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Item # 99

Large muffin, comes in your choice of flavor, and believe me, I have lots to choose from. Just check out my drop down menu on this page. A few suggestions would be, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry,Strawberry Rhubarb, Chocolate Drizzle. The list goes on and on. These will burn for hours upon hours, without soot. Wait till you smell the delicious fresh baked scent throw off while they are burning. say the least

$6.50 Each
Item # 101

The photo shows two pans of muffins, but you only receive one pan.  These are made with all natural clean burning Soy Wax, and included you will even receive a holder for them to fit in so you can burn individually.  You need a holder that fits them just right, so they will burn all the way.  Each candle will give several hours of burn time.  You will receive a mixture of muffins.  As seen in the photo, Cinnamon Buns, Raspberry Cream, Carrot Cake, and Banana Nut Bread Muffins. There may be other flavors included as well, such as Blueberry.  They will arrive to you still in their muffin wrapper, so you will have to peel that off first before placing in container to light.  Make sure the wick is cut down to must 1/4" first. Per muffin has between 15-20 hours of burning time. After candles are gone, you have a re-usable Muffin Pan, to bake some real muffins with. Not a bad price for Muffin Pan, six soy candles that will last hours upon hours, and holder.  Would make a great sampler to give as gift, or just to try the variety of flavors for yourself. All total you are receiving 24 oz. The clear holder on the right of muffins is included to burn your muffins in. Another great idea is instead of candles, you might want to slice up and place in burners/warmers.

Item # 141

Cinnamon Bun Pillar

This is my large Cinnamon Bun Muffin Candles, drizzled with icing. Just out of the oven, and made in my Country Kitchen. Really yummy.....It weighs approximate 8 oz, This candle is made out of Paraffin, and has a very long burn time.

$6.50 Each
Item # 103

Cinnamon Votives

Large and long Burning Cinnamon Votive's.  Please make sure these are kept in votive holder at all times.  They not only burn terrific, but they smell scrumptious.  Just like out of the oven.  Cinnamon Buns drizzled with icing. These come in a pack of three.

$6.75 Each
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Item # 151

This is my batch of 7 Cinnamon Rolls.  They come in your choice of a 3" Aluminum Tin Batch, or 5" Tin Aluminum Tin Batch.  These candles are made of pure soy, and burn marvelous and long.  Just like Fresh made cinnamon rolls out of the oven, drizzled with icing.  They are scented with Cinnamon Bun Scent, and smells scrumptious.  The only thing you don't get from them are the calories.  Make your choice, and let me know within your email for ordering.

          5" Tin Rolls  $5.25           
3" Tin Rolls  $3.25
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Your choice of my fancy iced cupcake on the left, or iced cupcake with heart on the right.
One scent, with two colors of choice can be ordered. Please let me know what color you want the cupcake, and what color you would like the icing to be. Just like the real thing........what's a cupcake without icing running off to the side???

Cupcakes are just short of being 
3" tall by 2 1/2" wide.

$6.50 Each
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Muffin in your choice of flavor which will just be heavenly, and have the greatest throw. You will receive hours upon hours of burn time. This muffin includes Fluted muffin tin as shown in photo.  All my Paraffin candles burn very nicely,as long as wick is kept trimmed, there will be little if any soot. They have a wonderful glow about them. This muffin is 2 1/2" High by 3 1/2" in Diameter.
My favorites are Carrot Cake as shown in Photo, Banana Nut Bread, Strawberry with whole Strawberries inside, and Blueberry with whole Blueberries. Of course,  you order your favorite scent from our 1,616 scents in stock.

$6.50 Each
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Item # 186

Apple Dumpling Drizzled with Sauce

Apple Dumplings have always been one of my favorite deserts, and now we can have one without the calories.  Full size "apple dumpling" with lots of caramel sauce poured over and top, includes a 5" round tin. I shrink wrap this which will keep the fresh baked flavor in until you are ready to burn.  I use unleaded wicks in this as all my candles. If you prefer different flavor, that's okay, just let me know which one and which topping to pour over. I will make to look same as photo above providing  scent order doesn't discolor it more.

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