Item # 147

American Eagle Oval Pillar.  Measures 4 1/2" Tall X 4" Wide, not including raised eagle on side. This Eagle comes with an Ivory background.  You may purchase it with scent or without.  If ordering the Eagle Scented, please upon ordering, let me know scent of your choice.

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Item # 148

Ball of Roses.  This pillar is a ball of roses which measures approximately 2 1/2" X 2 1/2".  This is a very elegant candle.  Your choice of color and scent.  Please let me know upon ordering.

Item # 149

This is my Victorian Pillar.  Very Elegant, and can be made in your choice of color and scent. Just let me know upon ordering.  Our scent list is on this page.  This pillar measures 3" high by 9 1/2" Round.

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Item # 27

Elegant all Rose Pillar

Measures approximately 3" high X 2 1/4" Wide.  Very pretty, the picture does not do it justice.  Your choice of scent and color.  Just let me know upon ordering.

Item # 37

Forever Yours Floral Pillar

Beautiful!  Your choice of color and scent.  Measures approximately 3" high and 2 3/4" in diameter.

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Item # 61

These Pinecone Candles are 2 1/2" wide X 3 1/2 " tall. They come in a pack of two, and, are scented with Pine scent.

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Item # 135

Heart with Roses Pillar

This is a gorgeous Heart with Roses Pillar.  The finished candle measures 3 ½ tall and 3 inches wide and weighs approximately 10 ounces.  It would make a great gift, or wedding candle.  This is made with 100% paraffin wax, and of course our wicks are lead free and very safe.  Your choice of color and scent.  I recommend that you keep it a lighter color, as they show up the nicest.  Please let us know upon ordering.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  This is just for the candle, not for the holder or fixings'.  You must buy those separate.

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Embedded  Cinnamon Stick Pillar

 These are embedded Cinnamon Stix Pillars made with real Cinnamon Sticks and heavily scented with Cinnamon Stix. The candle will not burn the whole diameter and will stop before hitting the cinnamon sticks, so no fear of them starting on fire. Always be safe though, and be in same room as a lit candle. The size of candle is 4" X 4 1/2" and weighs over two pounds. Will give several hours of burning. 

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Beaded Pearl Pillar

2" in Diameter by 4" High.  This would be a great one for Wedding or Anniversary Events.  Just ask, and I can pearlize it a bit more with a little Mica on the candle.


3" X 3" in diameter Pearl Pillar
(Photo on Right)

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(I scent all my candles strong)

Soy Pillars now available! Please request if this is what you want in place of Paraffin.

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3" X 3"
2" X 4"
3" X 3"
Above are more colors in our  Pearl Pillar to the right.
I have also put mica on to give you an idea as to what it looks like on pillars.
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