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3" and 5" Ball Pillar
Assorted Pillars
Awareness Ribbon
Ball of Roses
Bamboo Pillar
Basket Weave Fall
Beaded (Pearl) Pillars
Birthday Candles
Classic Pillars
Colorful Chunk Pillars
Seashell Pillar
Eagle Pillar
Embedded Floral
Embedded Cinn Stick
Embedded Leaf Pillar
Extra Large Pillars
Floral and Heart
Fluted Pillar
Oval Double Wick
Pine Cone
Primitive Pillars
Snowflake Pillar
Victorian Pillar
Waterlily & Tulip
Wedding Pillars

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Item # FL950


  A beautiful 4" X 6 1/2" Fluted Pillar. Choose your choice of fragrance and color of choice. If no choice of color, I will color to match scent ordered. Please note when checking out with shopping cart, or you may email me separately after paying. This pillar has a self trimming wick and will keep a nice steady flame with no soot if flame is where it should be at all times.

Item # OVAL2

Oval Pillar

  We have two sizes in our oval pillar. The smaller which is shown has one wick and measures 4 ½” High X 3 1/3” Across X 2 ½” Wide. Our large oval pillar has two wicks and measures 
6” High X 5 ½” Wide X 4 ½” Across 

Large Oval - $36.99                    Small Oval - $12.99
Item # LGST12

Large Pillar

  Pillar measures 4" X 12" and weighs about five pounds. Loaded with your favorite fragrance from our scent menu. This pillar will last I'm guessing for months, depending on usage of hours per day. These can burn longer than the average without having to put out.

Item # OB312

Octagon Pillar

  This octagon pillar is 3" in diameter x 12" tall.
Poured using a self trimming wick, your choice of scent and color. Please make note when checking out with Paypal. You may also send an email.

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Item # 4X4ROSE

Rose Pillar

  A beautiful 4" x 4" Pillar surrounded with Roses. Pillar has a concave top. Your choice of color/scent. Please make note when checking out with the shopping cart.

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