Item # 210-FLOATER

Lilac Floater

Lilac Flower Floater (2 ½” Diameter X 1” High) 1.5 oz.  As you can see, it is very much detailed.  Looks gorgeous!  

$2.00 Each
Item # 211-FLOATER

Peony Floater

This is my Peony flower.  You choose color.  There is an example of one lit on the left.  It measures 2.5" across by 1" thick. Burn time is over 3 hours.

$2.50 Each
Item # 221-FLOATER


This is my Hibiscus Floater it is 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" in  Depth 1 1/2" Capacity  You can order these with color of choice.  These are great for Weddings, Showers, dinner parties, or just sitting around in the evening.

$2.00 Each
Item # 222-FLOATER

Dahlia Flower Floater (3” D X 2” Thick)  These are gorgeous, and detailed to the finest.  Burn time is over 3 hours.

$2.50 Each
Item # 223-FLOATER

Open Rose Floater

Small Open Rose Floater (2 1/4" x 1 3/4") - Depth 3/4"
You will receive two of these in a cello pack. 

Item # 225-FLOATER

Snow Flake Floater (4 ½” Base X 1” High) Holds 2.5 ounces wax.  These come in white with scent of choice.  Very large floater.  On testing this gave me a 4 hour burn time, so I give it an average of 3-4 hours.  Would be great for the Christmas Holidays!

$2.50 Each
Item # 226-FLOATER

Waterlily Floaters (2 3/4" diameter - Depth 7/8").  These are really nice floaters.  Very elegant, and great for any occasion.  Nice as giving for gifts too. 
(Burn time tested between 3-4 hours.)

$2.50 Each
Item # 227-FLOATER

Sunflower Floater.  Your choice of color. Also, a very detailed floater. Great for weddings and spring time occasions.

$2.00 Each
Item # 285-FLOATER

A perfect Poinsettia. This poinsettia is absolutely beautiful and so very detailed. It is 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall.  Just gorgeous.  In Testing this Floater it burnt for over 3 hours.  

$2.50 Each
Our Floaters are great for Bridal Showers, Weddings, and Parties. I will gladly match the colors you are needing if you would send me a swatch of material or something to match up to. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email and ask, or if you have free long distance, by all means give me a call.

Thank you for shopping at Cheryl's Candles!  
Hand poured Floating Candles
Item # 285-FLOATER

Our Elegant Rose Floater measures 2 1/2" Wide X 1" Tall.  Can be used as a floater or regular candle.  Using as a floater, in testing the Rose, it had a burn time of over three hours.

$2.25 Each
Floaters are not scented, if you wish to have them scented there will be an extra charge of $2.00 per pack ordered
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Our floaters are all sold individually and will each be shrink wrapped. Please know that if you are having a Wedding or special occasion that calls for over 50 please email and I will give you a discount.
Note: All Floaters are shrink wrapped
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