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Item # 12SQ


CHOICE OF 22 OZ., 12 OZ., OR 10 OZ.

Candle showing is 12 oz. size

All natural soy candle, poured into a very thick curved candle square.  These make awesome gifts.  The throw of the fragrance will be great, and several hours of clean burning
Your choice of Scent & Color. If no color is mentioned at time of order, I will pick to match the Scent ordered.
NOTE: The 22 ounce comes with three wicks.

22 OZ.......$18.99

12 OZ.........$11.95

10 OZ.........$9.95

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Item # 18BOWL

Candle Bowl

18 ounce candle is filled with 100% Soy. Your choice of scent/color. If a sweet or fruit scent is ordered I will try to spruce it up as I have the one shown in photo, unless otherwise specified. This has three wicks, and should give you an awesome throw.

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Item # SQTW

24 oz. Square Twirl

This is a very solid 24oz. square with a twirl design on the outside. Has three wicks. You have a choice of 1,2, or 3 Scents all layered with different colors.  If you wish to have just one scent, and still layered with colors, not a problem. I will decorate according to fragrance ordered. If you have any special request, please do not hesitatte to email and let me know once ordered. Never a problem, if I can do it, I WILL!!!
 Candle is shrink wrapped to keep scent in, and labeled on the outside. Believe me when I say, fragrance stays very well within the shrink wrap. It's been known for sure to last over a year.  I could fit two of these in a regular Priority Flat Rate, or possibly four in a large Priority Flat Rate to save you money on shipping.

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Item # 20RBOWL

20 oz. Rose Bowl w/Frosted Glass

Will come with two wicks, your choice of color/scent. Please make note when checking out with shopping cart. If you prefer one wick, please request. Candle will be shrink wrapped so scent will stay keep indefinitely.

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Item # 22BOWL

Large Candle Bowl

This candle makes a great table centerpiece.  This is a 22 ounce candle filled with 100% Soy, with exception of embeds. Your choice of scent/color. Has four wicks to give the best throw possible with a clean burn all the way to the bottom of bowl.  I will decorate according to scent ordered. If you have a preference on embeds, please make note when checking out with PayPal shopping cart, or email me.
Measurements of candle bowl are 2 1/2" to 3" on bottom and flairs out to 7" Diameter, and is 3" High. 

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Estimated Burn Time Hours

2 oz. (10-15)........4 oz. (20-30)........8 oz. (40-50)........10 oz. (50-60)........16 oz. (75-90)........20 oz.(100+)

Item # 20BOWL

20 Ounce Candle Bowl
Your choice of scent/color which you must specify within note section when checking out with shopping cart. Also, by all means if you’d like something as I have inn this one placed in center, let me know as well. Picture shows a poinsettia in middle of this one, as used for Christmas. This has three wicks, and should give you an awesome throw. Please remember it needs to cure as poured with 100% all natural soy. Poinsettia however is parasoy wax. It will arrive to you shrink wrapped so the scent will keep indefinitely until you are ready to light or give as gift. Bowl can be used after candle is gone, which is really lovely.