Item # 28-JELLY

Plastic jar filled with your favorite jelly bean tarts.  Your choice of scent.  You can have mixed colors (our choice), or all one color (your choice).  This jar holds approximately 70-72 jelly beans.  I call these my large flat sided Jelly Beans. The beans measure 1" x 3/4", and all total you get approximately 14 oz. per container.

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Item # 135-PILLAR

Rose w/Heart Pillar

Gorgeous, picture does not do it justice.  The finished candle measures 3 ½ tall and 3 inches wide and weighs approximately 10 ounces.  It would make a great gift, or wedding candle.  This is made with 100% paraffin wax, and of course our wicks are lead free and very safe.  Your choice of color and scent.  I recommend that you keep it a lighter color, as they show up the nicest.  Please let us know upon ordering.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  This is just for the candle, not for the holder or fixings'.  You must buy those separate.

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Item # 179 - PILLAR

Bundt Cake

Measures 4-7/8" x 1-7/8" .  This particular Bundt Cake is Made with the flavor of Lemon Bundt Cake, drizzled with icing. It has jelly beans on top center of cake and also surrounding the bottom.  Jelly beans will be in the same flavor of cake. Your choice of flavor from my drop down scent menu at top of this page. I will match the color to fit, but please specify if you'd like a particular color.  These candles are sealed in shrink wrap to lock the flavor in. Let me remind you, my Paraffin candles are very highly scented, and lingers in the air, on a cold or hot basis.  I'm not stingy when it comes to my fragrance. Also, the burn time on these are awesome.  Bundt cake comes as seen on plate to display and light candle on. 
Note: Plate may differ!

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Item # 308-EASTER

Here you receive a cello bag of six large Easter Tarts, which come in a cello bag with twist tie.  Choice of one scent, different colors as shown, or your choice of color.  1 Large egg saying Happy Easter, another plain large egg, a lamb, a bunny, 1 Duck, and 1 chick hatching out.  These are all between 2 1/4" and 3" Tarts.

Item # 311-EASTER

Choice of one 8 oz. Pastel Easter Tin.  You also get your choice of color and  scent.  They will come tied with homespun, and placed in cello tied off with more homespun.  Always keep on holder to protect direct heat from being on furniture.

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One Pound Easter Loaf
(If you'd like me to pipe the entire loaf with jelly beans on top, please request)

Choice of Slice-able or with three wicks for clean burn with best throw possible. Choose your color/scent. Just place in notes section when checking out with PayPal shopping cart. This is a one pound slice-able loaf, but actually is always over one pound with the decorations and piping.

Item # 212-EASTER

8 oz. Easter Pail Candle

Choice of three colors.  Tins with Chick, Egg, or Rabbit.  This candle will of course be my all natural soy and will  burn for approximately 60 hours. These are shrink wrapped to keep scent locked in until ready for use.  Your choice of scent and tin.

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Believe me when I say, you definitely won't regret buying this burner. It is absolutely adorable, and also, larger then it looks in picture. The cute little guy is holding a basket full of eggs but in the middle of this is a smooth finish where you'd put your waxed scented tarts. Down below on the base where grass and more colored eggs are is where the tea light is placed for melting the tart. GORGEOUS! Up close and personal is so much better than the picture shows. Does not come in box of own, as they were purchased in quantity which were together.

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Believe me when I say, you definitely won't regret buying this burner. Another Bunny burner which is absolutely adorable. Larger than it looks in picture. This cute little guy is holding an arm full of carrots. Up close and personal is so much better than the picture shows. Does not come in box of own, as they were purchased in quantity which were together.