Hand Poured Soap For Dry or Normal Skin
(Made Fresh Upon Ordering)
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I wanted to pour soap for children, as being what they like only makes sense that bath time would be much more fun for them. Also, for many people such as myself whom chooses to use soap that is good for skin in Kitchen rather than use the liquid soap sold on the market. I know it causes me to break out or my skin to become so dry, where as the soap we pour here at "Cheryl's Candles" does not have that affect. We will be posting more as time goes on, and by all means if you'd like something special. Let me know by email and I'll be more than happy to oblige if at all possible.
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Muffin Soap

A large muffin, which is the same size as a Costco size if you've ever seen one. Buying these type soaps would be a great way to get your children into the tub. Not only great for bath & shower use, but wonderful in the Kitchen too. I feel it is so much better on the skin, then the liquid soap for Kitchen use, that many are using. 
Muffin weighs 10 oz. and will give weeks of use. Your choice of scent from our  scent list which is on top of our navigation links to the left of this page.


Cinnamon Bun Soap

You will receive our Cinnamon Bun in any choice of flavor, and color of your choice which weighs six ounces, and will give you weeks of usage. Just because it's a cinnamon bun doesn't mean you can't have it in a spa, fruit or some other sweet scent of your choosing, along with coloring to match if you so desire. Our soap also holds it's shape all the way to the end. I personally use it myself and just love it. 

Item # BAKE


Now, you must admit our latest in sliceable or breakable tarts is so adorable, and very detailed.  Meet  Bake N' Buddy, which you might know as the Pillsbury dough boy. LOL  Just couldn't resist to get him and start pouring. Is so Cool!!

Buddy measures 5 1/4" X 2 1/4" X 1 1/2" thick and weighs approximately 3.6 ounces. He will come without color, but please know that scent may sometimes dislike, and we have no control over that. It all depends on scent that is ordered. 

Buddy won't stand on his own, but you can lean him against something and prop him up for display if you wish. He is a real Cutie pie.......As always your choice of scent and color!

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We now have "Ultra Clear Soap"
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Item # 34589

Whipped Topping on Cake

Your choice of colors (2) and (1) scent. Nice size which will last a long time. Everything great for both dry and normal skin. Is shrink wrapped.