Use tarts in your tart warmer for those places you can't burn a candle! Perfect for your office or business. No need to worry about a flame, or forgetting to put out candle. I have some that make great night lights, besides making your home smell great with the assortment of fragrances I have in stock.
You may email me your order or use the Paypal shopping cart which is very secure to order. 
It is your choice!
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Item # - X's & O's

Large X's & O's Tarts!
Buy 1/4 pound of these for the small price of
$6.75 (One Scent & Color)

Buy 1/2 Pound (One Scent & Two Colors)


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Item # PEACE

Peace Sign Tarts

Cello pack of four peace sign tarts. Each tart weighs one ounce, and measures 2 3/4" across x 3/8" thick. Your choice of scent/color, if no color selection then I will color to cordinate scent ordered. Also, choice of parasoy or paraffin wax.

Item # EGSK

Fried this egg right in my very own Country Kitchen. You receive two Fried Eggs (Plate not included).  Your choice of flavor. You can purchase these eggs with my Cast Iron Tart Skillet, for a discounted price. Wouldn't it be neat to have it for show in your Kitchen. You can also see how many people you can fool when you serve them a breakfast they will believe is real, until they go to cut the egg with their fork. I myself, have so much fun at this!
When you get ready, you just break it up into the Skillet or another tart dish if you don't purchase skillet, and melt for the Scent throw. Taking a wild guess, this would equal out to about three regular tarts.

Two Eggs $3.99

Two Eggs with Tart Skillet $8.00

Cast Iron Tart Skillet without Eggs  $4.65
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Shamrock is just over three ounces, and is shrink wrapped so no worry about losing scent if you don't use right away. Will stay strongly scented as the day I poured. Your choice of color/scent. 

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Item # BUGS

Assorted Bug Tarts

Tarts are 2 oz. each and include Lady Bug, Dragonfly, Bumble Bee & Butterfly. Purchase pack of four (One each), pack of eight (Two each). Your choice of color/scent. Please make notation when checking out with shopping cart.

Pack of Four                        Pack of Eight
                          $7.95                                 $14.94
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Mickey Cartoon

One ounce Mickey Cartoon Character. Sold  in packs of two (2 oz. Total). Same scent/color per pack of two purchased. These are shrink wrapped together.

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3 oz. Smilie Snake