Welcome to Cheryl's Photo Gallery

This is where my candles come alive.  You'll view the pictures donated, and given permission by my customers to add to this page for viewing on how my candles are used, and be able to meet some awesome people who buy from "Cheryl's Candles"
Congratulations Anne & Josh! 
They are engaged to be Married on August 5th, 2006.  Thank you Anne, for letting Cheryl's Candles help prepare for your Wedding Day.  It has been a real pleasure!  Unfortunately Anne never was able to send some photos, but we were able to participate by making up Tea Lights for her with an Orchid on top.
Photo's below are from  local antique store we used to consign with
On top shelf you'll notice my assortment of soaps on rack, and some candles. Down below, are all the rest of my candles located at "Remember When"
Closer View of  "Cheryl's Candles"
Bob is watching the stand at "Remember When 2006 Christmas Event"  I'm off doing some buying of my own from the other vendors. 
For those of you that haven't met me. Well, here I am drinking some much needed coffee!
Here is another table by "Cheryl's Candles".  This one has all the jars of assorted scented tealights, the large fresh muffins in their baskets, and more candles.  
Jamie & Annette are to be married July 21, 2007 

Robert & Cheryl from "Cheryl's Candles" would like to thank you so very much for letting us take part in your wedding, by being able to pour the candles for the big event. It was an honor. Also, thank you Annette's mom, Val, for Keeping me informed of all the preparations, and for the very special invite Annette.  Believe me, I feel like I am going to be there, and can just see it now, with all your mom has kept me updated with. She has a way, as she explains in such detail, you feel like you can see what she is describing right before your eyes.  Thanks VAL!  You've become quite a special friend over these months. We look forward to posting some wedding pictures of this gorgeous couple, real soon.
On our last vacation we were able to meet up with a couple of our customers. This is Lisa on the right, and myself (Cheryl) on the left. Picture on right is my hubby "Bob" (Owner of "Cheryl's Candles".  Lisa is such an awesome person, and we very much enjoyed the company of Lisa, and her hubby, Lee.  I've never done so much laughing in all my life. We had a lot of fun, and so glad Bob & I finally met up with her.
The photo below shows what she does with the Kitchen candles that she has ordered from us. What a neat idea she had!
Lisa loves to display my Kitchen goodies within her own Kitchen for show.  It really looks great the way she has it fixed up. The photo doesn't even show justice to how great it looks.

On the shelf below CAFE, she has a row of assorted flavored muffins, and cinnamon rolls.  On the right shelf below the wine rack, she has one of my Strawberry Sundaes in the middle of two of my layer cake slices.

On the shelf below that she has some of my drink candles. A Pina Colada, and Margarita being two of them.  Then below that next to the Cat, she has one of my creamers filled with "Warmed Cream"
On the hutch shelves she has even more, such as sugar shakers.  
Very neat idea!!!
Above are Sherry &  her husband Tony.  Terriffic people!  We've really been blessed in being able to meet them face to face finally.  Our only regret is that our visit was short with them. Just enough time for some chit chat, and then went to dinner.  We stopped here first on our long haul up to Ohio.  Beautiful & Peaceful area they live in too. I just loved it!
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Our Muffins & Cinn Roll Below
Our Two Layer Cake & Sundae Below
Margarita, Pina Colada & More drinks
From "Cheryl's Candles" Above on Shelf
Sugar Shaker, Hot Chocolate & more of our Candles which can't be seen
Mik pitcher & More Candles on Rack
Our warmers & Burners Below
More of an assortment of candles that were sold an consignment at one of our local antique stores.  We stocked a little of everything and in a huge assortment of assorted glassware.
An order from one of our regulars. I'm so happy to know she loves our tarts, but also all of our bath items.