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Item # 51-FLAME

Huge Regular Size Bundt Cake Light

This is a large Bundt Cake Light.  Approx. 3 ¾” High X 9”  in Diameter.  The one showing in the picture is of a Strawberry Scented bundt cake drizzled with Vanilla Extract Icing, and a dozen well scented Strawberry embeds to go around the bottom.  These come with their own cord that has on/off switch, and a silicone tip bulb.  They also come with a large Tray to display them.  I can also make carrot raisin bundts, which will have Carrot Cake Scent, topped with cream cheese icing, raisins and carrots.   You might want a Cinnamon Bundt Cake, which will be iced, and surrounded with miniature cinnamon bun embeds on bottom.   How about a Chocolate Cake, iced with Hershey's Scent, and surrounded on bottom by Hershey Candy bar Pieces. I have Berry Bundt Cake, would look great with all types of berries at the bottom. There are several choices to choose from.  As long as I have the scent, I'll make whatever flavor you are longing for.  Each one will be a creation of its own.  These lights when turned on, as they warm up will release the scent out into the room.  They last for months. No flame, no mess, but a beautiful fragrance of choice.  These are very large, and heavy lights, as it is the size of a real bundt cake.  Weighs approximately 5 lbs or more, and it is highly scented with fragrance of choice.  

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# Embossed Gingerbread Man $21.95 w/fixings & Plate $23.95
# Embossed Apple $21.95 w/fixings & Plate $23.95

The scent will last for months, depending on the amount of time you use your light per day.  Like any candle the wax can melt if gets to hot, so it is suggested you give your light a break after 4-5 hours.

These lights are my best sellers.  Give it a try, as I scent them very heavily.  I can't guarantee coloring will always be exact, but will try my best to get the closest possible..
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Item # CROSS

This is an Electric Grubby light that will glow through the cross when turned on.  As the light warms up, will throw the scent out into the room.  Your choice of scent, and color.  Will include plate to put your light on, silicone bulb, and cord with on/off switch.  No embeds are included with this light. I will say, this is a beautiful light especially gorgeous when done in no color or a cream/ivory. Light shines through the cross so well. Smells fantastic too, without saying.


Flameless Embossed Tree 

You would not believe how gorgeous this is.  The light literately just shines through on the Christmas Tree.  It is a sure thing to have through the holidays.  All you have to do is make sure bulb is centered, turn it on, and within minutes smell the aroma that comes through your home or office.  I have a few Tree Scents that you could choose from, but choice is entirely yours. Color choice is yours, but I recommend Green.  This is really worth the money.  . They throw off the scent so well. This light does not include embeds, but does include matching plate for light to sit on.

Item # FLAME

Flameless & Highly Scented Lights

Your choice of color, and scent. Fixin's can be what ever you choose, just let me know when checking out. On many of the sweets I will drizzle topping over fixins' also. You just tell me what you want. That's all there is to it. Be sure to let me know if you would like a round or square light. All  include cord with switch, and bulb.

These are made with a much firmer wax than our regular paraffin for pillars to prevent wax from melting. and can last six months or more with scent. Any wax product needs a rest, as do these. Turn them off after five hours to give them a rest.

These are used in many offices, schools, and other places where candles can not be used. They are very safe. These are also idea for rest homes, etc. You won't be disappointed, as they have a great scent throw. Sometimes you don't even have to turn light on to smell the fragrance. All depends on scent/scents ordered. Great for babies' room or young children whom love fragrance. 

$18.95 Without fixings or plate

$21.95 With Fixings' and Plate to match light

Multi-Color without Fixins' $21.95

Multi-Color with Fixings $23.95

Below are samples of how lights can be decorated. Tell me in email what you'd like and I'll do my best to oblige.
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