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This is so nice, and would be a great addition to your bath area.  These particular Love Birds were made with my latest Aloe Vera Soap, but you may have your choice of soap/scent. Extra large as you can see by the photo.  Would make excellent Wedding Favors.  Just E-Mail me, and I'll set a price, the more ordered, the better rate.

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Humming Bird

Oval with very detailed humming birds. Your choice of soap brand, scent & color.

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Item # B-FLY


I have used glitter Red Coloring in above bar, which is clear. Has different effects than will with white soap. 
Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 1" 
3.75 oz. Bar with your choice of color, scent and soap base. Please note when checking out with PayPal shopping cart, or in email to me.

We now have "Ultra Clear Soap"
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Item # 3D-BIRD

"Realistic Bird"

This is a 3-D Bird, which is absolutely beautiful and so very realistic looking. The finished size is 4 1/8" X 1 5/8" X 2"
Weighs just off of 3 ounces.
As always your choice of color/scent

Item # DOVE

Dove Of Peace

Very detailed bar of soap. Because doves mate for life and are dedicated, honorable and peaceful to each other, they have been used for centuries as a symbol of love and peace. The Dove of Peace features an iconic image of a dove holding an olive branch.
3 ounces, and has Length of 3:625", Width of 2.5", Depth of 1"

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Base makes a difference: This is Goat's Milk 
Base makes a difference: This is Clear 
I've already shrink wrapped, so picture isn't as clear as could have been!
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Item # OWL

Mr. Owl

This classic owl as detailed feathers and big eyes sure to stand out in soap. Weighs on average of 3.95 oz.; Dept: 1.5", Length: 3.5", Width: 2.625".  Left shows owl using our premium clear soap base and on right is our goats milk base.