Hand Poured Soap For Dry or Normal Skin
(Made Fresh Upon Ordering)
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We wanted to pour soap for children, as being what they like only makes sense that bath time would be fun for them. Also, for many people such as myself whom chooses to use soap that is good for skin in Kitchen rather than use the liquid soap sold on the market. I know it causes me to break out or my skin to become so dry, where as the soap we pour here at "Cheryl's Candles" works so well. We will be posting more as time goes on, and by all means if you'd like something special. Let me know by email and I'll be more than happy to do so if at all possible.
Item # Candy

One Pound Box Candies (Soap)
Label on Box will be an Oval Gold Foiled one (Not as shown)

A favorite treat for young and old. These may look and smell like the real thing, but be aware, these are little  soaps not candy. They are made with our creamy and best seller "Goats Milk". Fabulous for skin (Dry or Normal). Your choice of Ten flavors from the drop down menu for Paypal button. Each shows coloring type, please know that some scents turn soap into different color. As much as your tempted to take a bite, please don't..........These are great for in the Kitchen, and make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Each comes in its own wrapper. Twenty-Four pieces to a box, covered with a gold floral pad, lid and the final touch is our label and a wide gold stretch loop bow. Inside the box will be a warning not to eat. These also make a great gag gift, yet something they can use once the gag is over. 

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Pad covers Chocolate
"One Pound Box of Candies"
Finished Product
Chocolate Coloring
Pink Coloring

1/2 Pound Box Candies

Like our one pound box, only with twelve instead of twenty-four pieces of candy. Made with our best seller "Goat's Milk Soap Base" Wonderful for skin, and you can just feel its soothing affect as you wash with it.
Your choice of ten flavors in drop down add to shopping cart button. Just choose your flavor and add to cart.

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