Item # 240-1

Ivory Satin

Item # 206

Moss Green, Lavender, Blue, Ecru Lace, Yellow, Peach, Sky Blue, Dark Green, and Lavender

These bags are 3 X 4, and are so awesome looking!

Item # 240

Metallic Sachets in Blue, Lavender, Red, Gold, Silver (not shown), and Green. 

Item # 240COU

A little bit of the country look in a Sachet. This is made with a suede type material, with fringe on the bottom. Very attractive, and very Country! Colors are from left to right. Dark Brown (reddish), Black, and light tan.

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Item # 2027

These are really awesome.  I just love them, so made sure I stocked up well.  Wouldn't these be the perfect sachets to give as gifts to your Christian friends?  You must get a couple for yourself too, as they are so nice.  Made of Organza material, and has embedded cross of Gold in center.  This bag comes in your choice of white, blue, or Ivory.  

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Sachets can be used as air fresheners in closets, drawers, vacuum cleaners, cars, school lockers, bathrooms, near kitty litter boxes, etc! Not recommended to lay directly on clothes or furniture, as may damage from from fragrance oil.