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Item # 118

"Snowdrops" 7 inch Bears

Meet "Snowdrops". He has been dipped already and ready to be fluffed up some more. This little guy is 7" approximately, at a sitting position. He is just adorable, and wants so much for you to give him a home to throw his fragrance into.  You get not only your choice of scent on this bear, but also your choice on color of bear.  Choose scent from scent menu on the left at top of this page.  Bears that are available are green, dark brown, grey, blue, navy blue.  You choose.  All look adorable when dipped.  This is one of my best sellers.  Makes for a good deodorizer in a child's room, as you don't have to worry about candles being lit, and fire starting. Also, nice for the office, laundry room, entrance way, or where ever you want a fragrance without flame.
Please let me know what scent, and what color bear upon ordering.  You will love these bears.  They make a great addition.  The scent will last a very long time.  Afterwards you have a great decoration piece to enjoy. Plate to sit bear on will be included. These will come in large Cello bag and tied with ribbon, or if possible we will shrink wrap.

These bears are great for children's room, office, or other places if you want scent without lighting a candle. They are safe, and cute. The bears will throw scent off for 2-3 months,, to regain the scent or dust bear just take your blow dryer to it for a few seconds.


Waxed dipped bears must be kept on holder/plate of some type at all times. If not, you will get wax & oil surface of where it sits.
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Item # 256

"Loveable" 10 inch Bears

My latest and largest bears yet.  These are 10" bears, and very similar to my 7".  These are adorable, and you will just love them as they freshen your Kitchen, bathroom, child's room, office, or numerous places, where you can't light a candle, yet, want the fragrance of one.  There is even a tip on my tip page on how to dust them, and bring back the fragrance if it fades.  These particular bears have not been dipped yet.  Your choice of color and scent, just let me know upon ordering.  I have Brown, White, Purple, Ivory, Gray and light Blue.  Plate to sit bear on will be included. These will come in large Cello bag and tied with ribbon, or if possible we will shrink wrap.

ATTN:  Dipped Bears are further down on page 
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These bears are adorable. Scragglie Tan and Scragglie White are long hair bears. Scruffy Brown and Scruffy White have short hair. Bears are 7 1/2" in their sitting position. A great size. As always your choice of any scent from over our now  close to 1,500 in stock. These are all made fresh from time of ordering. Please state which scent when paying with shopping cart or after paying, please drop me an email with scent/scents wanted. 

Sachets make great gifts for children or adults. Also, great to place in rooms for an air freshener where you can't have candles, yet want the aroma of your favorite scent/scents.  Use them in the office, children's room, place one in your automobile, garage, bedroom, bathroom, living room, unlimited options. You will just love them! Makes a nice piece of decor also, your friends will wonder where the fragrance is coming from.

There is a velcro pocket behind bear where scent is placed. When scent goes away, you can always replace with more.
Scruffy Bears
Scragglie Bears
Item # SSSB
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