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Item # 159

Blue snowflakes on both side of glass. Votive size, with your choice of scent/color.
Great for a small gift or stocking stuffer, as comes shrink wrapped.

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Item # 285

A perfect Poinsettia. This is great for the winter holidays. This poinsettia is a great floater. It is 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall.  Just gorgeous, and scented with Poinsettia for your enjoyment all the way.  In testing, this burnt for over 3 hours.
These come in a pack of two.

$ 3.25
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Item # 233

This is the cutest little candle with three snowman to join in your holidays.  It is holds approximately 9 oz., and you get your choice of scent.  Just let me know upon ordering.

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Item # CHRIST6

Receive three 6 oz. Candles with Decals of Christmas (Varies). Very attractive jars, and would be great for gift giving. Give them a sample of three different flavors this year. Choose your flavors from my drop down menu at top of page.
Decals are not on these jars, but will be at time of ordering. I have an assortment, and will try to match scent or color vs. decal placed on glass.

Per Set of Three
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16 oz. Christmas Jar

Decorative Christmas Jar with Lid. Knob of lid is Christmas Tree. Has Deck The Halls written around bottom of jar. Candle is 16 oz. and has three wicks for a nice clean burn with best throw. Poured with 100% all natural Soy. Your choice of scent, and color. If no color is mentioned at time of order, I will use color to match scent ordered. After burning candle container serves as 3" x 3" Pillar holder, and lid fits over the pillar.

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Item # 114

Gingerbread Loaf, has Gingerbread on each side of loaf. I drizzled with icing, and top off with more Gingerbread men. The Loaf measures 5 inches by 3 inches and stands 2 3/8 inches high. Comes with Fluted Tin Loaf holder as shown, and is shrink wrapped to keep the flavor locked in.  This Loaf shows only two wicks, but will have three wicks. This will burn for way over 100 hours, and our candles do not put off soot. Must keep wicks on these trimmed down though if flame gets high.

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Item # 301

This is so cute, and is a great candle for any home during the Christmas Season.  Give one for a gift too.  These are 18 oz. Apothecary Jars, filled with all natural soy wax.  Gives a nice even burn all the way down, until there is nothing left.  It has a flat top glass lid.  You get your choice of scent from my drop down menu on top of this page, and color too if desired. Otherwise, I match what the fragrance is. You will also be able to pick your choice of Christmas Topper.  I have them numbered within the picture, so just give me the number when ordering, along with the scent of course, and the item number.  The candle will come tied with Ribbon tied on outside of jar, and placed in a cello bag and labeled.

Candle with Topper $18.99
Item # TREE


You may have gold tips or a pearl like white, just let me know upon ordering if you have a preference to which one.  This is a nice size for enjoying the scent, and viewing. It stands 5 1/2 inches high and at largest diameter is 3 inches.
Please remember to state in Paypal which scent, and gold or pearl tips.

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Cinnamon Stix Pillars made with real Cinnamon Sticks and heavily scented with Cinnamon Stix.  These are 4 1/2" X 4", and will give you over 100 hours of burning time.  They weigh over two pounds.

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Estimated Burn Time Hours

2 oz. (10-15)........4 oz. (20-30)........8 oz. (40-60)........10 oz. (80-100)........16 oz. (80-120)........20 oz.(120+)

Item # STAR

Star Pillar

Our Star pillar is grubby style. Not smooth, but a rough texture.  Dimensions are as follows: 
3 1/2"  in Diameter from point to point and 4" Tall
Your choice of scent from our scent list, and color of choice. If no color is mentioined I will color it to scent ordered.

Item # CHRIST12

12 oz. Angel or Santa Tin

Comes double wicked for an excellent throw. Lighter when sending candles by mail.  These are absolutely gorgeous tins. The photo does not do them  justice at all. Filled with 100% all natural soy wax, no color added unless requested, in your choice of scent.

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18 oz. Holly Stemware Candle
Gorgeous Candle!

This is an 18 oz.. Candle with two wicks to give best throw. Your choice of scent/color. If no color is chose, I will not add and sprinkles will go on top as shown for that Christmas look.  Candle is shrink wrapped and will definitely hold scent in for a long time.

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Item # 8GLCO

8 oz. Candle 

Your choice of scent. Comes with toppings and a red bow. Will be shrink wrapped to keep the scent locked in until you are ready to light it up. Includes two wicks. Pillars in background can be located on our pillar link.