Bath & Body Products that not only smell great,  a great solution for your skin care.  If I wouldn't use it, I wouldn't sell it.  Pamper your skin today!
All my body products are made per order.  I do not have them sitting on shelf.  You will get it to your specifications in scent and color, and totally fresh.

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Item # 4VICTUB

This is one gorgeous ceramic bath tub to place your soap in.    The detail on this is beautiful, and the photo tells it all.  This is an 8" Tub.

It's great for displaying guest soaps in, or just using it as an everyday soap dish.

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Item # PED21

Everything you need for a Pedicure and more.  The foot care kit includes toe separator, nail clippers, metal nail file, nail brush, cuticle scissors, dry skin remover, cuticle pusher, 2 orange sticks, toe nail clippers, 2 emery boards, hand and foot skin buffers, tweezers, and a loofa pad. Extreme Foot care kit. 

Item # POUF

Shower Pouf

Shower Poufs are designed to maximize aromatherapy and lather when used with body washes. Choose from five colors.  
Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple


Suds Maker Soap Bag. Very soft, and made to give . These come in white, with rope attached.  

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Item # FPAD

Foot paddle is made of solid wood (very strong). Made to last and of higher quality than most.  Great for any part of the body where skin is rough. Has rope for hanging in shower area.


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Item # PUMA

Pumice Foot Stone
(Shaped like foot)

Smoothes heels and elbows. 
Helps prevent Hosiery snags and runs.
Removes thick hardened skin gently and safely. Controls painful corns and calluses.

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Body Scrubber

Body Scrubber will gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation and improve lather for an all-over clean, invigorating feeling. Slough away dead skin cells by gently exfoliating and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.