Shanghai Lullaby........RATING 

An intriguing scents with notes of rose, citrus, and apple as it mingles with leaves and cedar ending with soft notes of sandalwood and musk.  Intoxicating and breath taking!

Shanghai Spiced Tea........RATING - STRONG

Anise, cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, nutmeg, tea bags and a hint of honey.

Sheer Ozone........RATING - STRONG

Very clean and invigorating fresh water scent. The name does not do this scent justice!

Sheer Twilight Caress (Type)........RATINGSTRONG

Smells phenomenal right from the bottle

Sherry's Lime Pucker Candy (CC)........RATING - STRONG

(Sherry's Description) -  It’s like a stroll through the once popular Mr. Bulky Candy Store and his infamous sour, gummy candy’s.  First it is the sweetness in the air and then, oh my, it is pucker power time.  My daughter and I would stroll through the area an d taste the various samples, but invariably would stop once again, by the lime.  We would take that first wonderful almost painful bite.  So sour, tart, sweet all at once and almost afraid our lips would never come apart from the powerful pucker and the grimace on our face never leave.  But of course, they did, and we would reach for another.  This scent just keeps you coming back and rouses all of your senses to their peak.  

Silver Bells........RATINGSTRONG

Woodsy with a bit of mint

Silvered Moss........RATING - 

Inspired by an outdoor walk in the winter, was created with the richness of the moss by infusing it with rich wood notes and touches of mint for an outdoor freshness. 


WOW! You will not be able to resist this super strong, super fresh oil! Loaded with Fresh Sicilian Lemon, Fresh Lime, Fresh Oranges and hints of ginger and fresh ozone! AMAZING AND SUPER STRONG! After just one sniff, you will know why we call this SIZZLE!

Slate........RATING - 

Inspired by a top selling Men’s Fine Fragrance, the perfumer used this as a starting point to create the feeling of natural slate.


Peppermint & spearmint - with fresh, citrus nuances

Smell of Christmas......RATING - 

Rich and delicious spice and citrus notes of cinnamon, clove and orange with vanilla undertones.

Smells of Christmas........RATING

Very unique blend of apples, spices, and so much more. Just every scent you would smell during Christmas. If you are looking for strong, you’ve found it with this scent for sure.


A rich blend of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers.

Smoked Apple Wood........RATING

Apple wood offers a fresh fusion of Gala apple, Bosc pear, fresh ginger and mandarin leaf and honey combined with notes of maple, oakmoss and cedar wood.

Smoked Birch........RATING - 

Applewood, White Birch, Bergamot Zest, Dark Guaiacwood, Zanzibar Clove, Warm Myrrh, Patchouli Resin, fireside heath, Sandalwood

Smoked Cognac........RATING - 

Notes; Top; Black Myrrh, Dessert Brandy, Pure Cane Sugar, Middle; Blanc Wine, French Cognac, Rosewood Noir, Bottom; Spiced Tabac, Guaiac wood, Dark Frankincense 


Yummy, fresh baked cookies and topped with cinnamon & sugar

Snow Angels........RATINNG

It's the soothing scent of fresh green leaves, bergamot and exotic woods. A sophisticated blend that warms the heart.

Snowflake........RATING - 

A very harsh winter which gives you the feeling of Snow Flakes drifting down. A wonderful blend of Bergamot, Green, Ozonic, Mint, Irish, Mandarin, Muguet, Iced Rose, White Musk, Cedarwood, and Moss.

Snow Taffy........RATING - 

Out of the bottle this scent smells like a mix between handmade vanilla taffy and snow cream, but it truly blossoms once put in product. Snow Taffy fragrance oil features a rich & creamy French vanilla enhanced by nuances of caramelized sugar, warm butter, cocoa vanilla, and a touch of strawberry and lemon for subtle roundness. Not sickeningly sweet, this is a fun and unique winter scent to get you out of the spicy rut! 

Snuggle Wild Orchid Vanilla........RATING - STRONG*

Fresh wild orchids with the essence of warm vanilla beans

SoCal (for Men) Hollister Type........RATING - STRONG

Fresh beads of morning dew surround this sensual blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely textured musk accord creates masculiine apeal as it blends with hints of precious amber and rich vanilla bean at the base of the scent.

Solace........RATING - STRONG

An exhausted Montana sunset. Long day spent digging for sapphires for our engagement ring in the dried dusty river bed. Falling asleep in his arms as the mountain scents wash over us. A complex mixture of mint, bergamot and thyme. Very soothing.

Someday Type........RATING

Very alluring, sensual oil which has notes of Mandarine Orange, Mixed Berries, Apple, Ozonic, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Rose, Cyclamen, Fruity Greens, Vanilla sugar, Powdery Musks, Smooth Amber, Tonka, Sheer Woods.

Sour Amaretto........RATING

Sweet Grapefruit with hints of Amaretto

Sour Cherry (CC)........RATING - STRONG

This is a must try, and a fabulous scent for the summer months! It is a blend of my best Cherry Scent mixed with my Lemon Tart. If you like Tart, you will love this scent for sure! Thanks Sherry, for trying the mix of this one and sharing your opinion.

South Pacific Waters........ - STRONG

Very Clean and relaxing. Makes you feel like you are out near the ocean and can just breath in all the freshness around.


A fruity fun blend with an effervescent quality tossed in for good measure!  Rich and vibrant!  

Sparkling Ginger........RATING - STRONG

Sparkling Ginger fragrance oil isn't a fizzy soda pop, ginger ale type scent - it's so much more complex. Tender, fresh chunks of ginger are dipped in sparkling lemon, sweetened with jasmine, and spiced with cinnamon musk. The warm aroma feels both healing and refreshing and you won't find a bitter note from the ginger.

Sparkling Limoncello (BBW)........RATING - 

A refreshing blend of sparkling lemon, sugared mint & fresh verbena

Sparkling Mojito (BBW Type)........RATING - 

Fresh mint sprigs and juicy lime mingle with creamy vanilla and sweet island floral in this cool, crisp fragrance

Sparkling Pure........RATING

You will love this fresh clean scent!  Super Strong & Super Fresh!  Fresh Sicilian, Lemon, Fresh Lime, Fresh Oranges and a shot of ozone. SUPER STRONG!

Sparkling Snowflakes........RATING - 

Have you ever wondered what a snowflake should smell like? This fragrance oil has it mastered. Notes of light and airy white musk mingle with fruity citrus and succulent sweet raspberries, with just the smallest tease of bergamot and a whisper of jasmine. To round it out we have sweet and creamy peppermint with a touch of dark chocolate. In a word - delicious! Not too heavy, not too sweet. This fragrance "sparkles" with winter joy.

Spearmint........RATING - ​STRONG

A refreshing, minty spearmint aroma. Strong, and very true to its name.

Spearmint & Basil........RATING - 

A perfect blend of spearmint and basil creates a herbaceous and camphorus aroma for a sweet minty treat!

Spice........RATING - STRONG

Remember Old Spice men's cologne?

Spiced Apple........RATING - STRONG

(Yummy…) Great apple and spice is always nice....

Spiced Apple & Peaches........RATING - 

Sweet Apple, Peaches and other light fruit odors with just the right spice.

Spiced Apple Tea........RATING - STRONG

just like its name

Spiced Cranberry........RATING

A refreshing blend of cranberry relish and orange zests with hints of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon

Spiced Gingerbread........RATING - 

Sugar, spice and everything nice. A wonderful warm gingerbread fragrance

Spiced Gum Drops........RATING - STRONG

Apples, orange blossoms, cranberries, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, mulberries, blackberries, strawberries with a plum and vanilla spice base.

Spiced Mulberry........RATING - STRONG

Great year round scent that smells just like it's name sake. Tart Mulberry with a kick to it.

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes........RATING - 

Who doesn’t love a great cupcake? This one has a new twist to it! Starts off with top notes of sweet creamy cake batter, mixed with an underlying gooey vanilla, ending with hints of pumpkin and kitchen spices.

Spiced Vanilla........RATING

Sweet Vanilla with just the right touch of warm spice......very nice!

Spicy Christmas........RATING - 

Apples and spice baked with melting butter and sprinkled with French Vanilla

Spicy Gum Drops........RATING

Just as the name says. Gum drops which spice to make it an irresistible fragrance.

Spicy Winter Scentsations........RATING

This is a blend of pine with all sorts of smells - the pine is in the background. The spice is a warm cinnamon

Spiritual Awakening Fragrance........RATING

A true stress-relieving aroma: Floral bouquet of ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and carnation with hints of violet on a bed of exotic woods.

Splash of Rain........RATING

A splash of rain signals the beginning of spring! Fresh, floral and ozone notes blend with subtle tones of pretty rose petals and sensuous woods. Fresh & crisp like a rainy spring day. 

Splendor of Christmas........RATING - STRONG

Holiday cinnamon and spice

Splish Splash........RATING - STRONG

This complex blend of fruits, floral's and musk is powerful yet understated. Zesty top notes of peach, litsea and orange mingling with ozone. Mid notes of classic jasmine, fragrant rose and ylang with a rich base of powder, musk and vanilla bring this fabulous oil to wonderful conclusion.  Super clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness

Spring Dew........RATING - STRONG

This fragrance captures the essence of spring dewdrops on freshly cut flowers. Top notes of green freuits, lily of the Valley and Ozone. Mid notes of Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine and Carnation. A gentle lingering musk at the base of the fragrance.

Spring Fling........RATING - STRONG

Great Fragrance!  Floral with in my opinion a lot of fruit mixed within.  Great for anytime!

Spring Floral........RATINGSTRONG

This scent really bring out the Flowers in Spring.. So fragrant and great throw!! It's a must try

Spring Rain........RATING - STRONG

Fresh rain showers on a spring day with flowers and trees blooming


Relieves nerve irritation and back pain, evergreen smell of Christmas

Squeaky Clean........RATING

Very clean and refreshing with a great throw.

Starbucks Coffee........RATING

If you've ever tried the real thing, then you will love this one

Sticky Buns........RATINGSTRONG


Storm Watch........RATING - STRONG

A floral bouquet of roses, cyclamen, jasmine, and carnation with a hint of apple and woody scents. This unique blend has a delightful aroma.

Strappleberry........RATING - 

Berry Candy

Strawberries & Champagne........RATING - 

A juicy strawberry aroma with sparkling effervescent champagne, kissed with hints of lily of the valley and fresh apple cider. A classic Victoria's Secret Type fragrance. 

Strawberries & Cream........RATING - STRONG*

Just picked and so deliciously juicy Strawberries served with cream on top.  Delicious flavor!


Fresh picked and definitely ripe and juicy strawberries. When smelling this flavor all you'll want to do is take a bite of the big plump strawberries. It'll have you running to the market to buy some.

Strawberry Basil........Rating - 

There's nothing better than a fresh strawberry salad garnished with a few basil leaves! 

Strawberry Banana Smoothie........RATING - 

This beverage delight opens with hints of citrus which lead to the signature of fresh strawberry and ripe banana. Tones of creamy vanilla add gourmand accents while accents of fresh green enhance the natural fruit sensation. Top - fruity, citrus Middle - strawberry, green, banana Bottom - creamy vanilla

Strawberry Buttercream........RATING - 

Let's keep this simple, shall we? Think of luscious buttercream whipped frosting topped with plump and juicy fresh strawberries - this is that to a T! Sweet, sugary, buttery with just a hint of sparkling citrus and a smidgen of strawberry leaves. Simply scrumptious! Yankee type. 

Strawberry & Cream Pudding........RATING - STRONG

Fresh ripe strawberries, with a tad of cream poured over them.  Delicious flavor!

Strawberry Banana........RATING - STRONG

Just like it says, and you can definitely smell those bananas mixed in

Strawberry Bread........RATINGSTRONG

Strawberry Bread smells of strawberries, fresh baked bread and toasted nuts with just a touch of cinnamon that is a welcome addition

Strawberry Brule (CC)........RATING - 

Fresh picked strawberries with just a tad bit of Brule to give it the sweetness that makes this fragrance so great.


Strawberry which is combined with a delicious home baked buttery sugar cookie to make this awesome scent.

Strawberry Filled Cookies (CC)........RATING - STRONG*

Yummy smelling as if they just came out of the oven. Cookies are stuffed with Strawberry filling.  You won't be able to resist.

Strawberry Flowers.......RATING - 

Fresh strawberry blends with a lush floral accord of rose and jasmine to create this garden delight. Leafy greens add brightness to the fruity floral fragrance signature and warm woods blend with musk at the base of the scent.

Strawberry Kiwi........RATING - STRONG

Blend of sweet strawberries and ripe kiwis

Strawberry Kiwi Zing........RATING - STRONG

A fruity sensation of sweet strawberry and juicy kiwi. Top notes of honeydew melon, strawberry, kiwi, floral apple, grape, pineapple, banana and raspberry. Jasmine, lilac, plumeria and peach form the mid notes. The fragrance is completed with creamy coconut, amber and powder. 

Strawberry Margarita........RATING

Just like the drink, you wont want to quit with just one.

Strawberry Mallow Bread by Vicki (CC)........RATING - STRONG

A blend Cheryl made for me...reminds me of sweet bread smothered in Strawberry Jam with a dab of butter. Throw is fantastic!

Strawberry Musk........RATING

Make sure you are sitting down when you smell this oil, it will make you swoon! Heady, sweet, rich, and irresistible! Even avowed "Musk Haters" love this fragrance! A great scent for men's products, it lends itself to unisex applications. Men and women alike have expressed to us just how much they love this fragrance.

Strawberry Passion........RATING - STRONG

A rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla. You’ll love it!

Strawberry Pearl........RATING

Very creamy and smooth with just the right amount of blends to make this a very unique and relaxing scent.

Strawberry Rhubarb........RATING

Freshly picked ripe and juicy strawberries blended in with tart Rhubarb, just enough to make a superb fragrance.

Strawberry Shortcake........RATING - STRONG

Moist shortcake, slathered in white frosting and drizzled with fresh strawberries!

Strawberry Zucchini Bread (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Once you start melting this blend, your mouth will definitely be watering for the real thing. Has lots of Fresh Strawberries, mixed in with a little bit of Zucchini bread, and then a little extra of something special to make it creamy and long lasting. Combination of fruit and spice, which lasted at least six hours in testing with being strong and throwing well.

Strawberry White Cake........RATING - STRONG

Fresh Baked white cake combined with Fresh Strawberries make the perfect summer delight.

Strawberry Violet........RATING

Very  sensuous, with the best of both worlds. Floral and Fruit Blend, which do well together

Stress Relief........RATING

Stress Relief is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint combined to create the perfect relaxing fragrance!

Sugar & Spice........RATING - STRONG

If you love vanilla and you love spice, you HAVE to try this super-popular scent! Creamy, delicious vanilla blended with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

Sugar Cane........RATING

Pure cane sugar

SugarCane & Vanilla (Y-Type)........RATING - STRONG*

Exotic Sweet Sugar Cane and delectable French Vanilla in a perfect blend by Yankee Candle.

Sugar Cookie........RATING

Buttery, sweet sugar cookie smell...absolutely delicious aroma.  This is hands down THE best sugar cookie anywhere!  

Sugar Cookie Crunch........RATING

Old fashioned bakery goodness in every "sniff" !  You wuill love this super crunch old fashioned sugar cookie!  Rich, creamy butter and granulated sugar baked to a crispy sweet finish with just a hit of buttercream.  YUM! Sweet and sugary!

Sugar Cookie Dough........RATING - STRONG*

Before they become sweet and tender cookies with wonderfully crisp edges, they are a sweet rich vanilla 

Sugar Cookie FB Signature Scent.......RATING - STRONG*

The best sugar cookie I have found for candles. This has the strongest cold and hot throw 

Sugar Cookie Royale MW Type........RATING - STRONG*

If you have ever tried our Sugar Cookie FB Type and thought that was strong, well…..this one is the new champ. It’s a must try!

Sugar Cookie With Clove........RATING - STRONG

A spicy vanilla cookie baked to perfection

Sugar Corn Pudding........RATING - STRONG

Notes of fresh corn, butter, creamy milk and sugar. What could be a finer treat from corn?!

Sugar Maple........RATING - STRONG*

A warm inviting blend of rich maple, sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar, creamy vanilla and toasted pecans

Sugar Milk........RATING - STRONG

A wonderful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla .... of vanilla bean and fig leaves drizzled with maple sugar and coconut milk. ...

Sugared Lemon........RATING - STRONG

A Fresh Duplication.  Remember the taste of childhood lemonhead candy? This fragrance takes it up a notch with citrus top notes of real lemon, and warm base notes of vanilla and sugar. 

Sugared Shortbread........RATING

A classic, traditional, mouth-watering cookie with a hint of anise, hot buttered creamy vanilla and fresh baked notes with caramelized sugar and a hefty dusting of powdered sugar

Sugared Spruce........RATING - 

A festive winter forest filled with white pine, Douglas fir and fresh spruce accented by hints of sweet raspberry, juicy Mandarin, vanilla bean and eucalyptus leaves

Sugared Vanilla Shortbread........RATING - STRONG*

A rich blend of Madagascar vanilla, sugar cane with a hint of cinnamon combined with the aroma of yellow cake, nutmeg and sweet cream.

Sultry Amber (CC)........RATING

Have a special evening coming up, then this is the scent to use. Not over powering as some perfume type scents can be. Yet, it has a great fragrance and just the right amount of throw. Very romantic fragrance.

Sultry Angel........RATING - STRONG

A Sugar Cookie gone right :) It is sweet, innocent and VERY sexy. Layers of musk, vanilla and molasses seduce you before you realize it. This is NOT a sugar cookie.

Sumatra Coffee........RATING - STRONG

Steaming fresh cup of darkly rich, intoxicating coffee with a nutty base – full bodied and complex! I personally tried this scent out recently and in all honesty if you love coffee as much as I do, you will love the way this scent throws. I put in warmer first thing that morning,, and when I went to bed after midnight it was still going pretty strong. It finally started fading today, so dumped. Smells great!!!

Summer Crush........RATING

A yummy blend of raspberries, strawberries and sugar blended with a luscious vanilla custard with a drizzle of caramel - sweet, creamy and super strong! 

Summer Cruizin........RATING

Very tropical, fruity.  It's like being out on a warm summer day, just cruisin' along as all the fragrances come alive.

Summer Floral........RATING

A melody of summer flowers

Summer Fruit & Jasmine........RATING - STRONG

A blend of mixed fruit and Jasmine

Summer Pleasure........RATING

scent description coming soon!

Summer Scoop (Y-Type)........RATING - 

This amazing fragrance smells just like an ice cream shop, with top notes of juicy ripe seasonal berries and Cotton Candy. Middle notes of Spun Sugar. Bottom notes of sweet vanilla, brown sugar and butter. Yum! 

Summer Splash........RATING - STRONG

A wonderful blend of sugar, summer berries and sweet ripe pear!  This oil is super strong and super fabulous!

Summer Wine........RATING

Winey ethereal mix of intoxicating summer beverages. Full top note with a musky dry-out

Sunkissed Leaves........RATING - 

The opening features a particularly wonderful and vibrant petit grain and richly aromatic sage, and these elements remain in play as soft jasmine, magnolia, tea olive and honeysuckle appear. 

Sun & Sand  (Y-Type)........RATING

A fresh-floral tropical breeze type reminiscent of summers at the beach with top notes of lemon, lime and rose middle notes of tuberose and violet, and a soft muguet, sandalwood dry-out

Sunday Brunch........RATING - STRONG

Melted Butter, Crisp Bacon, Cinnamon Spice, Ground Nutmeg, Clove Leaves, Maple Syrup, Pie Crust, Vanilla Sugar

Sundae Indulgence........RATINGSTRONG

Yummy ice cream sundae.........Indulge yourself, you'll love it!

Sunflower Scent........RATING - 

A blooming array of sunshine will be thought of when smelling this scent.

Supreme Strawberry Jam by Lori (CC)........RATINGSTRONG

This is the greatest Strawberry Jam. Lori has added a few secret notes to it, so you’ll find no other like it. Smells so yummy………with a little something extra that you’ll do your best to figure out why it is so unique, and why we chose to call this a Supreme Strawberry Jam.

Surreal (CC)........RATING - 

Salty, herbal and very relaxing scent.

Sweet & Sexy........RATING

A sweet delicate fruity aroma blended with mysteriously sexy floral notes

Sweet Apple Butter Muffins (CC)........RATING - STRONG

Delicious aroma of apples caramel and butter cookie. Reviewing was still strong at 7 ½ hours of melting in 24 watt burner.

Sweet Bayberry........RATING

Bayberry that is blended with sugar

Sweet Bakery Dough........RATING - STRONG*

A sweet, warm bakery dough type, with top notes of buttery cream, a milky caramelized burnt sugar middle-note and a powdery, sweet confectioners sugar bottom note.

Sweet Berry Deelites........RATING

This is a mixture of sweet berries - just about every red berry you can think of including plums and grapes all ripe and dripping sweetness

Sweet Cornbread........RATING - STRONG*

Just like the name. Right on! Very delicious and fragrant oil

Sweet Cornbread Pudding........RATING - STRONG

Fresh corn, Sweet Creamy Butter with hints of Milk and Sugar will make this a hit. Don’t let this name fool you, this is a huge thrower. A mix between a bread and pudding with lots of notes. This type of scent is very popular right now and is just delicious.

Sweet Dreams (CC)........RATING

A very floral and powerful scent. You will definitely have the sweetest of dreams while melting this fragrance.

Sweet Grass........RATING - 

Ozony aroma of fresh cut grass, clover, with a hint of wisteria.

Sweet Lemon Sugar........RATING - STRONG

Blend of Lemon, Sugar & Vanilla

Sweet N’ Yummy........RATING

A warm, freshly baked sugar cookie type with a buttery, milk-like top-note, a burnt sugar and caramel middle-note and a powdery, sugary-sweet base-note.

Sweet Noel (CC)........RATINGSTRONG  

Vanilla Bean Noel with just the right amount of Marshmallow

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper........RATING

What a great fusion!  Don't let the name fool you, as this scent is irresistible...........Starts off with Freshly picked sweet oranges and is mixed with a splash of fiery red chili peppers to give it just the right zest that is needed.

Sweet Orange Pomegranate........RATING

A superb blend of sweet orange essential oils and a super heavy pomegranate! This oil will blow you away!

Sweet Pea........RATING - STRONG

An English garden miniscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine set to a background of light herbal musky notes

Sweet Peas & Rhubarb........RATING

Sweet Peas & Rhubarb is a delightful heritage sweet pea fragrance with hints of tangy rhubarb fruitiness that really just make the sweet pea floral 'bloom' magnificently

Sweet Potato Pie........RATING - STRONG

A rich combination of candied yams, marshmallow cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange zest, and a splash of lemon, in a warm buttery southern crust.

Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar........RATING

An amazing mix of mashed sweet potato, coconut milk, squash puree, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, butter rum, and maple sugar.

Sweet Potato Souffle........RATINGSTRONG

This is one of the yummiest fragrances. The sweet potato with Souffle really comes. I personally can't wait until I try this one. If it is anything like I'm smelling from the bottle, this is going to be one great fragrance.

Sweet Sandalwood (CC)........RATINGSTRONG

This is such a soothing and relaxing scent. The sweetness just takes out enough of the sandalwood to make it an all together different fragrance, that is an absolute must try.

Sweetest Scentsations (CC)........RATING

Floral and a sweet sorbet which makes it such an awesome, unique fragrance.

Sweet Sernade........RATING

Fresh breezes and crisp citrus lead to a medley of garden greens and fresh floral tones to create this shimmering blend. Warm woods and a hint of orange blossom carry the scent to a soft finish. 

Sweet Strawberry Pound Cake (CC) –…….Created by Lori........RATING

Word has it, you're mouth will be watering as wish you could take a bite

Sweet Summer Apple........RATINGSTRONG

Description is unavailable

Sweet Treat........RATINGSTRONG

The base of the fabulous oils is a rich buttery cookie with yummy sweet frosting. Sweet cherries, candied fruits mixed with confectioners sugar and sweet sugar crystals to complete this oil! Rich and yummy.

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