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Item # 305


  All you need to do is let me know what color scheme you would like and what scent if any.  These are paraffin candles, and have a very long burn time.  Very nice glow to it as well.  That is not to say anything about what an awesome throw they have. I scent as highly as it is possible, as I myself like strong.
Each one will be different than the last.  None can turn out identical to the other.  They are very unique!
Also, holds fragrance very well.  Puts out a good throw when candle is cold, or lit.
The 6 1/2" T X 3" Pillar 
weighs almost 2 lbs.  
The Small Pillar  is 3 1/2" T X 3"  
Square Chunk Pillar
3 1/2" T X 3" 

6 1/2" T X 3" Chunk Pillar

Item # 207

Smooth Round Pillar

This candle is 3" X 6" Tall.  
Your choice of scent and color.

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2 3/4 x 2 3/4 Bamboo Pillar 
Very detailed. In testing it had such a nice glow to it.

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Item # SFPIL


This is a 3"X3" Pillar with Snowflake on top. You may receive in any color and scent of your choice from our scent menu at top left menu on this page. Also, if you'd like to request some Glitter in this Pillar, please do. There is no extra charge.
You will not receive any soot from our Pillars but you will receive a fabulous throw of scent, and days of burning. (Varies on usage)

(I scent all my candles strong)

Embedded Pillars

4" X 41/2" Embedded Pillar.  Your choice of floral. Rose Petals or Fall Leaves. We have gold blended petals, yellow, red, blue, pink or red. In floral there are red, blue, or fall colors 

These Pillars are poured with a self trimming wick. It will be a rare for these to put out "Soot". I myself burn these all the time, and never have had a problem with soot what so ever. I honest speak from experience with burning them as I also pour them strong. Of course in doing so it depends on scent chosen to strenght and throw of candle. I recommend a strong Fruit, Sweet, Floral, or Spa scent.

Items I can embed would be assorted dried flowers, Rose petals of assorted colors, and rose buds.  I will try to get as close as possible to the color you wish to have.  These are very pretty. Don't be shy, just let me know what it is you'd like them to be embedded with. Choose your choice/color and scent. When checking out just place in notes section or you may email me and let me know. Fall leaves of assorted colors, and regular rose petals in assorted colors also.

If you should have questions before ordering one or more of these, please do not hesitate to email or call, as never a problem.

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Item # 27634

Smooth Round Pillar

Pillar is 3" X 6" Tall.  You choice of one solid color, or if you wish I can blend colors for you. Just state what you would like when checking out with shopping cart in notes section.
 Your choice of scent and color.

Assorted Pillar Links Below
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Round Chunk Pillar
3 1/2" X 3"

Item # SHELL

Seashell PIllar
(Showing is 3" X 3 1/2" Pillar)

Your choice of Scent/Color for Pillar. Will be covered with Seashells & Sand as shown. Comes in the following choices shown in dropdown PayPal shopping cart link.
Gorgeous flicker of light shows through the wax as candle burns further down.