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All candles on sale are already made and ready to ship. Please check for availability, as only a few select placed on site, Containers & Jars, may or maynot have more then one.  I have set it up so now if they are still available or sold out. If a particular item is sold out it will not let you purchase. So hurry while they last. You must use links for shopping cart. Paypal will include shipping, when paying but please understand this is just an estimation. You will be sent a separate invoice for balance of shipping if there is anything due.  If you live locally, you may call me for your order or email. I will then go in and edit the links. As things sell, I am trying my best to remove them from site, so you can see what we still have left. If you have any questions or for some reason you can not order by using links for shopping cart, please do not hesitate to email or call. 

Thanks, for shopping with "Cheryl's Candles". 

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Single Tarts!

If you haven't tried a particular scent, but sounds good to you. This is the way to go.  These tarts are cured and ready to melt. As, they do improve with scent strength over time. 

These are ready to ship!

Item # STAR

 $0.50 Each
Waxed Tarts in Assorted shapes, sizes & scentsSoy Candles 
Soy Candles Link Two

NOTE: The number listed after each scent is how many are in stock for sale price. 
Mix the categories or don't, just be sure not to order more than is listed after each particular scent. You may order at regular cost, but no more then I have listed on our ready to ship items. Please be sure and make note when checking out with shopping cart, or email me scents wanted and how many of each. These may come in different shapes, but all are the same weight as normal. Some may weigh more, but not less then our normal scalloped tarts. At the moment most are regular scalloped tarts or Daisy.
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Ready-To-Ship Already Cured Tarts
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