Instructions to leave reviews on  "Cheryl's Candles" 

Below is a blank text box to submit your review / reviews of scents you have tried from us. Just click within the box and start typing.  Please remember to click on SUBMIT BUTTON below box when finished.  Once submitted it will be located on our scent review link. 

If there is a scent you didn't like, no problem post it, and post why. No hurt feelings here, as we have nearly 1,500 scents, and not everyone will like all.  Please feel free to post about product appearance, Post what you think or don't think of our candles in the way of throw/scent/performance  or anything your heart desires. 

You are more than welcome to use your screen name if you have one from other sites, and also to leave your email address if you wish others to contact you.  Totally up to you!  When you are through putting review within the text box, just hit the submit button.

This not only helps me in if we should keep or not keep a scent in stock, but also helps others to know what you thought about a particular scent they may be interested in.

Thanks so very much for all whom participate in leaving review / reviews
Very much appreciated!

Bob & Cheryl

NOTE: This link is for leaving reviews for "Cheryl's Candles"
Been receiving many emails for Cookies, but this is a CANDLE SITE! 
Thanks, as just wanted to inform.
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