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Item # 55

Three Wick Pillar
(Photo shows our older one we no longer have which was a 4 1/2" x 5 1/4" Tall)

This pillar is 6" Diameter X 6 1/2 " Tall   This candle weighs over 3 lbs., and has three wicks. Does not include embeds or holder (Just for show).  You can buy those separate on my Primitive holder page, and fixins' page. The candle will give weeks of burning time, depending upon usage.
If wicks are kept trim if/when flame gets too high, you shouldn't have a problem with soot at all. This is one huge baby!!!

Item # 56

Victorian Column 

This is a 4" Tall by 3" Wide Finished Victorian Column Candle.  Comes in your choice of color and scent.  Scent List is located at top of this page, and I have almost any color you would desire.  This is a gorgeous candle.  Very unique.  Add some of my fixins; to it, and would make a lovely center piece too.

Item # 57

3" X 6 1/2 " Octagon Pillar.  It has the affect of mottling in this picture, but I make without, unless otherwise stated.  It has a great glow to it, and burns down wonderfully.  This candle weighs just over 1 1/2 pounds.  You choose your scent and color.  Just let me know upon ordering, which you would prefer.  We also have an option for our 3" X 4" Octagon. (Not shown)

           3" X 4" - $14.99           
3" X 6 1/2" - 24.99
Item # 58

3" X 3 1/2" Pillar in scent and color of choice.

Item # 59

Your Choice on Size

Your choice of two different sizes as follows: 

                4" x 4 1/2"               4" x 6 "   
               (Photo shown)
                  $18.99              $24.99
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(I scent all my candles strong)
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Item # Hum2

A beautiful large pillar with a hummingbird and beautiful flowers on it (the design is repeated 3 times around it, so it circles the whole candle. This one is definitely a must have. The pillar is 4 1/2 X 4 and the finished candle weighs almost 2 pounds.

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Item # 68-9

3" X 9" Pillar in scent and color of choice
This pillar was made of 100% all natural soy. Believe me when I say, this is a whole lot of candle and you will get hours and hours of burn time.


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Item # WED2

This Pillar is 2" in Diameter and comes in four Heights as follows:

3 1/2" - $4.95
4 1/2" - $5.95
6 1/2" - $7.95
9 1/2" - $9.95

Choice of plain, or with glitter, please email or put in notes sectrion of Paypal when checking out with shopping cart.
Pillar links below in different style and sizes