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Item # 163

Christmas Bows

These are my miniature bows.  the same size that you put on small packages, such as ring boxes. 2 ounce Tarts. They are scented with your choice of scent.  You can choose your colors, or have me mix them.  Makes a nice large tart for those burners.  They come in a package of 9.

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Item # 24

Christmas Mittens

These are large mitten tarts with a heart in the center.  You may choose scent and color of choice.  You will receive a package of 9.  Great price for what you are receiving.

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Item # 177

These are my large Christmas Stocking Tarts.  Some with heart in center, others without.  You choose scent of choice.  They come in a package of 7 total.  These will fit those large tart warmers, and will brighten up your holidays for sure.  It comes with a mix of stockings with hearts, and without.

Item # 131

Extra large Pinecone tarts, scented with Pine. 2 ounce or larger. These cones come in a package of 6.  Please note:  These are a very light brown, but when made to order, will be darker

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Item # TREES

Tree Tarts

Christmas Trees come in a pack of seven and measure 2 1/2" Tall and 1/2" Thick. Your choice of scent/color. If no color is specified, they will be colored in green.

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Item # CHRIST12

12 oz. Angel or Santa Tin

Comes double wicked for an excellent throw. Lighter when sending candles by mail.  These are absolutely gorgeous tins. The photo does not do them  justice at all. Filled with 100% all natural soy wax, no color added unless requested, in your choice of scent.

Item # POIN

Large Poinsettia Pack

A cello pack of four large beautiful Poinsettia's with glitter on top. Great tarts for the holiday season, and also to put in adult stockings or teenagers whom have warmers/burners. Each pack weighs just over four ounces.

Item # SFS

Mini Snowflakes

Showing are only a few. When I pour more I will post with amount you will actually receive. Comes in a cello pack of 4 oz. Should be quite a few, and just add as many as you like to your Burners/Warmers.