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Melts with Tea Light Burner
Electric Warmer Basket
What a neat way to introduce your friends and family to tarts, burners and warmers
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Cinnamon Buns Basket

2 - 16 oz.. Cinnamon Bun in a Jar
2 - Cinnamon Bun Votive
1 - Large Cinnamon Bun
1 - Fluted Tin For Large Cinn Bun


Starter Gift Basket

Great basket to start your friends and family on melting tarts. If they already do melt, then it's a great way to let them melt scents they haven't yet, as all of us know once we get started we can never have enough tarts, burners or warmers.

Basket includes:
 One dozen large tarts with your choice of category
Fruit, Floral, Aromatherapy, Bakery/Sweet
or a mix of all categories.

A choice of combo burner which is electric, Cozy electric warmer which is shown on bottom right, click to view larger photo or a choice of Regular Tea Light Burner which also includes one dozen tealights shown on bottom right of photo above.

Cozy Warmer Basket                Tealight Burner  Basket               Electric Combo Basket
              $22.99                                       $19.99                                           $26.99
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Item # SPACA

"Spa/Candle Basket"

Basket is shrink wrapped in photo as will be upon completion. Made to order. You choose the scent and color of choice. You will receive four bath sized bars of soap. Two in Aloe Vera, and Two in Goat's Milk (Both are wonderful for skin). One 8 oz. Bottle of Moisterizing Mist, One shower pouf, and One 12 oz. Candle poured with 100% all natural soy wax, and two 3" (Diameter) X 6" (Height) Pillars. 
Ribbon attached will depend on occasion ordered for, and will match or cordinate color of items in basket. 
Please let me know if you'd like a Gift card  or tag attached.

(A savings of nearly $12+ Basket)
Spa/Aromatherapy Gift Baskets
Item # ABPA

Aromatherapy Pail Basket

Large pail with handles on side includes 8 oz. Jar of our "Goat's Milk & Honey Lotion", which is super great for skin. One of my best sellers. If you prefer not to have scent in lotion, by all means let me know. Never a problem to request something. Also in pail is 8 oz. of our Moisturizing Mist and 8 oz. of Shower Gel which I must add is super great and puts out lots of lather.  Shower Pouf is included. The pail will be shrink wrapped with no problem shipping, all items should stay in place. For the finishing touch I will tie a ribbon with bow. Ribbon will coordinate with color ordered.

Item # SPA

Spa Basket

Included in Basket:
8 oz. Shower Gel, 8 oz. Moisturizing Mist, Pouf, 2 Square Bars of soap and Foot Paddle, which I might add I wonderful and last for long length of time. No way is it flimsy as you may receive elsewhere. Basket is shrink wrapped and tied with ribbon and bowl to match color ordered. Choice of one scent for everything and one color. Please include in notes section when checking out with shopping cart.


Spa/Pedicure Basket

Included in Basket:
8 oz. Shower Gel, 8 oz. Moisturizing Mist, Pouf, 2 full size square bars in your choice  of base, Wooden soap dish, and  Foot care set (toe separator, nail clippers, metal nail file, nail brush, cuticle scissors, dry skin remover, cuticle pusher, 2 orange sticks, toe nail clippers, 2 emery boards, hand and foot skin buffers, tweezers, and a loofa pad)

Item # 2005-48

Anniversary Basket

Included in Basket:
(2) 8 oz. Shower Gel (One Each) 
8 oz. Moisturizing Mist (Wife)
(2 Bars) Bride & Groom Soap Bar
(1) Bouquet of Bells
(2) 2 oz. Goats Milk Lotion (One Each) 

Item # 2005-49

Scents Galore!
Included in Basket:

(3) Cello Bags of Tarts 
(Mixture of Spa, Fruit & Sweet Scents)
(1) 12 oz. Candle in Center
(1) Electric Warmer with dish for melting tarts