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Candle Warmers
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Item # OCW

(Can be used as Candle Warmer or Tart Melter)

The Original Candle Warmer melts scented candles from the bottom up releasing the candle's aroma.  The new larger hot plate design fits most scented candles.
Have black only as shown in photo and are a 17 Watt warmer.

This does not come with a Tart/Melt Dish. You may find them on accessory link. We have a variety of dishes that would look great with this warmer.


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Item # WCW

(15 Watt)

New larger hot plate design. Has vents on side of plate. Does not include tart dish, but you may purchase one on our replacement bowl link.

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Item # 136

Cozy Up Candle Warmer or Ceramic

17 Watt Electric Candle/Tart Warmer.  If you don't own a candle warmer, you're missing out! These can be used for warming your candles, or tarts. They are great for use at the workplace as well, when you can't have open flames.  No more waste on candles you've purchased elsewhere that do not burn clean or all the way down. Now, just set the jar on warmer and as wax melts will let you enjoy the rest of the scent throw you have left in jar. Perfect for using with my wickless candles.  The warming pad has on/off  switch, and a light to show you when it is on. 

Links For More Electric Warmers
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Item # 089814907057

Everyday Beige Warmer

This tart warmer can be used to warm scented tarts to fill a room with your favorite fragrance. Includes power cord, on/off switch and indicator light on front of the warmer. UL Approved for safety. 14 watts of power.

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Item # 121061

Electric Hibiscus Warmer

Warmer is a one piece 9 watt. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
(Made by Jackle)

Item # CHRO

Warmer Christmas Decor

Made for round tart warmer pads. There is a slot that cord comes through so will sit flat on surface which warmer is on.