but you also receive a great crock that can be used aftrwards. This particular crock would also be wonderful to use as a spare replacement dish on warmer if you are in need of one.