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3" and 5" Ball Pillar
Assorted Pillars
Awareness Ribbon
Ball of Roses
Bamboo Pillar
Basket Weave Fall
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Wedding Pillars

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Item # 93/412

Primitive Crow

Our Rustic Primitive Crow Votive Holder. Includes glass (No Candle)
Votives may be ordered on our votive link.

Item # 296

Grubby Apple Pillar

This pillar measures 4.25" Diameter and 4" Tall.  It is gorgeous, and comes to you shrink wapped.
Weighs nearly 2 lbs.
Embeds and plate are extra, I have them just to take photo for site

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"Awareness Ribbon"

Approximately 4 1/4" X 4". Our Breast Cancer Awarness Embossed Pillar. This is poured fresh upon ordering with your choice of scent.
Wick is self-trimming, and Pillar will burn for weeks. As candle gets near Ribbon, it puts off the perfect glow. This will be colored in Pink unless you specify when ordering another color of your choice. Will come to you shrink wrapped.

Item # GRUBSQ4x4

"Grubby Square Pillar"

Our grubby square pillar is approximately 4" X 4". Poured fresh upon ordering with your choice of scent/color. 
Wick is self-trimming, and Pillar will burn for weeks. 


"Tall Grubby Pillar"

This is one of my favorite Pillars. The glow when burning is perfect, with self-trimming wick. Pillar measures 5 1/2" Tall by approx. 3" in diameter.


"Primitive Blessings"

Primitive Blessings Pillar comes with a self-trimming wick. It is colored/scented in your choice. If no color is chose, I will try to match scent without it being too dark so the detail is shown nicely. As you can see in photo above it is very detailed, and the flame glows to perfection. It is always recommended that you keep all Pillars on candle holder to prevent any wax from getting on furniture.

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