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My maximum liability will be for the amount of your purchase only. Purchasing my products signifies that you accept this statement, and releases Cheryl’s Candles and Gifts, from all liability.
Please carefully read all ingredients and I encourage you to call or email with any questions before you order a product your not sure about. 

There are many fires every year that are caused by candles being left unattended/forgotten or improperly burned. Below are some simple hints on how to keep your risk very low: 
When burning container candles do not move while lit as the container will become hot and you could burn yourself 

Votives are not meant to be a "free standing" candle, always use a proper and tight fitting votive holder. Never use a chipped or broken holder, it could shatter eventually 

 Keep burning candles out of the reach of children AND pets! Hot wax burns, and no one wants them to get burned 

 Keep away from drafts as they cause the candles to burn unevenly or could easily catch something on fire

You should not burn your candles more than four hours at a time  

Never leave lit candles unattended as you might forget, and leave the house when it is still burning or go to bed 

 Blowing out your candles can be dangerous if a spark flies out and you don't notice it and a fire can start. Using a wick dipper or snuffer can eliminate this problem. 
The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is, if you follow the instructions under CANDLE CARE you will have a safe, long-lasting wonderful smelling candle to enjoy. 

All my products are made fresh, per order!