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Item # WAVY

A large bar of soap in your style, scent and color.  This is called my Wavy Bar.  They are really nice looking.  Stock up now!  Your choice of scent, base, and color.
This is a 5 ounce bar of soap.

Item # TIESQ

Tie Dye Square

Tie Dye Square bars of soap. Choose your colors wanted for tie dye, fragrance, and which base you'd like.  Stock your shelf's now.  Try at least one of each style of soap.  See which one suits your needs best.  All my soaps are made with great healing properties.  Also, all are made with sensitive skin in mind, but works on normal skin too.

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Bases & Ingriedients
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Bath Accessories
Cosmetic Gift Bags
Gift Baskets
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Goat's Milk Honey Lotion
Linen & Room Spray
Shower Gel & Mist
Wedding Favors
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Square Tie Dye
Birds / Butterfly
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Muffin Soap Pouf on Rope
Candy Pieces (Gift Soap)
Nolvety Soap 
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Hand Poured Soap For Dry / Normal Skin
(Made Fresh Upon Ordering)
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Beautiful bar of soap!
Dimensions: 3 ½ x 2 5/8"x 1 3/8" at deepest point
4 oz. Bar with your choice of color, base and scent 

We now have "Ultra Clear Soap"
Item # 44000

Square Bar with Rose Buds

Your choice of scent and color. Included will be rose buds, as shown in photo above.