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Sliceable Pie

Weighs just over 7 ozs.  Your choice of scent/color, and also please by all means let me know what embeds you'd like it decorated with. 

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Item # LGPIE

7" or 8" Sliceable Pie/Cake

Your choice of 7" or 8" sliceable pie/cake. You may have it layered or not. I will smother with topping and icing no matter what flavor you choose. We have several pie and cake scents, or if you want something else, then I say "Go For It" 
7" - 28 ounces
8" - 36 ounces 

7"........$24.95           8"........$31.50

Tin Of  Six Full Sized Muffins

Receive a six cavity reusuable tin with regular sized muffins. Slice what you need and place in warmer. Your choice of One flavor for all six, two flavors or three flavors. All will be decorated according to flavors ordered, then individually shrink wrapped. Once that is completed, I tie off with a strip of gingham material, then shrink wrap entire tin of muffins, with label at bottom. All six muffins weigh on the average of  2 1/2 Pounds, without weight of tin. Please make note of scents when checking out with shopping cart, or you may email scents to me.

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Item # 14MUF

Huge Muffin
You have to see it to believe it! Muffin is huge to say the least! 

Muffin weighs 14 oz.  Poured with 100% all natural soy. Muffin paper is filled with 8 oz. of cake, and 6 oz. of Frosting. Your choice of two scents. One for cake the other for icing. You may also specify colors you'd like. Includes plate to match and will be shrink wrapped to keep flavor in until ready for slicing. I will also place in cello bag, so once you start slicing, you have something that will continue to keep the flavor locked in on what isn't used yet.

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3" Sliceable Pie

Weighs 4 ozs.  Your choice of scent/color, and also please by all means let me know if you have a special request for decorating.

Must order 2 or more in same scent for me to Pipe, as much more work, and extra cost for piping bag.

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