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Please Read Our Shipping Details with exceptions

ATTN:  Shipping rates for International do not apply, please email and I will send you an invoice from PayPal with correct shipping added, or when paying with shopping cart, I will send you invoice with balance of shipping owed.

Contact us by emailing:  [email protected]

You may order using the shopping cart or emailing your order. All shipping calculations are an estimate, and you will be charged the difference when order is completed and weighed for exact weight. Shipping must be paid for before order is sent. It is difficult to determine the exact shipping as we have so many items on site which the weight and size of items are variable. Please know you are always welcome to email and ask if something will fit in a particular flat rate box that goes priority. Never a problem as we are here to help you.

When using shopping cart shipping is as follows. Local customers may order over phone or email and pick up if they choose to save shipping. Orders may also be emailed to "Cheryl's Candles" and I will send you an invoice from PayPal with exact shipping cost. For those that just want a few single tarts, I can ship in a flat rate envelope for $8.55 Also holds six clamshells to twelve clamshells when sending in padded envelope.
(Priority Boxes Now Include Up To $50 Insurance)

0.1 - 5.00 = $8.55
5.01 - 50.00 = $15.05
50.01 - 110.00 = $21.10
110.01 - 160.00 = $30.00
160.01 and up = $0.00

Above amounts are just an estimate that you will be charged when using our shopping cart. No orders will be filled until paid for in advance, and cannot be shipped until shipping cost is paid for.  Once your order is started, you may not cancel, even if shipping is not paid yet. If you believe shipping can be lower, please email your order and I will send you an invoice direct from PayPal with correct charges. I no longer refund once paid for, due to paperwork involved.
Shipping cost are just close estimates when paying with shopping cart. Just way too many sizes and variable weights on products with on site, so hard to make it correct all the time. If you are ordering just a couple of items or a few tarts, live in the states of California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Idaho I highly recommend you email your order to me and I will send you an invoice direct from PayPal with a much closer and lower shipping cost, as can send in regional boxes which are so much cheaper especially when only a couple states away from us. If you pay with shopping cart chances are you will pay much more than needed, and I can no longer give refunds on shipping due to the paperwork involved.

I am always willing to order something in special for you if possible. Must be paid for in advance before I do so. 
I hope all of you will understand.  We are a home based business and cannot afford the loss. I never used to do this, but didn't take long and I learned a lesson, that must collect before hand. Sorry........

Unless it is a large package, I will always send Priority mail. Large packages will be sent through UPS. If you have a preference, please let me know at time of ordering within the notes section when paying through paypal. Please feel free to email me also. Always welcome!

Listed below are just estimates of assorted items that may fit in a Medium or Large Priority Flat Rate Box. Unless stated that it is a large, it will be a Medium Flat rate that items below fit. Do not hesitate to email if you have any concerns, questions or special request.

Please Keep in mind Shipping cost is your responsibility, and in no way can we control the prices of the U.S.P.S or UPS. 
We try and keep prices down to compensate for it.

If item has asterisk in front, it has been done!

*32 One ounce Melts fit in - Padded Flat Rate Envelope (Must email order as price for this is not on PayPal)

*One Dozen 8 oz. Mason (straight sided) 

*17 Cello bags of six Large Tarts plus one six pack of Daisy Tarts (Large Flat Rate Box)

*36 - 6 Pack of Scalloped Tarts (Large Flat Rate Box)

*10 - 1/2 Lb  Bags of Bits & Pieces (Fits but tight)

*6 - 18 oz. Apothecary Jars (Large Flat Rate Box)

*2 - 12 oz. Scoops in Plastic Container (Padded Flat Rate Envelope)

1 - 6 Cavity Large Muffin Tin (Padded Flat Rate Envelope)

Four - 12 oz. Bulb Jars Item # 4251

*Four - 18 oz. Apothecary Jars Item # 7234APT

7" Sliceable Pie - (Padded Flat Rate Envelope)

*Two - 20 oz. Diamond Jars Item # 164

Four - 8 oz. Melon Jars Item # 19

Six - 5 oz. Country Kitchen Jars Item # 297

*Two - Quart size Mason Jars Item # 303 
(Large Priority Box)

*Three - Quart size Mason Jars Item # 303
(Large Priority Box)

Four - Sugar Shaker Candles Item # 190

Eight - Flower Pot Candles Item # 257

Three - 14 oz. Urn Jars Item # 1014

Eight to Ten - Small Victorian Jars Item # 299

Six - Five ounce frosted Ginger Jars Item # 168

Two - Primitive Crow votive's with candle poured Item # 93/412

Three - Twelve ounce Victorian Jars 

*Twelve - Six Pack Tarts 

*Twenty-Four - Three Pack Tarts

*Six - Dozen Tea Light Candles

*Four Wide Mouth or Regular 16 oz. Mason Jars

*Six Square 8 oz. Mason Jars

*Two 20 ounce curved squares

*Between 6-8 Pounds Bits & Pieces

*Six one pound bags of Blissful Fusion

*Six Sampler Packs (Bakers Dozen) Tarts

*Seventy-Five Melt Cups (Large Priority Box)

*Two Item # B8SIDED which is my 22 ounce Jar w/Bubble Lid

*Two Item # 12SQ (My 22 oz. Curved Square Candle)

*Six 8 oz. Melon Jars (Item # 19)

*32 Regular Sized Cherub Bars of soap (Bath Size)
(Above shipped in Large Flat Rate Box)

*130  Single Tarts
(Above shipped in Large Flat Rate Box)

*16 - 8 oz. Seamless Tins (Medium Flat Rate)

*9- 10 oz. Apothecary Jars with Black Handle Metal Lid (Large Flat Rate)
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I will always ship the cheapest way possible. We ship UPS on larger boxes which are light. Heavier items we'll send by the following as always cheaper when vs the weight. 

Priority Flat Rate Boxes - Medium & Large
Regional Flat Rate Boxes - Box A 

If you are ordering  only 6-8 clamshells, 8 six packs of scalloped or daisy tarts, or up to 20 -25 Melt cups, please email your order as these can be shipped in a Padded Priority Flat Rate Envelope for $7.95.  Must email  your order for these prices. I will send you an invoice direct from paypal.
With everything we have on site, it's impossible to get exact, so I have to set between one amount and another for shipping. If uncertain, you can always email me and I'll try my best to estimate your shipping that will be charged on PayPal, along with if it would be less if I sent invoice.
Orders $100 and up will receive $20 off which will cover the cost of one large flat rate box.  

Feel free to spread the word, but remember you must email your order to me with order #, name of item, color of choice if wanted or you may choose to have no color, scent/scents and your zip code for shipping purposes. I would love to continue this so hope business will pick up and can do so.