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(Best tool For Wood Wick Candles)

This is fantastic for Wood Wick Candles!  I use mine all the time, just to trim a tad when needs it.. WONDERFUL!!!  The 7 3/4" long handles will reach down and clip without being awkward like scissors. Very well made, as not of cheap material. Sometimes I feel it's better to pay.more if it will do the job and no problems in doing so as some may be.

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Item # 157

Your choice of Citrus Fruit on the left or a basket of berries on the right.  These candle toppers are so adorable, and fits the small mouth mason jar candles, which I sell on my container candle link. 

Just let me know which one you would like, or how many of each at time of ordering.

Item # 193

This is a 16 oz. Mason Jar Candle Holder (Candle not included).  The jar candle holder has a handle and measures approximate. 4" x 4".   These are hand-crafted from steel rod and coated with a beautiful black enamel finish.  These holders are perfect for displaying any jar candle collection or to give away as gifts.  These charming pieces will liven up any home decor as well. The great thing is it lifts them off of any surface that may be scorched by heat from candle.

$3.00 Each

Wick Dipper

After working so hard to achieve a beautiful fragrance in your home by burning a fantastic candle, the last thing you want to do is spoil it by blowing out your candle and suffering through that horrible smell of candle smoke. Use this amazing wick dipper to put out a candle without any smoke at all! It's so easy to use and does such a fantastic job. Simply use the end of the wick dipper to push the burning wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame. Then use the hook on the wick dipper to pull the wick out of the melted wax to get it ready for lighting the next time. Now your wick is primed with wax (as it was when you first bought it) and ready to re-light! YThis amazing tool will extend the life and quality of your candle wick. 

Item # GLTAH

Glass Pillar/Taper Holder

On one side this is a taper holder, but flip it over and you have a pillar holder. COOL!

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Stainless Steel Candle Snuffer

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Christmas Pinecone and Berries Topper with your choice of Red or Green Bow. (Candle Not Included)  These fit on most Apothecary Jars, or with openings of Approximate. 4" in Diameter. Great Christmas Decor when candle is not in use. If you are giving candles as gifts, these would really make it Festive.

$2.75 Each
(Candle Not Included)
Item # CROWN 


Functional and decorative! A Candle Crown and topper in one. Stays on the candle while it burns! These items use jar candle venting technology to make jar candles burn more evenly and cleanly. Fits 3 1/4" Jar.  Will fit wide mouth mason and many of the Apothecary Type Jars. We hope you don't receive soot from our candles, but does prevent it from releasing if ever.

$4.25 Each
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Rose Candle Topper. Made of Ceramic.

$3.25 Each
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Item # BFL11

Bernzomatic Flexible Lighter 

Has flexible stem, and windproof flame. Can be used inside and out. For candles or when you are having a BBQ. This is a Butane lighter, and includes a bonus refill. Great Lighter at a great price!  My honest opinion as I too use one of these. After using several different candle lighters, this is by far the best. I've paid more than $20 and had them go out on me, quit working. Others the trigger was so stiff, this is great in every way possible. You won't be disappointed, that I can honestly say without a doubt.

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Lighter Refill

One Refill for the Bernzomatic Lighter that we sell also. Refill should easily last a year, possibly longer with lighting a candle or fireplace daily.

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Item # CHRO

Warmer Christmas Decor

Made for round tart warmer pads. There is a slot that cord comes through so will sit flat on surface which warmer is on.