Use tarts in your tart warmer for those places you can't burn a candle! Perfect for your office or business.  Embeds are great for tarts, and to place around your pillars as a great center piece and extra scent
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Item # 205

Chocolate pieces

The picture doesn't even do them justice, they look so real!  These come in a cello pack of 8 oz. (28-32 Pieces).  As always your choice of scent/color.  These candies look so real, you won't believe your eyes. Better watch as your company may try to eat one.  They make excellent tarts.  Drop one or two in your tart warmer, and smell the sweetness all around..If you don' t want sweet, that's okay too!

You now have two options for ordering. You may use the shopping cart, or you may email me your order and I will send invoice from Paypal.
Thank you for shopping at Cheryl's Candles!
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Item # 28

Jelly Beans

Plastic jar filled with your favorite jelly bean tarts.  Your choice of scent.  You can have mixed colors (our choice), or all one color (your choice).  This jar holds approximately 70-72 jelly beans.  I call these my large flat sided Jelly Beans. The beans measure 1" x 3/4", and all total you get approximately 14 oz. per container.

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Jar full of Carmels

Plastic 18 oz. Jar filled with Caramels that are very detailed and look very much like the real thing. Approximately 52-56 Pieces.

(Cello bag of 24)

Elegant Candy Pieces

These candies look so real, so be careful that your company or small children don't pick one up to eat. 

Baker's Dozen Sampler
Scalloped or Daisy
1 & 2 oz. Scent  Shots
Pop-out Clamshell
4 oz Squares
Chunk Melts / Blends
Banana Split Scoop
Cake Pops
Popcicles (Realistic)
Candy (Realistic)
Fried Egg (Realistic)
Waffles or Pancakes
Muffins & Breads
Apple Lover's
Bag of Mixed Fruit
Fruit bowls 
Hearts & Roses
Assorted Flowers
Bits & Pieces (Brittle) 
Blissful Fusion
Pies & Cakes
Cookies & Donuts
Pastry Tarts
Slice-A-Cake or Bread
Slice-A-Loaf (3 Sizes) 
Slice a Pie or Muffin
Mini Cinni Buns
Mini Snowflakes
Gingerbread Men
Mini Sea Shells
Everything Else

More Tart/Melt Links
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Item # FRCO4

Pack of Three 3 oz  Frosted Cookies

Photo shows eight, but you will receive only three frosted cookies, which come in cello bag.  Use whole in larger bowls, or break into pieces for smaller burners/warmers. As always your choice of scent.

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Item # FRCO3

4 1/2 Oz. Frosted Cookies

Choice of two or four cookies. Use whole in larger bowls.  Break up into smaller tart/warmer bowls.  As always your choice of scent.

 Remember, you can order a scent that isn't cookie, if you aren't a sweet fan.  

Pack of Two - $6.75
Pack of Four - 10.95
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Item # 307

Cute mini sugar cookies to either use as tarts, or you can use them as  embeds to put around your pillars.  You will receive a pack of 12 Tarts/embeds tied off with homespun or twist tie  These of course come in the scent of sugar cookie, unless otherwise specified in Pay Pal.

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Item # 105

This is one half dozen of my famous snickerdoodle cookies.  They smell and look like the real thing.  They are the size of a normal cookie that you would bake at home, only without the calories. 2" X 2".   Break them up into your tart warmers.  Smells so yummy.......If you prefer sugar cookies let me know when ordering, as I have those also.  Showing is only 5 of my cookies.

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Item # BARS


Pack of two Bars scented with your favorite flavor. You can have maple or chocolate covered coloring. Make them any flavor of your choice. After all, they will still look the same. No one will ever know the difference, if you wish to display for a while before slicing. To use, just take a knife and slice off how much you'd like and place in your tart dish. These equal out to be about 2-3 ounces each bar. They will be shrink wrapped to keep fragrance in 

$6.00 Per pack of two
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Item # 1181

Mini Donuts

One half dozen of my famous donut tarts.  They measure in dimension 
1 1/2".  Choose your choice of flavor, and I'll try my best to make it look like the real thing! 

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Item # 4OZDO

Large 4 oz. Frosted Donuts

Donuts are sold by your choice of one or a six pack. They weigh four ounces each, and measure 3" X 1 1/4"
We have five donut scents on our list, but doesn't have to be a donut scent to make the perfect looking donut. Choice is yours!

One Donut - $3.95

Pack of Six Donuts w/different flavors
Item # 26

Detailed Gingerbread Tarts

These are so cute.  They are our little miniature gingerbread men.  These will make great tart scents for anytime of the year.  They measure 1 1/2 " X 1 1/2 ".  The picture doesn't even do them justice.  They are so detailed. 

One Pound

Half Pound
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Item # LGBAR

Large Hershey Bar

This is a Super Duper size bar.........slice off what you need and save the rest until you are ready for more. Remember Just because this has the wordes Hershey on it, doesn't mean you can't order whatever flavor you wish. I  will make it into a light or dark chocolate no matter what. These are over 6 oz. each, and will be shrink wrapped with label of scent so you won't forget what you you might like that scent and order more. If you do wish to have Chocolate, keep in mind we do have Hershey's Chocolate, Chocolate Mint


One Dozen Donuts

These are the newest of our donuts, which are half the size of our regular mini donuts. Weighs out to be 8 oz. for this pack of twelve. Our other mini donuts on site weigh out at the same for a six pack. 
Your choice of scent and if you have a color of choice.

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Item # HDON

Heart Shaped Donuts
(7.4 ounces per pack)

One half dozen heart shaped donuts. These come in a cello bag with twist tie. Your choice of scent/color. If no color is specified, I will color according to scent/scents ordered

Item # CYCDO

Cyclone Donut
(2 oz. Each)

Choose your flavor of choice. Please include color. If color is not noted at time of order, I will color according to scent ordered. Three pack is for one scent only. Donuts will be shrink wrapped and placed in cello bag with tie.
Measures 2.76" X 2.76" X 1.38"

$1.99 Individual            $5.47 (Pack of Three)
Item # RCA

Ribbon Candy

Your choice of two colors and one scent. These come in an eight pack cello bag which weighs 3 ounces

Item # BB

Bon Bon's

Comes in a cello pack of 15 which total weight is 4 oz. Your choice of scent/color


Rosette Candies

Comes in a cello pack of 15 which total weight is 3 1/2  oz. Your choice of scent/color