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"Cheryl's Candles" Scent Reviews

October 23, 2008

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

One of my favorite scents is Strawberry Rhubarb that Northern Maine sold, which is no longer an etailer.  Well, I received my first order from Cheryl's today and I just had to try her Strawberry Rhubarb Pie right away.  Anyway, if you liked Northern Maine's, you will LOVE Cheryl's.  It is a dead on duplicate.  I can't wait to try some new scents tomorrow!

Screen Name: jcbkclosk

October 23, 2008

Screen Name: Goodgirl

I have been buying Cheryl's products for well over a year. She not only provides great CS but she has some of my very favorite scents! I absolutely love her lemon scents! My favs are Lemon tart, Sweet lemon sugar & lemon Meringue. You can't go wrong with these three if you love lemon!! On the other hand for chocoholics, A MUST have if Chocolate Creme Brulee with Chocolate Drizzle being a close second! She has wonderful holiday scents such as honey gingerbread which goes for DAYS...so strong! Love her Raspberry Sorbet too:-) Lime Crystal Kisses are a refreshing scent too. I have so many I enjoy and reorder!

October 24, 2008


October 24, 2008

Screen Name: Bluegreen

I have been ordering from Cheryl about 4 months now.  I absolutely LOVE her scents plus Cheryl gives the best consumer service.  Her scents last a long time and very strong.  I HIGHLY recommend Cheryl's.  I still have ALOT more scents to try but so far mmy favorities are, Buttery Gingerbread (lasted 3 days), Raspberry Sorbet (lasted 2-3 days), Vanilla Buttercream, MacIntosh Apple, Orange Chiffon Cake, Lemon Chiffon Cake, Spiced Cranberry, Grammy's Stawberry and Sweet Lemon Sugar.  I am still trying new scents.  I will update later on these.  

October 27, 2008

Itty Bitty Bikini

Love Itty Bitty Bikini! Just like the Fruity Pebbles cereal. Great scent throw and absolutely delicious!

Screen Name: Cyngreen2
November 8, 2008

Spiced Cranberry

I bought several scents with my last order & will give my review of them as I melt them.  I bought the Bits & Pieces & made a special request that Cheryl use all paraffin wax because I think it gives a better scent throw than soy or a para-soy blend. SPICED CRANBERRY is my first review & I have to say wow!  Smells great cold but smells even better melted.  Very strong scent throw that lasted all through the morning into the night.  I'll bet I could have gotten 2 days out of it!  If you order this scent, you won't be disappointed.  

Donna B.

November 8, 2008

BLISSFUL FUSION (FRUITY SCENTS) Bits & Pieces.  This one gets a big thumbs up.  Gave very strong scent throw that smelled of different fruits with a hint of bubble gum thrown in (at least that's what my nose thought it was!)  Very unique & since no two batches will ever be the same, you get a nice surprise to boot!  Thanks Cheryl!  -Donna B. 

Big thumbs up for NANA'S OLD FASHIONED APPLE BUTTER.  Wonderful scent throw, very strong.  Spicy and buttery all at the same time.  Smells good enough to eat!  

Donna B.
November 14, 2008


NORTHWOODS scent.  Very woodsy & earthy with incredibly strong scent throw!  If you like woodsy scents, this is great for the holidays or any day!

Screen Name: Donna B.

November 14, 2008


HARVEST scent smells great cold but I found the hot scent throw to be weak.  Maybe it's just my experience? 

Screen Name: Donna B.
November 16, 2008

Midnight Cove

Wow, Cheryl!  I set a Midnight Cove tart I got from you yesterday on the counter overnight.  I could smell the cold tart this morning when I went into the room!  Expecting it to be a nice strong tart, I decided to cut it in half and only melt half in my 24w melter...and I am so glad I did.  The throw is amazing - it is melting in the basement laundry room and it is coming upstairs and scenting the main level of my home as well! This is a great scent to freshen things up!

Screen name: debra99
November 23, 2008


I had Cheryl's Bits and Pieces of Grammy's Strawberry and Pink Sugar.  I mixed these two together in my electric burner.  OMG, what a wonderful scent..  I just love Cheryl's!
November 24, 2008

L'eau D'Issey

Love the smell of your L'eau D'Issey Goats Milk Soap.  I use the soap daily and always feel pampered.  The smell of the soap on my skin stays with me for a long time and yes, people have commented on it.  Love the smell of the soap in my bathrooms and yes, guests have commented on it.

Val Richards

November 24, 2008

Peggi (chazzsmom99)

I've been buying for Cheryl for what, almost a year now.  I think the first time I smelled one of her awesome tarts was some I got in a Christmas Sample box.  They were so strong and true, and the best part? They weren't even one of her full sized tarts!  I can't remember the names right off hand, but some were Christmas-y, pine-y (but not overpowering!) and just was so good.  Cheryl is also responsible for getting me on a kick for gingerbread and pumpkin scents.  Those were the other ones I received, and believe it or not, I got several burnings from these little suckers, LOL!

I have bought her Fusions in bakery, which is such a good deal.  There usually some pretty big chunks, so you can do mixing and matching of them.

But my favorite all time scent has to be Tahitian Vanilla.  Very true, very creamy. 

Her tarts are a really good deal, to me, because of how strong they are, and how long the scent last.  You get your money's worth!  I don't buy from many etailers any more, but I will always go to Cheryl!

[email protected]
January 12, 2009

Putting in another order with Cheryl. I come back time & time again because I love her customer service & the products are always top  notch. Just when I think I have found a favorite scent she surprises me with another. I am ordering the gingered lemon honey in the 16 oz candle as well as tarts. It permeates the air with sweet honey, tart lemon in the background and the ginger is there to make it a cozy yet exotic scent. I tried itty bitty bikini expecting another sun tan lotion scent yet this has a refreshing citrus burst, a must try for all!Alyssum is my absolute fav floral. It is great in a candle and probably would be wonderful in B&B too. This time I am ordering some new ones and old favs in the 12 oz jar candle>chocolate drizzle, lemon tart, allysum, ginger honey lemon,fruity loops, itty bitty bikini, mac apple, hot apple pie, and in the tarts Citrus musk , egyptian dragon, green apple. In tarts I picked ginger honey lemon,citrus musk, egyptian dragon, green apple fruit loops, strawberry rhubarb. Can't wait:-)
February 23, 2009

Lavender Chamomile

I ordered Lavender Chamomile which would normally not be a scent that I would purchase but I was trying to expand my scent list.  Let me say that this particular tart lasted 2 full days in my warmers and probably would have gone longer, but I wanted to try some other scents.  You could pick the lavender out and then later you could smell a burst of chamomile.  This went on the full 2 days.  If you normally like this scent, I highly recommend Cheryl's for one long lasting tart with great throw.

February 25, 2009

Screen Name: mamalana

Just recently purchased my first order from Cheryl.  Here is review on a few that I have melted:

Chocolate Drizzle - Oh my, this is a wonderful strong chocolate.  My living area is large with high ceilings and this is scenting it very well!

Orange Chocolate Truffle - Oh yeah. Have you figured out I like chocolate scents? This one rates reorder! 

Lemon Bundt Cake - Very nice. Not as strong as these other two, but definitely very nice. Lemon was not overly tart (bad pun) and the cake smoothed it out very deliciously. 

Banana Nut Bread - I liked this scent, but it didn't smell like Banana Nut Bread to me at all. 

Cranberry Chutney - Good scent, fresh, probably not as strong as I would want in my large area, but very nice in a smaller room.

I have been pleased with my purchase so far!

February 19,, 2009

Man, these Chunk tarts are fantastic so far.  The first that I put on was the wild cherry/lemon tart.  I took this off about 11 pm last night (it had been going about 9 ½  hours and though it was still putting out scent I wanted so to try the Vanilla bliss/fruity patchouli.  I got home about 2 PM today and it was also still putting out scent.  That was 15 straight hours in my 24 watt burner.  I absolutely love this one….if you like patch at all this one is superb and a great combo.  I promptly put on the 7-up pound cake/raspberry sorbet and it is throwing big time in less than ½ hour.  Another really good one and both scents are detectable.  I am hooked on these tarts.  Can’t wait to think of more scent combos.

By S.P
March 1, 2009

I have been buying candles from Cheryl for a year now and have not been disappointed.  The range of scents and throws are fantastic!  Some of my favorites are Emerald SeaBamboo Blossom, Tranquil Oasis, Island Spa, Mulberry Wine, Cool Water, Sandalwood and Ginger apple, Cinnamon Cidar.  The only one I haven't liked is Gingered Lemon Honey which someone else reviewed and loved.  Cheryl's customer service is just awesome, I look forward to doing business with her for a long time
March 2, 2009

This was my first order from Cheryl's and I ordered a bunch of Rocky Mountain Tart Combos.  I must say that some of them were just FANTASTIC!!!  Melon Mist & Vanilla Bean Noel is Superb!!!!  Cantelope & Plumeria burned for 3 days in my bedroom and was still going strong when I popped it out to try a different scent.  Buttermilk Pancakes & Hot Baked Apple Pie is mouth watering delicious.  I have some more to go but these were strong, long lasting and YUMMY!!!  :)
March 4, 2009

I just got my first order from Cheryl's Candles today.  I ordered three candles in Lemon Pound Cake.  Let me tell you, as soon as I lit them within five minutes you could smell how wonderful they were. Excellent scent throw.  They burn clean and even.  I wish I knew how great these candles were ahead of time.  I would have ordered so much more. Guess I will just have to put another order in asap!!!!  Thanks Cheryl your candles are #1!!!!
March 8, 2009


I have found two more of Cheryl's scents that are very noteworthy.  I melted Country Berry Hot Cakes yesterday. It had a medium to strong throw, and the amazing thing was that it was still throwing noticely after 12 hours,

Today I melted Pear Drizzle.  Oh, wonderfully strong, and a great scent.  Just a marvelous sweet pear scent.  This is high on my list of favorite melts from anyone.
March 31, 2009

My name is Gina (Goodgirl) I have been ordering from Cheryl a LONG time. She never disappoints me. Her products are always strongly scented as she uses quality scent oils. I want to mention her goat's milk and honey lotion. I get it in Lemon tart and it is simply the best you can buy online! It is so moisturizing and holds scent so well and it stays with you. Recently I decided to order her rocky mountain tarts and these were a few of my favs in the following scent combos:
WildCherry/Lemon tart> TO DIE FOR! Lasts 4Ever 

MangoSorbet/Pineapple Dream> Puts you in the mod for summer to hurry and get here. Strong and I smell both scents equally!  

Chocolate Drizzle/Creme Brulee>This should be called the PMS special! If you love rich decadent chocolate this is one to try!
Mac Apple/vanilla Bliss> This is knock your socks off strong. I had to turn off my melter at one point. Easily scents several rooms from one tart! Amazing! 

BerryCreme/Lemon Chiffon> This is a moderate scent combo. Permeates the air nicely with the balance of berries and the sweetness of lemon chiffon cake.

FruityLoops/LemonMeringue>Tart tart Tart! I smell mostly fruity loops but the lemon gives it the added kick!

MangoSorbet/RaspberryZinger>this is a popular one to try. I definitely smell both scents and they compliment each other so well.

I also LOVE her candles. They are the best and again strongly scented and lasting. I burned her choc creme brulee 32 oz mason off & on for about 6 months and every time was as strong as the last! Thanks Cheryl!

April 14, 2009


May 14, 2009

Slpit (Sherry)

I have been a fan of Cheryl's for a long time and have had many scent requests but today i want to talk about a couple of scents she recently combined for me.  The first one is what she now calls Hawaiian Dreams which began as a chunk combo in Pineapple Dreams and Mango Sorbet.  It is the true imaginary trip to paradise.  The tropical trueness of the scents is magnificent.  Each scent comes through at times and then at others it is the perfect blend.  It has the obvious sweetness of ripened fruit and then the little tangy punches that come through now and then to slightly rouse you from your day dreams. In your closed eye daydream you can literally feel your toes playing in the sand as you escape your daily hassles and enjoy her magnificent creation.

A second combo was the Vanilla Bliss/Fruity Patchouli.  This is not for the weak of heart but for the truly sultry vixen.  She is dressed in purple satin and ready for her night out.  She has an earthiness about her that makes all heads turn and follow her. Though they try to turn away, her mystery lures them back and they cannot escape.  That is this scent to me.  It is strong, earthy, sultry and sensual, but not for the weak of heart.  
May 17, 2009


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August 31, 2009

WOW.........love her candles.she has any thing any candle lover could want! she definitely knows how to make customers feel like family.she is a blessing. my favorite scent is :my mommas blueberry cobbler:strong and true to its name,my husband loves it.my sons favorite is :sweet treat:its yummy and strong also,smells like sweet tarts mixed with vanilla. to sum it all up,I found my candle place to shop! SHE IS AWESOME! GOD BLESS 

Screen Name: chrissy
September 27, 2009

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL CHERYL AND HER CANDLES ARE! Cheryl recommended that I try :apple caramel crunch: and boy I'm glad I did. it reminds me of pancakes w/apples and cinnamon sprinkled on top.SUPER STRONG scent throw. I also asked her to mix a scent:gourmet vanilla strawberry blend:and on love it as well!it has a nice calming scent w/a medium scent throw.she also mixed a :pink sugar and buttercreme icing: that smells fun and girly.it it a floral scent with hints of sweet berry and icing.light scent throw. CANT WAIT TO TRY OTHER SCENTS AND MIXES! she is great about answering questions and doing all she can to find exactly what u want. LOVE HER SHE IS AWESOME!    

Screen Name: Chrissy
October 24, 2009

Agave Tequilana Cacao

Agave Tequilana Cacao!  This scent in unbelievable, Cheryl!  For those who like complex scents that last, this would be it.  Spicy in the beginning, ending with a sandalwood blend! My new favorite.

Screen Name: Debra

November 9, 2009

I love Cheryls  bits and pieces bags they are a great deal!! From the scents Ive tried the scents Ive loved that throw great are Banana nut bread, Love Muffin, Mongo Sorbet, Plum Crazee (wonderful) Sweet Craving (devine throws forever), Totally scrumtious (the name says it all lol), Apple caramel crunch (yummy), banana walnut cake, caramel nut cluster (yummy), itty bitti bikini (favorite), mystic woods (awesome), nanas old fashioned apple butter (great!!), orange bliss (wonderfully yummy), plumberry spice (reminds me of christmas), satsuma lady, sweet treat (yummy), twisted (great), welcome home (another favorite). I love Cheryls stuff her customer service is wonderful and her prices are great!! Thanks Cheryl!!

Screen Name: Tiffany

December 7, 2009

Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice is really yummy and strong! If you like cinnamon, you'll love this one. I didn't detect any tea scent even though it's in the scent description. Mostly just warm, authentic cinnamon! I bought several sets of the three pack of tarts. Most are fine but several are very slightly damaged around the scalloped edges. This particular pack of Cinnamon Spice was broken into several pieces. Not a problem at all since I ordered for my own use. If most of these were meant as gifts though, I'd surely be disappointed due to the less than pristine condition. Not sure why this happened, as the mailer box itself was packed quite well and undamaged. 

Screen Name: PuppyLove

December 7, 2009
Cheryl's Candles in reference to above

I'm not sure why this happened, but hope this is just a one time thing, as I try to pack all well.  I know with having a mix of soy in the tarts that sometimes the bags may get smeared some, and that is normal. Not much can be done on this as soy has an oily film to it, more so then paraffin wax. Paraffin is a much harder type wax, where as soy isn't. So I would understand if people have problems this way. I hope that if this is happening to others that you would please let me know so that I can try to figure something out that will prevent this problem. I used to use the peanuts all the time when shipping tarts, but switched over to using just the paper, and may not be a good idea after all. That is the only difference that has been made. I'm so very sorry Puppylove that your order was like this, as it was not like this when I sent package.
December 7, 2009

Holiday Eggnog & Lemon Poundcake

I ordered lemon pound cake and Holiday Eggnog!!  The lemon poundcake smells wonderful!! Very strong!!  My whole house smelled so good!!  The holiday eggnog was very strong as well!  Really sweet and strong!  Can't wait to try more!!

Screen Name: Marcybautista
December 7, 2009

Spiced Pumpkin Nectar

Spiced Pumpkin Nectar is fantastic! Another great name for it could be "Purely Perfect Pumpkin Nectar" because it truly is! I love this one. It's an A++ in my book! Thank you, Cheryl and Bob :-).

Screen Name: PuppyLove
December 8, 2009

Grammy's Strawberry Jam

Grammy's Strawberry Jam is fantastic and authentic! The scent description is so accurate too because this isn't fresh strawberries. It's strawberry JAM and it's yummy and strong!

Screen Name: PuppyLove
August 1, 2009

Hawaiian Rain

I don’t know how many of you have been to the North Shore of Kauai, but it is one of my favorite places.  The winds blowing gently through the high cliffs, softly mixing the salty sea air and tropical floral's in the air after the daily morning rains is one of the most comforting scents I have ever experienced.  There is a renewal and freshness about it that lets you start each day new as if the slate were wiped clean.  A real cleanser of the spirit and the soul.  This is what I experience when I melt Cheryl’s Hawaiian Rain.  It is just so soothing and mellow.  The strength is moderate which is perfect and you will enjoy an entire day of it.  So, sit back and close your eyes and you will be transported to that beautiful cliff with its renewing energy.

Screen Name: Split
August 1, 2009

Floral Verbena 

OK, I admit it, I am a Verbena anything fanatic but I am not a floral fanatic.  However, I have found the perfect combo in this scent.  It gives me that little bit of tart exotic that I love and yet there is the background floral that is natural and beautiful.  No silly perfume scent or artificial sweetness here.  No big bouquet greeting you.  This is nature at it’s best.  This scent has a huge strong throw and if you like scents that lasts this one was still going after 24 hours.  Just superb.

Screen Name: Split
August 1, 2009

Guava Berry 

Upon cold sniff I was afraid this scent might be a little light so I just had to try.  I was surprised.  Though not strong, I would say it is light to moderate and very pleasing for a smaller area.  I love to eat and drink anything Guava and this is very realistic.  Definitely a scent of its own it incorporates a little bit of sweetness with a punch of tartness.  This would be a wonderful one to mix with other sweeter fruits to add just a little edginess.

Screen Name: Split
December 18, 2009
Screen Name: PuppyLove

A few more scent reviews...
Christmas Mulberry - Just beautiful. I loved this and would reorder. It didn't last as long as some of the others, but was truly lovely.

Maple Syrup - Very authentic, strong, and terrific. If you like maple, you'll love this!

Rocky Mountain Christmas - Rates an A++ in my book. I've finally found an evergreen scent that's authentic and wonderful instead of smelling like household cleaner or worse. This one makes you think the artificial tree in your living room is actually real! LOVE!!!